Kmart: Trio King Castle $24.99 and other Toy Deals

trio castle

There’s a really good deal on the Trio Castle at Kmart this week.  It’s on sale for 50% off or $29.99.  Use the $5 off printable coupon to get it for $24.99 only.  That is a steal considering that Amazon had these “on sale” a few weeks back for $54.99.  I am so glad I held out.

You may want to think twice about price matching this item at Target and use the $10 off Target coupon available.  Unfortunately as per Target’s Price matching policy the Target coupon will be deducted first prior to the price match.  Since Target sells this for over $50, price matching is pretty pointless.

spud buds

Playskool toys are on sale buy two get one free.  Last time I was there I checked on the price of some of these toys.  I was actually looking at the Playskool Spud Buds.  The regular price was $10.99.  You can get them very cheap by doing this:

$32.97 when you buy three Potato Spud Buds
-$15 when you use three of the $5 off printable coupons (one coupon per item) here and here
-$10.99 deducted by the buy two get one free sale
Pay $6.98 plus tax for all three

I am going to try to hit my store later today and see what other deals can be had on the Playskool toys.  If you find any other deals please share with us in the comments section.

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  • Jaime

    Thanks for the heads up! Not only am I Christmas shopping, but I have 2 nephews and 1 niece who have birthdays in the upcoming 2 weeks, and was desperate for an inexpensive item to gift. I was able to print 4 Spud Buds coupons, so this will be fantastic!

  • There are also $10 peelies at Target that would work for this set…I blogged about it here:

  • mary

    I price matched the Trio castle at Target this morning at the customer service desk without any problem. Regular Target price on the shelf was $74.99!! The CS associate deducted both the $10 Target coupon and the $5 Fisher Price IP coupon so my final price was $14.99 plus tax!! She said that it was fine to use one Target coupon & one MFQ on the item even with a price match. Stock seems very limited on these though so I would recommend anybody trying to PM to check store availability on the Target website first.

  • Shani

    when I printed the potato head coupon it says .. one per purchase.. so I’m not sure this deal with work.. but I’m new to this.. any thoughts?

    • jenny

      I just used 3 potatoe head coupons this morng and it worked great!

  • Kristina L.

    The BOGO free on the Potato Spud deal is that at Target?

  • hollye

    Where are the playskool items buy 2 get one free at?

  • Christina

    Could you also use the $5 off $50 KMart purchase coupon – Buy Both the castle and 3 Spud Buds for $21.97 total??

  • Cfosh

    BOGO Playskool is at Kmart. The $10 peelie Sara spoke of at Target for the Trio is actually on the toy itself at Target and Kmart in Kansas City area. Target tried to fight the price match with any coupon saying it wasn’t allowed! I printed the price match policy, went back and they allowed the mfr coupon! I hate when I am right! Ha-Ha

  • Missy

    $9.99 for Trio King’s Castle! Target has the Trio for $74.99. They price matched Kmart’s ad for $29.99. Once it’s rang in, I proceed with $10 Target coupon, and the $10 Instant Peel-Off Sticker on the front of the box. Also, Kmart advertised BOGO for Board Games. At Target, they are on sale for $15/each. Got two for $15! They hate it, but nothing they can do. I check ads from everywhere and just go to Target as they honor all ads. No need to drive all over town! I print most the weekly ads out from online. ***Make sure you print the whole ad or Target won’t honor. Happy shopping!!!

    • LC

      Did you print all 48 pages?

      • Missy

        I printed the top page and most of the ads I wanted. They didn’t go through and check that the entire ad was there, I just told them it was as I had several pages. Not sure if they would “inspect” it, depending on who you are dealing with. Some CS try to find anyway they can to not honor their own policies.

  • Cfosh

    Missy, you got lucky then because the Target price match policy does state Target coupons will be taken off before the price match! Wish I could have been so lucky at mine! Still, $14.99 not bad!

    • Missy

      You have to be firm. Generally, they do not post their price matching in the store, but the register’s display “we will match any advertised price.” Therefore, they have to honor what is displayed. But, yes…$14.99 is pretty awesome, too!

      • Cfosh

        They honored all but the $10 Target coupon because they state in their policy that Target store coupons will be taken off before the price match, therefore no benefit on this deal. I still got the manufacturer coupon, so still not bad! I liked your deal better though! Ha-ha!


  • Renee S.


    How did you get it for $14.99? I was thinking it would be $29.99-$10 manuf. coupon = $19.99. I’ll be going on Mon., so I’m hoping to get as good a deal as Missy, but if not, I’d like your scenario as a backup, please.


    • Cfosh

      Sorry, it didnt send me a link to your question! I just saw it on Tuesday! There is a $5 coupon on Fisher that some of the stores will let you use and others fight all! Good luck!

  • Dedra Henry

    My friend went and got me one of these. You are all making me so jealous to have gotten it for 9.99 and 14.99. However, we don’t have a K-Mart so we can’t do a price match at our Target. BOO HISS…lol. Still 24.99 is WAY BETTER than 39.99 (Lightning sale on Amazon) and for sure better than 74.99!!!

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  • millicent

    mr. potato head is $7.99, and there are the $2 printables

  • Anny

    I was able to get an extra $5 off a $30 purchase of toys when I used the December coupon from the new Kmart 2010 Calender I got at Layaway
    for even more savings. Also there are internet printable link for $5/$50 posted under the Kmart forum at A Full Cup.

  • jenny

    Thanks for the info on the buy two get one free at Kmart I was able to get three spud buds for less than 7 dollars and got three other toys from play skool that i had 5 dollars coupons for .I spent 33 dollars ans got 86 dollars worth of toys !!!

  • Rei

    The spud bud accessories are priced at $5.35 so I picked up 3 for $0.70 + tax. The coupons work with no issues! I happened to already purchase the santa spud at target so now I have a nice set for my daughter all for under $3 🙂

  • Mandy

    I went to get this deal tonight. They price-matched the King’s Castle AND took the $10 Target Q and $5 Man. Q! I got it for $15! Awesome Christmas present for my son… I would NEVER spend $75 on that thing!

  • Nikki D

    Kmart also has the musical sit and spins for $22 with a $10 Q out there. Would be a good deal to add in to your buy 2 get one free deals!

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  • Rachel Cope

    Hi! I’m hunting the Trio King Castle …. does anyone know where the best deal is right now? I’m guessing I missed the whole KMart/Target price match deal?!! Help please!!

    • Jaime

      This post was made 2 years ago…don’t know if anyone would be able to help you, or what the pricing is now.