Kmart: New Free Item Coupons


Planning a last trip to your local Kmart for Super Doubles?  Then don’t go without grabbing these free item printable coupons Kmart just issued:

They all require a purchase of $15 or more but that should be easy this week. I myself am planning another trip to Kmart possibly tonight  Wondering what you could grab this week that’s free or very cheap?  Don’t miss out any of my Kmart deals here.

Thanks FortheMommas!

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  • couponingqueen7

    Has anyone been able to use these all in one transaction? Because I was only able to get free peroxide the other day when I bought $25 worth of stuff because it said only one Kmart discount allowed- the computer wouldn’t accept more than one q?

    • Hi Couponing queen,

      you are right. Kmart registers are programmed not to accept more than one Kmart rewards coupon per transaction.


  • Jaime Gerhart

    Would you be able to clarify the toy deal that I’ve seen posted around? I printed a $5 off $20 deal, plus the BOGO Transformers and the Fisher Price Trio toy coupons ($5). The K-Mart 5/20 coupon says “before taxes and after all other discounts have been applied” as well as “cannot be combined with any other coupon for the same items”. I’ve been seeing on other posts that they were successful, but I want to make sure before i head out tonite.

  • Heidih

    I used all 3 coupons in one transaction – the ones for the alcohol, etc. Give it a try they can only say no

  • Becky

    I was just able to find printable $5 off purchase of $50 or more. It is available to print at:
    I was able to print 5. Since it is a pdf when the printer asked before printing I just put 5 in to see what would happen.