Updated: Kroger: Free Hasbro Games

monopoly deal

Updated:  If your Kroger stores prices things 50% off with BOGO sales then these won’t be free but 75% off which is also an outstanding deal!

If you checked for coupons inside your copy of USA Weekend yesterday (11/15), you probably found a coupon for buy one get one free (up to $6.99) Hasbro card games.  This coupon can be found on page 3.  Hasbro card games are on sale this week buy one get one free.  Use this coupon and combine it with this sale to get free Hasbro games!  Thanks Coupon Cravings!

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  • Jennifer P

    I may of missed this, but where are these games on sale?? These would be great for our road trip…hehe

    • Jennifer P


  • sarah

    When my Kroger has a BOGO sale it usually means each item is half price. If this is the case then they would be cheap, but not free…

  • angel

    my kroger will NOT accept the coupon. says that i can not have 2 items for free. is there a policy on this or does it just vary from store to store? thanks…

  • Kris

    In the target toy book, there is a buy one/get one free of these games. I went today and used two of the target coupons and two of the B1/G1 free out of the USA magazine in my sunday paper and got all four games for free.

  • Jennifer P

    I am located in Colorado and I am thinking the BOGO coupon may of been regional. Where are some of you located?

  • Emma K

    I’m in TN and got the BOGO coupon in Sundays paper. But I went to Kroger tonight and couldn’t find the games. They had some games in the front but no small card games like the ones pictured. I also looked by the books and school supplies, where else would they be located?

  • I really enjoy reading blogs like yours, thanks for putting this together.