Kmart: Free Milk with Kelloggs Catalina Promotion

This week Kmart has Kelloggs cereal on sale for 2/$5. Plus there is the following cataline promotion going on:

Buy any 3-4 Kellogg’s cereals, get a coupon for 1 free gallon milk up to $4.19.
Buy any 5-6 Kellogg’s cereals, get two coupons for 1 free gallon milk up to $4.19 each.
Buy any 7 or more Kellogg’s cereals, get 3 Cats for 1 free gallon milk up to $4.19 each.

Here are the coupons you can use:

Use $1.50/2 Kelloggs Cereals 3/28/2010 RP Insert (exp 5/9/2010)
Use $1/1 Kelloggs Cereals 3/28/2010 RP Insert (exp 5/9/2010)
Use $1.50/2 Kelloggs cereal printable coupon
Use $1/1 Kelloggs Smart Start Cereal 3/28/2010 RP Insert (exp 5/9/2010)
Use $2/2 Kelloggs Cereals 3/28/2010 RP Insert (exp 5/9/2010)

Deal Idea:
Buy five boxes of kelloggs cereal
Use one $1/1 Kelloggs Smart Start Cereal 3/28/2010 RP Insert (exp 5/9/2010) and/or
Use two $2/2 Kelloggs Cereals 3/28/2010 RP Insert (exp 5/9/2010) and/or
Pay $2.50 out of pocket and get two coupons for a free gallon of milk at check out

This is a really sweet deal on cereal AND milk! Thanks Amanda!

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  • molly

    I called my kmart to see if they had apple jacks or fruit loops were on sale…and they weren’t. So just a heads up, not much variety. To bad….would have been a good “useful” deal for me!

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  • Blyss

    I am not seeing the math add up to pay $2.50 oop
    5 boxes of cereal for $2.50 each = 12.50
    minus the 2 $2/2 coupons
    minus 1 $1/1 coupon = $7.50 oop not $2.50

    • Crystal

      Many Kmarts are doubling coupons this week which would bring your OOP down to $2.50.

  • Marci

    I didn’t see any 2/$5 signs at my Kmart. I saw signs that said 3.99 for Fruit Loops, etc. and 4.19 for Frosted Flakes. So I don’t think this deal is going on at every store.

  • nicole

    Yes I went to try this earlier this week and the only kelloggs you will find for the 2/$5 will be special k and raisin bran. I was looking to get special k granola that my store did not have or rice krispies that were still 3.99! Needless to say I did not buy cereal!

    • Amanda

      The special kay granola coupon worked for the regular special kay cereal

  • Devon

    I don’t get it, I have my coupons going back for months but there is not a single Kellogg’s coupon in my 3/28 inserts…..

  • holly

    It worked for me this morning.
    I got 4 boxes of miniwheats ( used mini wheat little bite coupon and printable)
    2 boxes of special K blueberry ( worked with the special K granola coupon)
    2 boxes of blueberry mini wheats used another printable.

    Received 3 gallons of free milk plus an additional $5.00 off coupon for my next grocery purchase. Best think about the free gallons is you can get chocolate milk too.

  • Tanya

    When does the sale end?

  • jj

    FYI – My K-Mart in Macon, GA will not take coupons on more than 1 like product. I was buying 3 Prilosec and had 3 coupons. They would only take 1 coupon per day for 1 item. Told me I could come back the next day and use another coupon. I told them, no thanks, I will take my business and coupons where they will accept them should I want to stock up! Is this new or like this at every K-Mart?


  • Tanya

    Stopped by Winter Garden, FL Big K today – last day for double coupons. I got 5 boxes of cereal and 2 gallons of milk for $5.09. Only Special K, Raisin Bran & mini wheats were 2 for $5. They ddidn’t have Smart Start or Rice Crispies. I love cereal so for me this was a price point.

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