Kmart Super Double Coupons 1/11-1/17


Well, it seems Kmart is mixing things up in 2009.  First they announced they would only be doubling coupons up to $1 from 1/4-1/10.  Now they have decided to do super double coupons and super triple coupons from 1/11-1/17.

The week starting January 11th, Kmart will be doubling coupons with a face value up to $2 in certain areas.  Other areas will get triple coupons with a face value up to $0.75.  Other areas get nothing (sorry, I am in one of these areas).  How do you find out what your store will be doing?  Go to and check out the weekly ad for next week.  You will need to enter your zip code.  The doubling or tripling announcement is right on the ad.  If nothing is mentioned in your ad then your store is not participating this time 🙁
Happy Savings!

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  • Well…I’m not overly bummed. The Burlington, WI KMart is dirty, poorly stocked, and the staff is not very friendly with coupons.

    The last time I did this, yeah, I got some free body wash, etc, but their prices just don’t justify the time and effort spent double couponing there. I’ll just stick to Pick N Save for now in Waterford. They like me there. 😉

  • They aren’t doing it at my store. I’m a little bummed just because I live so close. They are way overpriced otherwise.

  • Debbie

    Well, I’m going to agree with Andrea.

    I looked thru the ad, and I didn’t see any mention of coupons! But, like Andrea, the one near me takes about 30 min. to go to–it’s horrible–dirty, messy, and unfriendly associates.

    I can’t understand why KMart closed so many of their stores and left only the crappy ones open.

    You’d think they’d really clean up and promote the ones that are left.

  • They are doing it at my Kmart, I have to see if its worth going. I agree with the previous posts!

  • Mark H

    They are doing the triple at my Kmart, but I’d prefer the double up to $2 myself. I’ll probably still make the trip tomorrow, but I’ll probably come home with less 🙂

  • Woohoo! My store is doubling the $2.00 coupons! My store has only done the double coupons once, so I’m really psyched! Gotta see what coupons I have…

  • Lisa Fischer

    Mine is doing the double up to $2!! First time! I’ll have to see what i can get, hopefully someone will post some good deals!!

  • Mark H

    If you still have the Gillette Body Wash 2$/1 they would be free after doubling.

  • Lisa Fischer

    I was there this morning & spent about $40, was around $80 so I was happy!
    Some of what i got. All detergent 10.99 – 1.50 doubled. Ziploc Vac PUmp 1.99 1.00 mfg doubled, FREE! Endust 3.29 – 2.00 doubled, FREE, Glade .96 1/2 doubled FREE,
    Going back to check prices on more items. I think it’s gonna be a busy week for me!! First time EVER doing doubles!! Couldn’t imagine living in a place where some stores do it weekly! I’d be on a high all the time!! heheheh

  • Lauren K

    Super doubles were not advertised in the PHX ad, but when I called they said they were still participating. Its worth the call to see if they are.

  • Ginger

    Thanks for the tip. I saw it on moneysavingmom. I checked our local ad and didn’t see it listed. But when I called the store, they said they were partcipating until the 17th. So just to say it might be worth the call, even if you don’t see it listed in the ad. Thanks again.

  • amy m

    I called my store yesterday in southern Utah. They said they were doubling so I went in. When I got to the registar they said the promotion was last week… it wasn’t. I had been in last week. The manager honored it anyway. It was a hassle. The store is too crammed and dirty, but NO ONE doubles in Utah so I had to check it out. They did honor the printed coupons too so I got some GREAT deals.

  • wendywendorf

    I called my KMart first to make sure they were dbling & tripling in Hartford, WI and NO!! Doesn’t that suck…the reason, “I don’t know” LAME-O!!

  • Jessica

    I totally agree with what a few people have said about KMART being dirty, poorly stocked, and overpriced. Doubles at KMART is a hassle, barely if at all work the effort. Last time I talked to the manager he was totally against getting stuff for free with doubled coupons. He claimed that if a product was 3.79 that a $2.00 coupon could not be doubled bc it would exceed the price. I inquired why it won’t just be doubled to actual cost then like many stores do. He then went on about how he did not feel like it was wise to get things away for free. I inquired again, but aren’t you reimbursed by the manufacturer for the initial coupon price? They are. So what’s the deal? Why are you against getting stuff free? Don’t you want to compete with other stores? etc. etc. He never seemed to get how getting stuff for free could actually lead to more sale and more revenue.

  • Cheri

    “My” Kmart isn’t participating……I’m just so glad to know that every Kmart in the country is as dirty, overpriced and poorly staffed as “mine.” And they wonder why Target is so much more successful!

  • Teresa Villa

    I agree with most of the shoppers, kmart has unfriendly C/S especially when using coupons, they are mostly dirty and the workers do not stock up on the sale items, Can anyone share what stores are doubling or tripling i cannot find any. Thanks

  • I just got back from double coupons here in GA. I got 20 dollars worth of merchandise for 5.85 after tax! My cashier was super friendly and even complimented me on my savings!
    If you got the sample of John Frieda Volumizing with the 2.00 off coupon, you can get it for .50 cents this week! There is also a great deal deal on Beggin Strip dog treats.

  • Marianne Morris

    Does anyone know if there is anywhere in NC that is participating? Thanks!

    • Annette

      They are doing SD again 4/4/10 and I hear NC stores are participating 🙂