Kohl’s Black Friday Shooting and Other Violence: An End to Black Friday?

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The Kohl’s Black Friday shooting is making some big headlines right now. Apparently, it went down something like this…

Police were called to a Kohl’s store in Romeoville, IL, a suburb of Chicago, for a reported shoplifting incident. When they arrived, they saw one of the alleged shoplifters – Robert Russell, 51 – running from the store and getting into a vehicle. One police officer caught up to the car, and attempted to arrest Russell. As he did so, Russell apparently shut the car door on the officer and the driver of the vehicle – Charles Hinch, 52 – started to pull away, dragging the officer with the car. Another police officer shot at the vehicle, hitting the driver in the arm after he disregarded the officer’s commands to stop.

The driver of the vehicle and the officer were both treated for injuries at a local hospital. The officer is fine and was released a short time later. Russell was charged with attempted murder, and another suspect – Gerald Chamberlain – was arrested in the store and is being charged with felony theft.

Although, the Kohl’s Black Friday shooting is the one splashed across all of the headlines, it certainly wasn’t the only violence during Black Friday 2013.

The Huffington Post reported the following incidents of Black Friday violence, which seem to have been shadowed by the Kohl’s Black Friday shooting…

  • One shopper in Las Vegas was shot in the leg by an assailant after the assailant and an accomplished allegedly tried to steal a TV he had just purchased.
  • A Virginia man was allegedly attacked with a knife and injured during an argument over a parking space at Walmart.
  • A man was stabbed in the stomach in a Carlsbad, CA mall after an altercation with another man.

Black Friday violence is nothing new. Reports of Black Friday violence and rioting were not uncommon in previous years, well before this Kohl’s Black Friday shooting. It makes me wonder, though – is it really worth it? All just to save a few bucks?

I’m starting to wonder if this Black Friday Kohl’s shooting and other violent incidents this Black Friday may have a helping hand in phasing out Black Friday altogether. Perhaps Cyber Monday will be the new Black Friday…

What do you think? Will people continue to venture out into the Black Friday madness in the coming years, or will more and more people turn to online shopping? Is Black Friday as we know it coming to an end?

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  • Zoe

    Well I so hope that Black Friday is no more. After being afraid in a crowd at Walmart last year, I said never again. I shopped on Black Friday, but I cyber shopped since many stores were giving the same deals online.

  • Andrea

    One can only hope. It’s a sick cycle. It’s not really news that the prices aren’t really THAT great! Retailers have conditioned people to wait for the sale, the day… Black Friday. Dare I say Pavlov’s Theory? I used to work at an upscale department store. But even they had things that didn’t sell and once in a great while would end up with a 99 cent rack. This store also had sales (and still do) where they offered an additional % off clearance. They upped the frequency… guess what.. sales went down and guess what? People waited for those sales. Then they complained more about profits and sales. I’m not a mathematician but even I saw the patterns that shoppers followed. This whole Black Friday thing is contrived and a false bottom to sales and profits. I for one have begun to embrace “less is more”. Not a minimalist by any means, but definitely a believer in “less is more”.

  • black_ops_blue

    Its black violence, not black Friday violence.

    • Jason p.

      Please explain your comments.

  • Michelle M

    I love to Black Friday shop, not really for the deals but the tradition of it. All of the women in the family ( and a couple of husbands) get together and go as a group. Do we go to elbow and shove for “that one awesome deal”? NO way! We go and have fun. A couple of good deals do not hurt a bit:) Unfortunately, there is always someone out there trying to steal your glory……. whether that is the person that turns to violence or the ones that try to do away with Black Friday all together. If you don’t enjoy it, by all means stay at home and enjoy Cyber Monday. I will be participating in that event also!!:)

  • Kristina L.

    I love Black Friday shopping although it should now be Black Thursday but anyway my friends and family always go and we never get into fights with anyone and try to avoid them. No matter how great the sale we never lose track of who we are and why we are there. It’s for the tradition and for the fun of it. Anyone that turns to violence during BF is already violent. Just sayin my opinion