Kmart: Cheap Halloween Candy


There’s  candy catalina deal going on at Kmart this week: Get a coupon for $5 off $5 candy if you spend $20 on Holiday Candy, or get a coupon for $2.50 off candy purchase if you spend $10. You will be able to redeem this catalina from 11/8-11/25 (free clearance Halloween Candy?). Here’s a good deal on Wonka Laffy Taffy or Nerds:

$10.50 when you buy three 18.7oz bags of the above (2/$7)
-$6 when you double three of these coupons
=$4.50 plus tax out of pocket and get a coupon for $2.50 off your next Candy Purchase

That’s a decent price to pay for Halloween Candy.  What do you think?

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  • Kristin

    Where do I find the coupon you mention?

    • OOps! I just added the link.


  • Kristin

    Got it thanks for this deal! My moms club has to have enough candy for at least 2000 kids for an event we are doing and this will help us tons!

    do you know crunch q’s will yeild a good price at Kmart too? The $1 off hersey’s kisses got me the bags for .50 so I’m wondering if this q will get me about the same price.

  • Kristin

    I meant to say… do you know IF the hersey’s crunch coupons will get me a good deal.

  • Kristin

    man I need sleep I just keep screwing up 🙂 Not hersey’s crunch but nestle’s crunch…

  • Kelly

    I was at the Kmart in Plymouth, WI last night and they had taken down all there signage about the doubles event and the cashier told me that the would NOT be doubling after Weds.night.

    • what???!! OMG! so upset now! I had one more trip planned. I better call before I head out.


  • Carrie

    I was just at the Sheboygan one last night and they had restocked many of the items and seemed to be going all week yet.

    • OK, I just called Plymouth Kmart and they are still doubling coupons. Phew!


  • Great deal and very timely. Nerds and Wacky Taffy are on my short list of excellent candy. Don’t forget the 99 Cent stores have Smarties for less than a dollar! I could eat Smarties all day.

  • I used Smarties as a potty training treat for my oldest. A whole roll is only 25 calories I think and he would be OK with just getting two or three. Pretty harmless I thought.


  • Kelly

    Glad to hear it! Sorry for the scare.

    • But you were right! all the signs were down. I am glad I called! I was also able to double dip on the Glade/holiday promotion. It was a great trip!


  • Heather

    Just in time for my Halloween box to my deployed sweetie!!

    Remember that the troops love the little holidays too!

  • Lisa

    Since none of the K-mart’s in my area (3!) are doubling coupons, I stopped by Wal-mart to price their candy. All Wonka products on the Halloween aisle were $2 and Nestle were $2.50. I’m hoping Walgreens will have a better deal! I have register rewards I need to spend!