Kmart Super Doubles 4/19-4/25 Coupon Matches


Ready to check out the deals at Kmart next week?  I am posting them today to give you time to look, print and clip your coupons.  I am sure you won’t want to wait to hit your Kmart.  Let’s start with an overview of the rules:

  • Amount of credit from doubling a coupon cannot exceed the current retail price of a single item. No cash or in-store purchase credit will be awarded for any amount exceeding the retail price of the item.
  • Limit 1 coupon for each item purchased. Only 1 coupon will be doubled per item. You may only purchase 4 of the same item using double coupons. Buy One, Get One offers, Kmart Savings coupons and Kmart Store coupons are excluded from this promotion. Coupons do not apply to sales tax. Limit 25 coupons per customer per day.
  • Offer excludes products prohibited by law, including but not limited to alcohol, tobacco, and prescription medication.

Since printable coupons are not excluded this time, I have added printables to my collection of deals. Don’t forget to you can get a $5 off $50 Kmart coupon when you sign up for their email newsletter.  This should help bring down your out of pocket.

I want to note that my coupon matches include freebies or items you can get for very cheap.  The list is very very long.  I did not want to bog down the main page of my blog by posting it so you can view it here.  I have sorted the list by the following sections: Baby, Heath and Beauty, Food, Household Cleaning and Pet.  If I missed any other freebie or near freebie deals, please let me know so I can add them to the list.  Don’t forget to check out the Hotcouponworld Double Coupon Price book. Their list includes deals with coupons that may have been mailed to you in samples and rebates.  Thanks Allie!

Happy savings!

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