Kmart Double Coupons Start Tomorrow

Kmart is bringing back their Double Coupon event, and it starts tomorrow 6/19.  You will be able to double unlimited coupons with a face value up to 99 cents each. You will need your ShopYourWay card to get your coupons doubled.   It is free to sign up for this card online or in store at the customer service desk.  Click here to see if there is a Kmart store doubling coupons near you.

I will keep an eye out for any deals that can be had.  However, some of you know that Kmart prices are a bit high to start, but you never know!

Thanks, Maven of Savin!

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  • Jessica

    How long does this event last???

  • Cherie

    Through 6/25

  • jamie

    Is this going on at all Kmarts???

    • Jamie,
      The post includes a link to the list of stores included. I can’t tell if that is all Kmart stores.


      • jamie

        ha! thanks i just skimmed through it. 🙂

      • Gina

        I would call the store first because my store is on that list and I went there and they are not honoring the double coupons.

  • kathy

    whohoo….mine are included

  • Mindy

    Do you know if there is a limit on the total number of coupons that can be doubled?

  • Sarah

    Can you people read?

    • jamie

      Can you not be rude?

    • Alexandra

      LOL I thought the same thing!!But there is always a nicer way of saying things 🙂

  • Hey Everyone, Call your store first. My store is on the list but just told me No 🙁

  • don’t be discouraged if your store says they are not participating, if they are on the list there is a good chance that they are participating they just don’t know about it, I would try it any way. Computers should automatically double coupons at participating stores

  • Becky

    My stores are on the list, but it is NOWHERE in the ad? Anyone else?

  • Kim

    If you’re store is on the list, and they don’t know about it – chances are the registers are programmed to double anyway. I just went thru this with my store this morning. Customer Service & Manager were both clueless, but the manager sent some emails out and found out I was right. Sure enough, when I checked out the coupons doubled.

    • Kim

      What deals did you get?


    • The K-Mart that my daughter & I went to today said that they were NOT doubling. We go to parking lot & call K-Mart corporate customer service. VERY nice person name Roseanna checked, called our local store and informed them that YES they are participating in doubling, and told us the Assistant Mgr. would meet us at the service desk if we would go back inside. Assistant Mgr. Mike apologized for misunderstanding….then person at service desk starts telling us the it’s limited to only 5 coupons, have to spend $25, blah, blah, blah. We say, NO that’s not what we saw online. Asst. Mgr. Mike goes to office to look up their policy, returns with printed copy of this:

      Our coupons automatically doubled at register, so perhaps they already were and the local employees just didn’t know it????? There was NOT a limit on numbe of coupons and no minimum purchase. This store does not have a big selection of food products. I got $26.19 in products for $13.07. One of best deals…Hamburger Helper are $1 right now and I had 75 cents off 3. Doubled= $1.50 off $3.00, so each box cost 50 cents. : )

  • Had a cart full of items, coupons won’t ring up double, manager said I don’t know anything about double coupons for this week. GRRHHH!

  • Jen

    Sucks that they dropped their coupon down to 99 cents. Used to be you could get $2 coupons doubled. At least they are doubling though! Now to find coupons under $1 is the trick for me. Will have to do a bit of scoping out to see what deals they have this week in the store!

  • All of my stores have closed but there is one about 40 minutes from us and I may hit it up since we will be over that way tomorrow! I did do a list of match-ups for the ad for Kmart that has some double deals! I will add more as I find them if anyone wants to check them out!!

  • Jennifer

    My big haul today was a 3-pack of Ivory soap, 7 packs of Kool-Aid, 2 travel size Degree deodorants and 3 big packs of tic-tacs for $.81, Not too bad I guess.

  • Laura

    So will double .99¢ so it would be.99¢ times two or coupons just go up to .99¢

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  • Jen

    We called our store just to verify that they are honoring the double coupons and they didn’t know much about it. They said they were not sure if we could use more than 5 coupons at a time so we should seperate our transactions to avoid over-loading the registers. This was the manager who told us this. Does anyone know for sure if there is a limit to the # of coupons one can use at a time?

  • Luz

    So if I have a $2.00 coupon, they wown’t take the .99 cents off???

    • Luz,
      If you have a $2 coupon, you will get a $2 deduction at the register. but teh coupon will not double.


  • D

    I just called a couple kmart locations near me that ARE on the list to verify before driving over and after speaking to the manager they both said there was nothing in the Sunday paper about it and nothing on kmart’s website about it so as far as they know there is NO double coupon going on.
    I asked them to verify with a cashier but said there was “no way unless someone was standing there right now with a coupon”

  • Vicky

    I just went to my local K-Mart. They are on the list. Before I went shopping, I asked at the Customer Serv. desk if they were doubling coupons, the woman there said they were if I had my rewards card and had signed up with my e-mail. So I shopped for over an hour and went to check out and Everyone at the store was clueless. I told them their store was on the list and they did double the coupons but they had to overide each coupon and were not happy. Checkout took at least 45 minutes.

  • Becky

    I talked with a couponing gal yesterday. She said the double coupons up to $2 was happening only this coming Sunday (the 26th). I never totally understood if she meant 99 cent coupons doubled would be close to $2 off or if she meant up to $2 off coupons would be doubled for up to $4 off an item.