Kroger in Houston, TX Will No Longer Double or Triple Coupons

I got some sad news for my Houston readers.  Kroger has officially announced that  they will no longer be doubling or tripling coupons at their Houston locations.  I am very sad about this, even though I don’t even live there. I am hoping they may not get the results they expected and bring this promotion back.  I also wonder what it means to other Kroger stores in other states.

You can read on Jane 4 Girls and Katy Couponers what other Houston shoppers are saying about this turn of events.  Thanks Stephanie!

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  • sarah

    I live in Houston and read about this on my local news website….I was shocked!…I can’t believe Krogers is doing this…I guess no more free things at Krogers anymore =( boooooo

  • Swapna Patel

    Honestly the quality of most of the Kroger’s in Houston have gone down hill anyways so even when they would double, what was teh point in getting cheap ‘old’ food. Produce always spoiled faster, boxes had dust on them, etc…

  • Kristina L.

    I live in the Dallas area and I really love my Krogers and I would hate to see this happen here,. Has anyone heard if it is state wide????

  • Pat

    We have a Kroger owned store where I live, we have never had the opportunity to have double coupons. The people that get double coupons should really appreciate them!

  • Thanks for posting Mercedes. We have created a facebook group to hopefully convince Kroger to change their mind:

  • Jen F

    I contacted the Kroger closest to my house in Indianapolis. IN. They are still doubling coupons of 50 cents or less.

  • Liza

    This is what happens when customers are inconsiderate and smash and grab. I have learned about couponing from the show Extreme Couponing and I was struck at how much was being purchased. Eventually, this may happen to all the stores because with more and more people now trying this and doing it, double and tripling and stacking will be banned. My suggestion is for stores rather can doing away with this put limits on amounts purchased per person. This is concerning to say the least but people cannot expect to ring up a thousand dollars worth of stuff, pay nothing and then this not eventually having reprocussions.

  • Matt

    We have Kroger owned stores here in San Diego and they double coupons up to $1.00. We are very fortunate for this. About 2 1/2 years ago they stopped doubling all coupons above and beyond $1.00 and I thought the world was going to end at that time. Be thankful if you have stores that double. Sorry Houston

  • Christy

    The Krogers here in MS are still doubling up to 50 cents. I’ve always been jealous of those that got to double up to a dollar, but now I just hope they don’t stop doubling altogether!! I was excited about the show at first, but it is incredibly unrealistic. From what I’ve read on other sites, the producers want the participating shoppers to buy as much as possible and pay as little as possible. In order to get that accomplished they have to buy a ridiculous amount of whatever they can get extremely cheap or free. I’ve gotten to where the show just makes me madder every week when I go shopping and can’t find what I’m looking for because it’s all sold out. We went to Walgreens yesterday BEFORE church just to get a couple of deals and by 9 AM they were already sold out. The cashier said someone came in and did 8 different transactions, so she could buy 8 boxes of the Ritz Crackerfuls that were limited to one per transaction. That really got me angry! I just wanted ONE box!