Kraft First Taste: Free Shredded Cheese and Cottage Cheese

If you missed out on last week’s offer of free Kraft Shredded cheese from Kraft First Taste last week I have good news for you.  You may want to log in to your account and check again under “My Offers” if this offer is available to you now.  I got an email from Peggy letting me know that not only did he get the shredded cheese offer, but also an offer for free Breakstone Cottage Cheese.

If this offer sells out today or is not available to you yet, don’t give up hope.  Kraft First Taste sometimes offers these freebies in blocks.  It may be available for you in the future, just keep on checking!

Thanks, Peggy!

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  • Stacey D.

    Mercedes! Thank you SO much for the heads up! I just scored me some FREE COTTAGE CHEESE SNACKS! Lol! Seriously though, if it weren’t for having been subscribed to COMMON SENSE WITH MONEY’s updates via Twitter and email, I would not have know, and very likely would have missed out! 🙂 You ROCK! 🙂

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  • Jaime

    Only got a $1 coupon, but it’s on sale this week at Giant! I need more cheese!

  • Andrea

    Got one, thanks so much!!

  • Pam

    Message: “Unhandled error occurred. Please contact your Administrator.” What does that mean?

  • Emily

    I’m getting the error too – I really want to get this one! 🙁

    • Melissa

      I keep getting that one, too, and I got that last time as well. Not sure what the deal is….

  • Kelly

    I missed out on this one last week, but got it this time. Thank you so much!!

  • Tami

    I too missed it last time, but it was there today. Thanks!


    I GOT THE MESSAGE Unhandled error occurred. Please contact your Administrator TOO. I REALLY WANTED THIS OFFER.

  • Renee

    I keep getting the error message too. 🙁

    • the site may be getting overwhelmed. try agan later.



    I TRIED IT ALL DAY YESTERDAY AND I STILL GET THE SAME Unhandled error occurred. Please contact your Administrator . THIS REALL SUCKS!!

  • kim

    I have loved cottage cheese since I was a little girl but tonight I snuck out of bed to enjoy my special treat but I bought Kraft Cottage Cheese instead of my ususal brand and was so disappointed. This cottage cheese was so thick it was sickening, could not even eat one spoon full. I work hard for my money and get extremely upset when I have to through money in the trash.