Kmart Super Doubles 7/4-7/10 + List of Participating Stores

Well, wouldn’t you know it!  Kmart has decided to “blindside” us with a double coupon promotion.  This time it seems only health and beauty coupons will be doubled and you will need your Kmart Rewards Card to get your coupons to double.  Only the first five coupons will double once a day.  See the list of participating stores here and even make sure to print it and bring with you in case your store claims they are not participating but they are listed here.

Will you be doubling coupons at Kmart this coming week?  What deals will you be hoping to snag?

Thanks Penny and Marcia!

  • Marcia S

    Wow the list grew from the one they sent me a week ago! Only 5 coupons but maybe there will be some good sales to go with my coupons! P&G add in most papers this weekend:)

    • Mercedes

      Yeah! I was surprised to see my own store included. There is a cat delal on the huggies. we will see what deals we can come up with.


      • Emily

        Are you referring to the get $12 for $50 in purchases deal? It looks like that ends on 7/3.

  • Amber

    A little bummed that this promo is only for certain items, but still exciting! I will probably use some makeup, razor, bodywash, and kotex coupons.

  • Kristin

    Will you being doing a matchup for us? Or know someone that will?

    Thanks for the heads up on this promo.

  • Kathy

    Doubled up to what amount?

  • Kathy

    Ignore my question about the amount. I just saw the $2.00.

  • Mary

    Will IP’s be allowed?

    It’s kind of far for me to drive to redeem just 5 coupons. Maybe if it were on my way somewhere, but my Kmart is famous for letting the stock just run dry. By the end of the promotion, shelves will literally be empty.

  • pennyscents

    I will not be able to participate in this KMart promo. I have too many family things going on for the fourth of July week.

    About the amt that can be doubled; a $2.00 coupon will double to $4.00.

    Yes, IP’s are doubled too.

    I have a card in my son’s, my husband’s, and my name. The KMart that I go to will allow you to do multiple transactions. You would need different cards, though. YMMV!

    You’re welcome Mercedes. Thank you for helping us all save money!

  • Kurt

    What is an IP?

  • C

    I work for Kmart, and last time that we did a double coupon event my store decided that internet coupons could not be doubled because they are “to easy to be fraudulent”. Since the first five coupons manually double, we had to enter internet coupons for a lower price, so that when they doubled it was only the regular coupon amount. Also, do not expect any overage as the registers are programed to double only up to the purchase price. I would call your store before going to ensure that you are clear on their policy :)

    • Kurt

      C below Becky posted about using her Kmart card for multiple transactions. What is the policy? It seems like that is frownedu

      • Kurtis

        Sorry I tried that from my phone. As I was saying it seems like Kmart does not like multiple purchases. Can you inform me on the details?

  • Angie

    I need to stock up on toothpaste, Olay products, and razor blades! I might even treat myself to some new nail polish!

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  • Sherri

    The last time Kmart had this deal, I like everyone else, got a different card for my husband so that I could make more than 5 coupon deals a day. About mid-way through the week, I found out that you could use your same card and just separate your transactions and pay for 5 items, end the sale, then pay for 5 more. They allowed it and the computer did not track how many times we used our same rewards card in a day just in each purchase it tracked to double only 5.

  • Becky


    that is what I did 1- for my 1- for my mom, 1 -for my husband…then cashier let me do multiple transactions using the same card. 2 weeks later I was at Kmart and guess who’s Kmart rewards card was on “suspension?” I had to call Kmart and they said I had used my card 6 times in one day or week I can’t remember and that was a “red flag.” I explained that I shopped their often during that week due to Kmart coupon double days. She was super understanding and my card usable after about 1 week.

  • sue

    Went to a Kmart today in Tinley Park Il and they said they were not doing it but our on the list, I wonder if they know what they are doing//

  • autoestima

    That’s very communicative piece..