Kmart Super Doubles 4/19-4/25 Coupon Matches


Ready to check out the deals at Kmart next week?  I am posting them today to give you time to look, print and clip your coupons.  I am sure you won’t want to wait to hit your Kmart.  Let’s start with an overview of the rules:

  • Amount of credit from doubling a coupon cannot exceed the current retail price of a single item. No cash or in-store purchase credit will be awarded for any amount exceeding the retail price of the item.
  • Limit 1 coupon for each item purchased. Only 1 coupon will be doubled per item. You may only purchase 4 of the same item using double coupons. Buy One, Get One offers, Kmart Savings coupons and Kmart Store coupons are excluded from this promotion. Coupons do not apply to sales tax. Limit 25 coupons per customer per day.
  • Offer excludes products prohibited by law, including but not limited to alcohol, tobacco, and prescription medication.

Since printable coupons are not excluded this time, I have added printables to my collection of deals. Don’t forget to you can get a $5 off $50 Kmart coupon when you sign up for their email newsletter.  This should help bring down your out of pocket.

I want to note that my coupon matches include freebies or items you can get for very cheap.  The list is very very long.  I did not want to bog down the main page of my blog by posting it so you can view it here.  I have sorted the list by the following sections: Baby, Heath and Beauty, Food, Household Cleaning and Pet.  If I missed any other freebie or near freebie deals, please let me know so I can add them to the list.  Don’t forget to check out the Hotcouponworld Double Coupon Price book. Their list includes deals with coupons that may have been mailed to you in samples and rebates.  Thanks Allie!

Happy savings!

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  • Megan

    Oh my goodness, Mercedes, this is incredible!! Thank you so much for all of your hard work!! Love the list 🙂

  • Mercedes you are an angel on earth! Is it too weird for me to say I LOVE YOU!!!!? LOL!

    We are heading to Plymouth when we finish here in Sheboygan, just a note, we are not well stocked on much.

    • Mollie,

      I gave your picture to the Plymouth Kmart security guy. Told him not to let you in! LOL!


  • Annie

    Hi Mercedes

    Does Kmart store take Internet Manufacturing coupon for double coupon event? I saw some people posting comments on other bloggers’ sites sayinig Kmart don’t take internet manufacturing coupons print out? Is it true? Thanks

    • Hi Annie,

      What i know is that Kmart now officially takes manufacturer internet coupons. I also checked the fine print on the circular they have on the Kmart website and doubling of internet coupons is not explicitly excluded. this is why I added printable coupons in my compilation. I also know that if the coupon gets scanned it will be doubled.


  • Jennifer Marston

    I just wanted to add that I contacted Kmart regarding the Internet Printables. They told me that they are accepted but only at face value and will not be doubled.

  • Talia

    I am confused about one thing and have a question. I’ve never done the KMart double/triple coupon thing, so this is my question.

    On your post about this you have written… “Amount of credit from doubling a coupon cannot exceed the current retail price of a single item. No cash or in-store purchase credit will be awarded for any amount exceeding the retail price of the item.”….but, I see that you have many FREE items listed. My question is, if the amount of the credit from doubling a coupon cannot exceed the retail price, then how do you get these items for free? Does KMart let you do it anyway and get free items?

  • Wow, great list!! Thanks for compiling all that!

    So will Kmart not double any of the Spring is saving coupon booklet coupons?

  • Be

    Thank you for your hard work in putting the list together.

  • Also, keep in mind that coupons representing a value of save $x when you buy 2 (or 3, whatever) do not double. Make sure your coupons are for $x/1.

    Well then Mercedes, just be on lookout for the crazy coupon woman from Sheboygan wearing a No Nonsense mask over her head that she got paid to take away.

  • thanks so much for this, it’s awesome!! can i post this and give u credit?

    • Hi grace,
      Please don’t copy/paste the entire list. You are welcome to have people come over and check it out here on my blog.


  • LISTERINE and ADIDAS deodorant are off my list because the sales at Wags and CVS upcoming make these items free.

    Week of 4/26 Listerine will be free after RR and coupons at Wags.
    Week of 5/3 Adidas deo. wil be free after ECB and coupons, limit three, at CVS.

  • Kris

    I went to scope out the store tonight and found St. Ives Elements on clearance for under $4 use w/ the $2 off coupon (expire 4/30)and they would be free.

  • Just to clarify, KMart is ONLY taking their internet printables from their site. Not any IP. Good luck on this!

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  • I appreciate you and all of the other frugal helpers out there in the blog world. You do awesome work. Thank you, thank you!!

  • Tammy

    WEhen I clicked on Hotcouponworld Dbl coupon price book – There was some great deals.. How do I get coupons for them?

    • Tammy,
      The coupons and where they came from are listed on the price book.


  • jen

    I also wanted to know the same thing as Talia (see above). someone please help!!!

    • Talia and Jen,

      What that means is this: if the item is prices $2.50 and you have a coupon for $1.50/1. You won’t get the coupon doubled up to $3.00. the coupon will doubled up to $2.500 to match the price of them item. that’s how you get free items and the doubled amount of the coupon never exceeds the value of the item.


  • Hilary

    Well, I just got home from K-Mart in Mechanicsburg and I have a few comments-

    1. I had called this morning to confirm, but they did accept ALL of my Internet coupons and DID double them also. As long as they readable, able to be scanned, and looked legit, they were fine. That was a HUGE bonus!

    2. Who the heck can afford to shop at K-Mart on a daily basis? Holy moly, the prices were outrageous! I could not believe the difference between them and Target and/or Wal-Mart. Example- I just bought Dove body wash at Target last week for $3.99 with a trial size attached. K-mart had the same size for $7.49 and no trial size with it. Crazy!

    3. Our supposed “Big-K” didn’t have quite a few things I was looking for; Endust Multi-Surface and Pledge Fabric Cleaner are just a couple of them.

    Scoring diapers for $6.99 a pack and a great price on Huggies wipes. Creamers for .29 cents and St. Ives scrub for .69 cents. Just some of the good deals, but I will only shop there when it’s double coupon week. I think I’ll drive down to York’s store this week, just to check things out.

    Thanks so much for the list though, that was VERY helpful!

  • Tammy

    Wow! Just got back from my Kmart and the receipts are so confusing I had to create an Excel spreadsheet. I was overcharged on so much and no manager to help! Some great deals but such a hassel =(

  • Annie

    Hi Mercedes

    I just want to say THANK YOU for all your hard work. I went to Kmart today and was quite nervious. I wasn’t sure if they will take my Internet print out manufacturer coupons. And they did! I am so thrilled because I am new to couponing. I got 7 items and only paid $3.62 including tax. 🙂 Thanks

  • Tammy

    Mercedes – I’m sorry I am new at this!! Where is the price book to get the coupons??

  • Tammy

    for the hotcouponworld?/ See above

    • The price book is on the link I provided on the post. the coupons you either got in your Sunday inserts or had them mailed to your home as part of promotional campaigns. Hope that helps,


  • I did my KMart shopping yesterday and they did take all my internet printables fine. I agree that they inflate prices so to get an item free is rare, and they also had to ask questions about some of my coupons (like what product I purchased). I don’t enjoy shopping there much but I did get a few good deals.

  • Tammy

    I think I just figured it out.. Under the desc. behind it has where it was from… I am tring to figure this all out.. Now What does SS – RP stand for??

  • Megan

    I just wanted to point out that on my Kmart ad it says you can’t combine double coupons with any other store coupons, so I’m assuming I won’t be able to use a $5/50 Q. Just wanted to make others aware in case it applies to them too! I’m loving these great deals!

    • Hi Megan,

      That means that you can’t combine a manufacturer coupon with a Kmart coupon for the same item. Kmart sometimes has store coupons for certain products and you can’t combine those. I had no problem using the $5/50 coupon yesterday or months before.


  • julie

    It was nice meeting you at Kmart on Sunday
    My coupons saved me $22
    I have another trip planned on Wed with this weekends coupons
    Yes you do have to watch how the coupons work and the cashier, so I do not bring the kids along.

    I was working on the Pick N Save flyer this morning
    Many free items, Light bulbs and more

    This makes up for a couple of weeks ago when nothing matched!!!

  • Megan

    Thanks, Mercedes! I don’t know if I’ll buy $50 worth or not, but if so it’s nice to know I can get those extra savings!

  • Scott

    My wife and I just went to the K-Mart in Winter Park, Florida. Double coupons in Florida is as rare as seeing a native Floridian. They took all of my internet coupons. All were doubled except up to the value of the item. For example, one item cost $1.19. I had a $1.00 off coupon. It took off $1.19 so the item was free. We saved $45.48 in coupons. Then when checking out, their coupon machine spit out a coupo for a free gift card valued up to $50 for any new or transferred prescription. Reading the fine print on the last line states “The retail/insurance remibursed value of the prescription must exceed the value of the gift card offer to qualify for the full value of the offer.

    I never shop at k-mart because of their prices but combining the coupons with some of their sales was worth it this time.

    Thanks Mercedes for all the info.

  • Katie

    Hi Mercedes!

    Thanks so much for compiling this list! 🙂

    We also found these deals:

    From the current issue of All You Magazine, there’s $1.00 off 1 Peter Pan Peanut butter. Our Kmart has this for $2.49 and after doubling, we got it for 0.49!

    The current issue of All You Magazine also has $1.00 off 3 Hunts Snack Packs. They’re on sale $1 each. After doubling, that gave us 3 Snack Packs for $1! (.33-.34 each!)

  • Molly

    So question about the Vit water, if it doubles a $1 coupon and the water is a $1 does that mean you should get two of them for 1 coupons? I am assuming not, but just curious.

  • kim

    molly– no it won’t double if the price is $1 (not like at pick n save) no overage at kmart!

  • Kelly

    “Also, keep in mind that coupons representing a value of save $x when you buy 2 (or 3, whatever) do not double. Make sure your coupons are for $x/1.” From Mollie’s comment above………..These type of coupons were doubled/tripled for me today. I used several and had no problem. For example, I had $1/2 Pringles; they were on sale for $1.50 each and my coupon doubled so my oop was .50/can.

    I’m also one of the lucky ones to be in an area that is tripling coupons .75 & under in addition to doubling coupons that are .76-$4!! YEAH for me as my area Kmarts have NOT participated in any doubling in the past.

  • Erin

    First let me say thank you I don’t recieve a newspaper and had no idea this was going on it that it ever did (I just started following a few coupon sites and savings blogs)

    I had a question about the list of things. I saw you listed a site for a pull-ups coupon but when I went to the site it only listed a coupon for diapers. Am I missing something? or did that coupon get discontinued already. If you still no where it is can you please direct me there. Thank you so much

    mom of 4, and potty training the youngest 😉

  • Kristen Golson

    Thank you so much for posting this! It was a huge help. I was very discouraged at first because I asked at the service desk when I went in what the coupon policies were and the lady explained to me that if I used a $2 coupon for something that cost $3, I would not get it free, the “system” just would not double the coupon. I understand they are not going to give me overage, but I should at least get the item free. Anyway, I went ahead and got some things, and asked someone else I saw shopping with a handful of coupons. They said they should give it to you, that they had before. Anyway, I got up to the register and they took all the coupons. Most everything I had just left me paying a few cents, but I tested it on something else. When I finally figured out my receipt, it shows the coupons giving the amount left – something cost 2.67. I had a 1.50 coupon – the receipt says coupon 1.50, then coupon 1.17. so the service desk lady was wrong – I’ll be going back!

  • Erin

    Thank you so much Mercedes!
    I can’t wait to go use them. of course could be using so many others as this is such a great event (lol well to me a mom of 4 with a laid-off hubby) but money is just to tight to save money on other things when stuff like this is out there right now, I mean come on how many time in a childs potty training time period could you get $4 off pull ups ?!?! This is my 4th and last time and never have I gotten such a good deal before.
    Thank you and God Bless you for taking the time to help others this way it is much needed.

  • Jacqueline

    Raleigh, NC – BAD NEWS
    I just returned from the KMart on Capital Blvd and was told they ARE NOT matching this week. Apparently, an email came down from corporate to cancel the promotion. No reason given.. I was totally bummed…

  • Gretchen

    Thanks so much for this info!

    My first trip today to Kmart was horrible. After shopping for an hour and ringing up all my items, they told me that today they are not taking internet coupons. Today??? So I called Kmart corporate and they said that my store should be doubling and tripling (in my state) every internet coupon. The customer service representative apologized and sent an email to the store. I had to go back to the store later because they had charged me $22 for things I did not buy when they removed all of the internet couponed things from my order. I talked with the store manager and he said he received and decided to ignore my email and actually rewrote the policy to match his decision. When I pointed out that his policy did not match the circular or the other signs posted around the store or what the email he received said, he said that he couldnt talk to me anymore and that I had to come back tomorrow.

    However, we live in Kansas City with multiple stores, so I trekked on over to another Kmart and they gladly accepted and doubled and tripled all of my internet printed coupons. I spent around $50 on couponed things and saved over $100!! Well worth the trouble!

    That being said, Raleigh, you might want to check with Kmart corporate before cancelling your Kmart trip.

  • Erin

    Mercedes, I must again say THANK YOU!!!
    My Kmart not only doubled my pull-up coupons but they had pull-ups on sale this week so the Pull-ups that are usually 11.99 are on sale for 9.99 and I had the $2.00 coupons and the $2.00 from doubling

    so I got 4 pull-ups for $23.96 =tax – it would have been $47.96 +tax.

    also I bought my 13 yr old daughter some medicated face wash that I had a $2.00 coupon
    It was $4.49 – $2.00 coupon and the $2.00 doubling. so I got that for .49 cents!!
    also I tried to use another coupon I had but it wasn’t working right and the cashier had scanned it but I ended up not getting the item. She re-scanned it and I thought it voided the coupon but for some reason it didnt –that was worth $4.00
    so I left with $52.54 + tax worth of stuff for $21.14!!! and that was with TAX, which I don’t know about you but in Cali our tax just raised a whole cent. It was the last 20 bucks I had to spend for this month but I can’t think of a better way to have used it.
    Now I’m going to fill out the Kmart feedback survey and try to win a $2,500 gift card 😀

  • Gretchen

    p.s. It wasn’t my email he was was from Kmart corporate.

    • Gretchen,
      What terrible customer service. I hope you ill call back and share with corporate this guy’s complete disregard for corporate’s policies. I am glad you had other stores you could use your coupons at.


  • Jacqueline

    What is the number to KMart Corporate? I’d love to take advantage of this sale before heading out of town tomorrow.

  • I’m being advised by Kmart that their policy when you have a coupon for multiple items (i.e. $2/3) is that the coupon will not double if the coupon amount is equal to more than the retail price of a single item.

    So for example- if something is $3/5 ($1.66 each) and you have a coupon that is $2/3 it will not double because the $2 coupon is more than $1.66.

  • Michelle

    I have had several great trips to Kmart. They took every coupon I gave them. There were several items that were out of stock so I took a chance and grabbed a comparable item of the same brand name and they gave them to me. My first days total was $76 and I paid a little over $9. On my second trip my total was $85 and I paid $6. Thank you for posting this blog, it has helped tremendously during these hard times.

  • Erin

    I wish I knew about the trick of getting compareable items. I went back to Kmart with a fist full of coupons and knew I cold get out with spending little more than sales tax (and I mean less than dollars) and everything that was on sale that I had coupons for was gone and even most the things I had coupons for was gone too (most likely becuase everyone else had the same coupons!) I did buy 5 items for $1 but was still so discouraged when I left

  • Lisa

    I went to my local kmart and was told that I could not usemy three cpns 2gether in same transaction??!!
    right now kmart has a sale on john frieda products 2 for $10.00

    I found coupons for 2.00 off ea one and 5.00 off two

    they would not let me use them all together !!!! Could some one please help me find out what their cpn policy ison this matter?

    • Lisa,

      If you were buying three items then you should have been able to use the coupons. You probably had a very poorly trained cashier.