Kmart Super Doubles 7/4-7/10 + List of Participating Stores

kmartdoublecoupons74 Kmart Super Doubles 7/4 7/10 + List of Participating Stores

Well, wouldn’t you know it!  Kmart has decided to “blindside” us with a double coupon promotion.  This time it seems only health and beauty coupons will be doubled and you will need your Kmart Rewards Card to get your coupons to double.  Only the first five coupons will double once a day.  See the list of participating stores here and even make sure to print it and bring with you in case your store claims they are not participating but they are listed here.

Will you be doubling coupons at Kmart this coming week?  What deals will you be hoping to snag?

Thanks Penny and Marcia!

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