Kmart Super Doubles 6/7-6/13: Best Deals and Coupon Matches

kmartlogo1Well, another round of Kmart Super Double coupons starts next week.  There are a couple of Register Promotions you can take advantage of, one of them to get cheap movie tickets. I have also updated the list of coupon matches, removed deals with expired coupons, updated prices and added new HOT deals with newly available coupons.  In total, I was able to add about 35 new coupon deals to my list.

I intend to do the following deal on Sunday, taking advantage of the following catalina promotion:

“Buy More, Save More” and these are the details:

* Spend $20, get a coupon good for $3 off your next purchase
* Spend $35, get a coupon for $7 off your next purchase
* Spend $50, get a coupon for $14 off your next purchase

Includes: selected Unilever, Kimberly-Clark and SC Johnson Products.  Runs through 7/13


$49.95 when you buy 5 packs of Huggies Pull Ups
$1.99 when you buy one 46 ct Huggies Wipes pouch
$51.94 pre-coupon total
-$5/50 Kmart Coupon available when you sign up for their email updates
-$20 (when you double $2/1 Pull Ups coupons from 5/17 SS insert) or $2/1 printable coupon
-$2 (when you double $1/1 Huggies body product coupon from 4/19 inserts)
=$24.94 plus tax out of pocket and get a coupon for $14 off your next order.

It’s like paying $2.18 per pack of pull ups after doubled coupons and catalina promotion.

I know someone left a comment saying it didn’t work for them using coupons, so I am going to bite the bullet and do it myself and verify whether it works or not for you guys.  Come back on Sunday to check my results if you are interested in this promotion.

If anyone can help, I couldn’t check on the price of the Dawn Pure Essentials.  If you know it, could you please share?  Also, please leave a comment if you know of any other outstanding deals I missed and need to be added.  I will be happy to add them for everyone.

Check out my complete list of best deals here.

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  • Thank you for this information! 😀 I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing the Pull-up deal myself! 😀

  • Diane

    I wonder if K-mart is like many other stores the total has to be over $50 before MFG coupons but AFTER store coupons. Therefore if the only thing you bought was the pullups/wipes and used the 5/50 coupon it might not generate the CAT. I’d suggest throwing in another $5+ dollars worth of items that are FREE after mfg coupons just to be on the save side. That way it would still hopefully show you had spent over $50 before coupons on the pullups/wipes as it would have the other items to latch the 5/50 store coupon onto.

    Hope that made some sort of sense. Good Luck and let us know how it works. I don’t have any kids in pullups but my sister does and the company her hubby worked for went belly up a month ago. He has started his own business but they are really hurting right now so it would be nice to be able to buy them some bulk pullups/wipes for so little money.

  • Hi Mercedes, I used the $5 off coupon with about a million coupons the last time this was available and had no problems. I give the coupon to the cashier and then open my envelope with all my manufacturer coupons. I think if you give them a huge stack at once it makes it easier for them to refuse. Don’t forget Caregivers for your scenario- which makes the deal even better!

  • Alicia

    My flyer for Kmart shows the Buy More Save More only goes until 06/06/09 and the double coupon offer does not start until 06/07/09.

  • Mercedes


    Check the tags at your store. These are the dates the tags at my store advertised for this promotion.


  • Jennifer P

    Here is Colorado Springs, in the past, Kmart would not accept printable coupons. I hope that has changed.

  • Amanda

    My KMart is accepting coupons up to $2.00, not including, sigh. Last time I did great stocking up when it included the $2.00 coupons. Oh well, maybe next time. Thanks for the great list!

  • Alicia

    Thanks Mercedes for the response. I did check the store tags and I also verified with a store manager. In my area, the Buy More sale ends tomorrow. Just an FYI for people.

  • Emma

    How do you find out if your store is doubling coupons or not?

    • Hi Emma,

      Go to and under weekly ad, check the ad for your area for next week. It should be advertised on the front page.


  • If your local Kmart isn’t doing doubles, you might want to check farther away. I’ve got several locals that don’t do doubles, but there is one about 25 min away that does. May be worth the drive if you’ve got some good coupons.

  • Heather

    I searched all the local, nonlocal, etc. Kmarts and the closest one I could find that is doubling is 2 states away. Why they never include Washington in any of these deals is beyond me.

    • Heather,

      If I were you I would complain to corporate. Seriously, from what I hear WA has never been included? complain and ask reason. Also, if you have local friends that are couponers ask for their help in complaining. Write a general email and send it to them to send to corporate. Thatw ay all they need to do is address email and forward the email you wrote for them.


  • Emma

    Thanks. I couldn’t find any stores in Central TN that are doubling. Hopefully next time they will double them.

  • Sharon

    Has anyone had any trouble with the coupons that say Do No Double on them? Last time we had the double coupon event in Denver SuperK told me that they wouldn’t double those. I might try another SuperK and see what they do this time around…

  • maggie

    I think it’s worth the drive if you have a store that is a little further away that’s participating. The closest one to me is about 30 miles. We usually make a “girls day” out of it and my sister and I go, have breakfast or lunch after and then do some more shopping or whatever. Last time, between the three of us, we had the entire trunk and back seat of my sister’s car full and we spent about $75 between all 3 of us. Also there are more than one Kmart in the area we go and so we can go to both which makes it even more worth the drive. 🙂

  • maggie

    oops I just realized that doesn’t make sense—-my 2 sisters and myself (that makes 3 of us) 🙂

  • Are any Kimberly Clark products included in this deal? Say, if we got the Little Swimmers?

  • Angie

    Velveeta Shells & Cheese is on sale for $2.29 ONLY until 6/8. Would be .29 after $1 IP.

  • I found Starbucks coffee on clearance for $4.49
    There are $1.50 /1 printables available

    making it $1.49 for starbucks which is the cheapest I have ever found it.

  • Erin F

    GRRR I just called my one and only local Kmart and our buy more save more is only a 7 day sale and ends tonight! oh well It really doesn’t matter Pull-ups are a must have in my house so I guess I’ll go get my coupons doubled and be thankful for that 🙂

  • Jamie

    None of the K- Marts in Colo. Sprgs. are doubling coupons, I checked all 3.

  • Cassie

    WA has done them. I know Mount Vernon had double coupons at least once.

  • Anu

    Mercedes, where did you find the info regarding the cantalina’s. I am hearing that stores are not printing these and its hard to prove that it should if its not printed in the flyer. Is it somewhere on their site? I checked, I didnt find it.
    Thanks for all your help.

    • Anu, my store had tags all under the eligible products. Will try to take pic.


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  • Sonya

    YEAH! I just got back from Kmart and am so happy. My total came to $63 before coupons. I had them scan the $5 off $50 coupon first, then all my coupons, all the while watching the screen making sure they all doubled. I ended up paying $17 out of pocket, so I am super happy. Some of my savings were pull-ups for %5.99, Axe shampoo for $0.99 each and many Aveeno products for about $2.00. If any of you have Aveeno coupons, right now in K-mart, then have Aveeno products at $1 off, so mix that with your $2 off coupon that will be doubled, makes them SUPER cheap!! Good luck everyone! Oh, most of my coupons were internet printables, and they had no problem doubling. I also got a $3 off my next purchase catalina!! I will be making another trip there tomorrow.

  • Lisa

    I went out to the KMart in Pineville NC today and they told me that their store was excluded. However, I was told, when I called the 800 number that all stores in NC were participating and I also e-mailed customer services before going out, and they too said all stores in NC were participating. I explained this to the lady in customer service and she called the Manager and they honored it because they said two other customers had the same information. Doesn’t seem like they are all on the same page in NC. Be sure to check before you go.

  • Anny

    I did the deal but used 4–$2.00 off pullups (limit of 4), 3 wipes
    and $1.25 off huggies bathwash. After my $5.00 off coupon my total just short of $25 and got the $14.00 reward 🙂

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  • Sam

    My Kmart is doubling INCLUDING $2.00 in Florida, but… they are not accepting internet coupons. Even the fine print on their newspaper insert says no internet coupons. I made out ok paid $19 for $47 in products — 4 boxes of cereal, 2 bayer aspirins, 1 Bic comfort razors (10ct), 2 Axe body washes, 1 St. Ives facial scrub, 1 Selsun Blue, 1 One A Day Women’s Vitamins (60ct)

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  • AnnM

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU for posting about the double coupons this week 🙂 I was able to sit down a day in advance and get my game plan mapped out. I went to two different Kmart stores and was able to use almost all of my good coupons.

    My totals (5 different totals…some cashiers let me use more than 10 coupons, others were more strict…and I had to enlist hubby/friends) came up to 446.38 (before tax) and I only paid 164.55 at the end of it all. A savings of 63.2%

    We should hopefully be set with Pull-Ups now 🙂

    Thanks for all your words of wisdom!!!

  • Claire

    Just to let you know. The KMarts I have been going to reverted to the old way of doubling the $XX/2 coupons. They will only double up to the price of ONE of the items. I had some $1/2 Smartwater qs, which would have made them free, but they don’t double at all. I had them take off the water from my bill, but then I could have used two additional coupons.

  • Michelle

    Do any of you ever have problems with your receipt? I went to K-Mart this morning and when I got home I looked at my recipt closer and saw that they missed 2 of my coupons totaling $5.00. Then I looked even closer and saw that 3 things I bought weren’t even on my receipt. That totaled around $4.00. So I guess I’ll leave it. They would actually still owe me a dollar. But If I go in there and try to explain what happed they’ll be so confused!

    So watch your receipts! I had 27 coupons today and they allowed me to use them all!! Why do they even make the 10 coupon rule?

  • I never really shop at Kmart, only during double coupon time, so I really have no idea what their pricing is like…but wow. They have high prices. I don’t know if they always do, or if they just jack up the prices during double coupon time. I went in with a handful of coupons and only ended up using 2 ($2 printable for Aveeno- thanks Mercedes!). I found that even with the doubled coupon at Kmart, I could still get a box of cereal at Walmart with a non-double coupon cheaper. Their Kellogs cereal was 3.99 for a standard size box. Holy cow!

  • Holly

    I had a strange experience. The huggies promotion is posted all over. I bought 2 little swimmers and 4 pull-ups. She scanned 2 little swimmers first, then 1 pull-ups, then a catalina printed out for $3. She scanned the rest, but another Catalina did not come out. Isn’t that strange that the computer only recognized buying $20 worth of stuff?
    So I bought well over $50, but only got back $3.

    • Holly,

      did she hit the total button before scanning the last packs? The catalina doesn’t print until thet total button is hit.


  • kim

    I was able to get the $14 cat AND the axe movie tickets in one fell swoop…. 2 pullups, 2 huggies dipes, 2 axe shampoo and 1 shower gel (used 2 $2IP and 1 $1.50/1 from inserts) spent $24 and got the 14 and a 8.50 (ish) movie ticket. I have a $5 limit for dipaers since I do not have a stockpile (I cloth as well) so I feel really good and am excited to roll this deal! thanks so much Mercedes

  • Holly

    I think that’s what happened. Thank you for responding. I was hesitant to try it again, but I will now.

  • Kristina


    I just wanted to let you know about the deal I found at my local Super K yesterday. As soon as you walk in the store they had a large display of Hershey’s Pot of Gold chocolates for only $3! I thought that was awesome in itself. I bought one and my mom bought 2. I noticed on her receipt that she got an additional $1 off for the 2 boxes of Pot of Gold (I got nothing for my 1 box). I don’t know if anyone else is having this special but it seems like a great deal. I couldn’t find any coupons to go with it but even still it’s a great price and can be an easy gift!

    Good luck!

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  • Jessica

    I did pull up deal today and it came out great! I then turned around and was able to get 24 boxes of general mills cereal and used 8 $1/3 coupons, a twin pack of secret deoderant and used a $4 coupon I had, to get it all for $13 and change! I was able to use my $14 cat and $5/$50 coupons to get this deal. I was also able to get la looks hair gel for free, it’s on sale for $1.29 and used a $1 off coupon (forgot from which insert) for each to get them for free.

  • Vane

    aww poop the closest one to me is 2 hours away in PA i am in MD 🙁

  • sharon

    I can’t get to Kmart til Saturday, but I have my stack of coupons ready!

    Has anyone had any trouble with the coupons that say Do Not Double? Are they still doubling those too?

  • Michele

    I went today…they didn’t have enough pull ups, so no deal for me:-( Totally bummed. However, I bought just over $20 worth of stuff ($22 I think) and paid $4.00 BUT…I did not get the catalina $3 off Q. Was it suppose to be at the end of my receipt? I was check out in the customer service line. I’m bummed because I hoped to go to a different one tomorrow to try for the pull ups.