Kmart: General Mills Cereal $0.50 per Box

Kmart is running a General Mills promotion this week: Get four boxes of select General Mills cereal for $6.  You must buy four boxes to get this prince though.  Fortunately there are quite a few high value cereal coupons available to make this a good deal:

General Mills Cereal 4/$6
Use $1/1 General Mills Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cocoa Puffs, Lucky Charms and Trix printable coupon (IE Link) (FF Link)
Use $1/1 Cheerios cereal printable coupon (print another set using this link)
Use $1/1 Honey Nut Cheerios Printable coupon
Use $1/2 assorted General mills cereal printable coupon
Pas as little as $0.50 per box

Wouldn’t double coupons rock this deal? Too bad Kmart has not decided to renew double coupons yet. This is a pretty good deal anyway.  Thanks Clippin’ with Carie and Deal Seeking Mom!

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  • Kristin

    I did this deal this morning. Look for the 1.50 pampers q on the cheerios boxes to sweeten it! I paid $3 after q’s for 4 boxes of Cheerios and $6 worth of pampers q’s!

  • Diane

    Don’t forget there are still $5/50 coupons available from K-mart by signing up for their e-mail.

    Assuming you have access to 2 computeres work/home or pc/laptop. that would give you 12 of the $1/1 Q’s allowing you to purchase 3 sets of 4 getting you $18 closer to your $50 pre Q total.

    Then don’t forget that there are Q’s out there for products like the Johnson’s Buddies Bars & Rolaids which would be free after Q’s at K-mart just like Target. Each one of those getting you one step closer to your $50 pre-Q mark without costing you any additional out of pocket money.

    Luckily I have a K-mart with few non-double Q shoppers and access to multiple insert Q’s so I will probably do something like below.
    $18.00 (12) cereal
    $25.06 (14) Rolaids 1.79 each
    $ 7.92 (8) Buddies Bars 0.99 each
    $50.98 SUB-TOTAL
    – 5.00 5/50 K-mart Q
    -12.00 $1/1 Kellogg’s Q’s
    -25.06 (7) 4/2 Rolaids Q’s price adjusted down
    – 7.92 (8) $1/1 Johnsons Baby Q’s price adjusted down
    *** Plus my store charges taxes AFTER Q’s YIPEE!!!

    • Julie

      Unfortunately, my Kmart would only let me do one set of 4 cereals per transaction. So, you wouldn’t be able to use that $5 off $50 Q here.

      • Laurie

        It actually says in the ad “purchases of less than or more than 4 are 4/$10.

      • Diane

        Your right I had to adjust it to the following:

        $ 6.00 (4) cereal
        $ 3.29 (1) Gallon Milk
        $32.22 (18) Rolaids 1.79 each
        $ 8.91 (9) Buddies Bars 0.99 each
        $50.98 SUB-TOTAL
        – 5.00 5/50 K-mart Q
        – 4.00 $1/1 Kellogg’s Q’s
        -32.22 (9) 4/2 Rolaids Q’s price adjusted down
        – 8.91 (9) $1/1 Johnsons Baby Q’s price adjusted down
        FINAL COST $0.29 OOP

  • Molly

    Thanks for this! If anyone has a Festival foods around them, there is a coupon out there for $1.48 Original Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cocoa Puffs and Trix. And of course use the $1 mq and get there for 49c with aditional $5 non coupon purchase.

  • Molly

    Sorry forgot to meantion that that is next week not this week, for the Festival foods.

  • Jennifer Perski

    The Kmart I went to here in Michigan had them 4/$10 so I didn’t bother to get them.