Kmart Super Doubles Finally Coming to Wisconsin

From 10/1 to 10/5 Kmart will be doubling coupons with face value up to and including $2.

To find if your store is included search your store in this list I created.

UPDATE: If your store has said they will honor the promotion granted you bring a printed ad. Here’s a link to a scan of one. NOW! it’s fixed, sorry!

Some deals I have found so far:

Gillete’s Men Shampoo 2/$8
Use 2/1 from 9/28 inserts
Free After doubled coupon

Pert Plus Shampoo 2.99
use 1.50/1 coupon
Free After doubled coupon

Suave deodorants 1.79
Use 0.75 doubled
29 cents each after doubled coupon

Kotex Pantiliners $1.49
Use 0.75/1 coupon
Free after doubled coupon

Dove Candy Bars 2.29
Use 1/1 coupon
29 cents each after coupon

Glade Fabric Spray 3.29
Use 1.50/1
29 cents after doubled coupon

Revlon Nailpolish 4.19
Use 2/1 coupon
19 cents each after doubled coupons

Right Guard Deodorant 2.49
Use 1/1 Manufacturer coupon
49 cents after doubled coupon

Healthfood Life Cat Food
Use 1/1 coupon
FREE after doubled coupon

Good Life Cat Food 4.29
Use 1.50/1 tearpad found at Kmart
1.29 a bag after doubled coupon

Pounce Cat Treats 1.29
Use 1.50/2
FREE after doubled coupon

Ziploc Containers 2.50
Use 1.50/2 coupon
$1 after doubled coupon

Dawn Direct Foam 3.29
Use 1.50/1 from Home Made Simple Booklet
29 cents after doubled coupon

Lysol Spray 4.79
Use 2/1 coupon
79 cents after doubled coupon

If you find any missed deals and would like to share please leave a comment.

Thanks to Slickdeals community for the scan and list of stores.

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  • TJ and Mandi

    I know this is probably a silly question, but I am very new to the coupon world. Does this mean that if I go in with one coupon they will give me twice the value of it? Or does this mean that I need to use two of the same coupons? Thanks!

  • Mercedes

    Hi TJ,
    This means that if you go to your participating Kmart with one coupon with a face value of $2 they will double the value of your one coupon to $4. You either get saving of $4 if the value of what you were buying was more than $4 or you get it for free if it cost less that $4..

  • lizzyjane

    Thank you! Thank you! I left a link to your blog on mine.

  • Sonia

    Thanks, my store is included this time

  • BusyMom

    We’re including at my store in NEO too. Actually, I need to confirm if it is just the Super K, next town over, or the regular K in town too.

  • Becky

    Finally we get to be in on the action here in the Northern Kentucky / Cincinnati area! Thank you for these great details!

    I posted a link to your site for this deal.

    Thank you!

  • Brimful Curiosities

    How did you compile the list. Our store in WI is not on there? Why do some stores participate and others don’t. Thanks much. This is the first I have heard of this deal.

  • Kacie

    For some reason, your post JUST now showed up in my feed reader.

    Anyway, thanks for posting these deals!

    Others that might work include Tide for $3 after coupon.

    Can’t wait to go shoppin tomorrow!

  • Sara

    I’m in Martinsburg, WV. How do you know for sure that our store is participating? I checked the sales ad and don’t see it listed. The store is already closed for the evening or I would just call and ask. I’ve gone ahead and clipped my coupons and am crossing my fingers that the information is correct. Thanks SO much for your blog. I visit daily!

  • Anonymous

    Just wondering if you know if there is a limit on the # of coupons you can use? Thanks for the post!

  • Megan

    Colgate is on sale 2/$4. Use 2 $1/1 coupons and they are free. The colgate coupon isn’t for ANY toothpaste so hopefully this will work but I’m not positive yet.

  • Anonymous


    I’m reading at that KMart corporate is telling people that the limit is 1 coupon per item, 4 of the same coupon total, and 75 coupons total per day.

    Anna in IL

  • Shamelle

    I came across your blog for the first time. I found many useful posts.

    One things I would like to point out is our tendency to spend. By giving these coupons the retailer are urging us to buy. While it is all good if you REALLY need the product, sometimes you find that you buy something you don’t really need.


  • Mercedes

    Hi Shamelle,
    You are absolutely right. Buying things because they are dirt cheap even when you don’t need them is a sure way to waste your money. I provide my readers with a list of suggestions and it is up to them to determine their needs.

  • Becky

    There is one problem with coupons that are like $2 off 2 products. if the products are $2.50 each (so $5 total) it wont give you the full $4 off. Like they have to choose in their computer which product goes with the coupon. So you will only get the extra .50 off one product off. Does this make sense??

  • Nancy

    YIPPEEE! My KMART is also doubling coupons – Belleville IL – WOO HOO – look out KMART I’m coming!

    Thanks for the heads up Mercedes!

  • SwagGrabber

    Hey Mercedes,
    Great Find!!! I just posted a link to this on my blog. Thought I would add a little something to sweeten the deal. If you sign up at KMART.COM they will email you a $5 off printable coupon.

  • Jim and Maria Hart, Realtors

    Our Kmart did this last week and I took advantage of it.

    I ended up going back the next day because I used 2 coupons that were $$ off of 2 items. For example, I had a coupon for $1.00 off of 2 Paptarts, but each box was on sale for $1.67. So when the coupon was doubled, it only took off an extra $0.67 instead of the full $1.

    I called corporate about it and they said just to go back into the store and they could refund me the amounts the coupons should have taken off. After going around with the on-duty manager for several minutes, she finally refunded me my money.

    Just be sure that the coupns double correctly before you leave the store.

  • ~kat

    I just called the Lombardi Avenue store in Green Bay and the manager said if we go to the customer service desk and let them know we want to participate in the double coupons they will instruct cashier to process as double. 😀 woot … another trip to GB for me 😀

  • Anonymous

    Can you point me to something I can print off that I could bring in the store? My store was not on the list, but the nat’l CS told me that if I brought some kind of ad in (she said it could be from the internet) they would honor it. She called my store to tell them I would be coming (I had called them before and they said they were not participating). Thank you!

  • Mercedes

    I have updated the original blog entry to ad a link to the ad with this promotion.

  • Paula

    Additional deals at Kmart. My store would not honor the coupon deal so I will be going to my friends town tomorrow to get the deals. This is what I saw there today:

    El paso taco shells are 10/10 there are $1 off coupon on two packs making this free

    Vaseline for men and regular vaseline is 2.99 at Kmart and the $1.50 off coupons make this free

    Quilted Plush northen is $6 with $1 off coupon makes this $4 for 24 pack

    Tide is 2/10 use your $1 off coupons to get this for $3 new tide extra care is included in this sale

  • FacelessGraceless

    Thanks for compiling this!

    I have a few more deals listed on my blog, including Dove shampoo for $.19 and Glade Carpet deodorizer for $.29.

    Also, if people are wondering where to get some of these coupons, check out the Virtual Coupon Organizer at (free to use!).

  • Sarah Halter

    This might be a sweet enough deal to get me to go through and clip my coupons from the last month and a half! Thanks for posting!

  • Millicent

    customer service told me to print something showing the ad and take it in…when I click on your link it says forbidden 🙁
    Is there anywhere else I can find it?

  • Aruna

    thanks for the k mart tip- DOUBLE COUPONS. I visited and got these deals. i am stepping into k- mart after 10 years..
    i got gillette mens shampoo free using the $2 coupon.

    revlon nail clpper is $1.99. got it free using a $1.00 from the sunday paper.

    dove shampoo was $4.00. used a $2.00 coupon and got it free.

  • Anonymous

    thanks so much for your list but when I click on the link to get the ad to take to my store it says “forbidden”…please help someone! My DD has a life-threatenig disease and I need every penny I can save!
    thanks and God’s blessings to all!

  • Linda

    I’m not getting the link to the ad to work. Am I the only one?

  • Chris

    Hi ~

    If you’re interested, I have a long list of “FREE Products” and “Other Good Buys” on my blog at

  • Dena

    Wow, this is great. My KMart is participating. Yeah! I know what I will be doing tomorrow after work.

  • Mercedes

    Sorry everyone! there was an extra letter on the link to the scan. I have fixed it!

  • Anonymous

    Old ElPaso tortillas are 10 for $10, buy 2 and use the $1 off any two OEP items and they are free.

    Fruit of the Loom 1pk pocket shirts are $2. Buy two and use $1 off two FOTL and they are $1 each.

  • Lisa

    I havent checked everyone’s links to their blogs but I do have a few free items that I listed on my blog. Glade candle holders, Loreal makeup and Crest for Kids, plus a ton of cheap stuff. Everything I bought was 1.00 or less except Pull-Ups

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know what the policy is on coupons with a value over $2.00? I “assumed” it would be say $4 coupon plus they would double and give me $2 to bring coupon total to $6.00. Not so, my store told me anything over $2 is just face value.

    Any insight?

  • Mercedes

    Hi Nicola,
    Your store was right. they will only double coupons with a face value up to $2. Any coupons beyond that value won’t be doubled at all. All you get is the coupon’s face value in savings.

  • Angie

    A few deals I found…

    Kotex Tampons – $3.29 – $1.50/1=.29
    Herbal Essence – $3.79 – $2/1 =FREE
    Colgate – $2.00 – $1/1 = FREE
    Quaker Granola Bars $2 – $1/1 =FREE
    Orville Red. Popcorn $2 -$1/1 =FREE
    Dove Shampoo/Cond $3.99 – $2/1=FREE
    Cascade $3.49 – $1.50/1 = .49
    M&m's $2.00 – .75/1 = .50
    Purex Fab. Soft.- $3.29-$1/1=$1.29
    Combos – 2/$3 – $1/2 = .50 ea.
    Sunsilk $3 – $1.50/1 = FREE

  • justusseven

    I found a few great deals too:
    Ended up with $120 for $2 PLUS TAX AND AFTER REBATE!!!

  • Amanda

    I got so excited when i saw this yesterday. I sat down and planned my trip, gathered all of my coupons. Called my store this morning and they said they were not participating. Called customer service and they said the birmingham alabama stores are not participating since they were part of the last double coupon days they had. And of course, I missed the last one. I’m so bummed.

  • Anonymous

    I e-mailed Kmart and they said any store will honor the ad if you bring a copy! E-mail them through to be sure and print out the e-mail and bring it to your store. I am going to ask Customer Service first to be sure though. Happy shopping!


  • Jennifer Mason

    okay… I too am really new to this whole thing but would LOVE to save money. Do the coupons have to come FROM wal-mart or just be of the brand that you are buying?