Kmart Super Doubles up to $3 1/18-1/24


Holy smokes! Kmart continues to shake it up this year.  The new ad circular for next week is out and some areas are getting super double coupon for up to $3 face value of a coupon.

If your store is participating you will be able to score some free Electrasol with the $2.50/1 coupon that’s out and I am thinking some cheap Equal sweetener.  I haven’t checked the price for this at Kmart yet.

Not all areas are participating.  If your store is doubling coupons this week chances are it is not participating in this promotion this time.  But check out yourself, all you need to do is enter your zip code here, view your local ad and see if any stores near you are participating.  Please leave me a comment sharing if your store is participating or not.

Happy Savings!

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  • Samantha Thomas

    Good Morning, I checked with many Kmarts near me, in Kenosha Wisconsin and in Northern Illinois and no luck, but they are doubled up to and including $2.00. Still some deals to be found. Have a great day!!


  • Tanya

    I am from Plymouth area, and they only have the $2.00. I am still very new to this and am wondering what the restrictions are for the double coupons at K-Mart? How many can you use, and what does your minimum purchase have to be?

    Thank you

  • Lisa Fischer

    Rats, doesn’t look like mine in Southern MN is. They are doing the $2 this week & I did have luck with that! Really should get to my sister-in-laws (who has TONS of coupons) & take what she’s not using!

  • Rachel Cooperrider

    No doubles this week or deals of any kind next week in Tulsa, OK

  • Jem

    Hi Mercedes,
    I was going to ask you, what is Kmart’s policy on coupons like $1 off on 2? I did this double coupon thing in December and in my mind I know my $1 should have been doubled to $2 when I bought 2, as required. Does that make sense? But the register did not do this automatically and it was like I just got the items for B1G1.

  • Looks like Burlington, WI is doubling up to $2. Hmm…I might have to go suffer the store to see what’s up. 😉

  • No doubles in NW Arkansas. 🙁

  • Mark H

    Mine is doing super doubles up to two dollars (which gets me some free bodywash)

  • Kristin

    Looks like none in central MO, or in the KC or St Louis areas either. We even checked Quincy, IL.

  • charlene

    No go once again in Sacramento, CA. The response was low here apparently so maybe that’s why. I was having so much fun doubling in the land of no doubles! disappointing.

  • Johnny

    This must include very few stores, because I live in NE Indiana, and checked the closest IN, MI, & OH stores and none of them are participating. RATS! None of them are even advertising doubles. BUM DEAL!

  • We will have them for up yo $2 next week. At least it is better than nothing, like this week. Although last time they did this, I couldn’t find any of the products I had coupons for at their store. Such a limited selection they have.

  • mandy

    I’m in the birmingham alabama area and none here are participating. but the prattville alabama store is but only up to $2 face value.

  • No doubles at all in Gulfport, Mississippi next week. We did have the $2.00 doubles this week though, so I wasn’t expecting it.

    Wow. Doubling up to $3.00…that is awesome! I hope someone out there has a blast! 🙂

  • Nothing this week or next in Atlanta GA

  • Double here this week….nothing next week. In the land of no doubles, and me being a huge couponer, I still can’t go to the Kmart in my area. Did it once and was the worst experience I have ever had in a store. Icky, cashiers knew nothing, and there were maybe 2 carts for the whole store. And they were in the parking lot.

  • Christina

    Nothing this week in Northern California, but we have doubles up to $2.00 for next week. This may not sound too exciting to many of you, but we really live in the land of no doubles (at any stores) so, this is very exciting in our neck of the woods.

  • Jess

    We got $2…. may venture out!

  • Jess

    It’s odd to me that so many folks complain that thier K-mart is icky, and it does not seem to be indiginous to regions. Does K-mart know thier stores are in such condition?

  • Jess


  • Nancy

    We’ve never had any doubling in South Atlanta. But then again, three major grocery stores double up to 50 cent everyday and we’re getting a fourth major chain about a mile from my house! I guess I have nothing to complain about!

    • Hi Nancy,
      I guess Kmart thinks they can compete with the other stores that already double in your area.


  • Christina

    The store closest to me in Conover, NC is not doing doubles at all. But the store in Morganton, NC is having $2 doubles. Guess I will be going on a road trip. According to the ad online
    looks like select Kellogg’s cereal will be cheap (0.25 each with $1.00 coupon from recent insert or 0.75 each with upcoming 1/18 $1.50/2 insert coupon). Welch’s juice is also on sale for $3.00 each use $1.00 coupon (expires 01/31/09) for $1.00 juice.
    Thank you for all you do. Christina

  • Sepi

    Double here this week in Oregon. No $3.00 double next week. I have been enjoying the doubles. Good luck for the rest of you.

  • Lindsey

    Nothing here in Middle Tennessee. (Again).
    Appreciate your blog, by the way.

  • Julie

    Nothing in Huntsville, AL

  • I just checked for my area in Utah County, Utah and THEY ARE DOUBLING! I’m so excited!!


  • YAY doubles up to $3 in Midland MI!!!

  • Fran


    Just wanted to let anyone in the Albany,Ga area know that our local Kmart is doubling coupons up to $2.00 Glad to see this participation from our Kmart!

  • Andrea Haegele

    Only doubled to $2 here near Denver, CO. I wish it was more.