Labor Day Recipe: Grilled Pizza

Looking for something different to prepare this Labor Day weekend?  I have an idea for you: Grilled Pizza!  I just recently myself decided to give this a try.  I knew it was possible but had never tried it myself.  My family really enjoy thin crust pizza and also grilling, so I knew we would not be disappointed.

I stopped by my local Walmart to get the ingredients.  I bought these Mama Mary’s Thin Pizza Crusts.  The bag included two crusts and also two bags of Tomato Sauce and it sold for less than $5.  You can find them by the baking needs aisle.  I also got some pepperoni and cheese.  The vegetables came from our CSA.

I decided to make two different pizzas since I had two different crusts.  I made a veggie one and a pepperoni one.

They came out good.  But I did mess up somewhere.  You need to pre-grill the mushrooms because there was not enough time to cook them through.  Since my husband is the one who loves mushrooms he just put his slices in the counter-top over on broiler and that took care of that.

I definitely have plans of repeating the Grilled Peperoni pizza often.  That one was a big hit with everyone.  It was a dinner so easy to put together and the grilled flavor was an added bonus.

Have you tried making grilled pizza?  What’s your favorite combo?

Disclosure: I am an official Walmart Mom. Walmart has provided me with compensation in return for my time and effort spent creating this post. My participation in this program is voluntary and my opinions are always my own.

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  • Elaina

    My family loves grilled pizza. I have had success using homemade dough. I also microwave mushrooms slightly to remove excess water from them. I also pre cook meat toppings – sausage, bacon etc… I mix shredded mozzerlla & swiss for a smoky twang. I also turn the grill up high to cook crust first by itself…on both sides for a chard crust…. really fast… THEN go back and top the pizza- come back and shut the grill off, put pizza on a warmed but off grill, so as to melt cheese and warm through pizza …… Yummy good!

    • Elaina,

      How do you make them with your own dough? Is it messy?


  • Diane

    We do this and sometimes we use pocketless pitas to make personal pizzas. We set up all the toppings and everyone get to make their own pizza creation!
    It’s a lot of fun to do for a birthday party or with friends and family for something fun and different.

  • The One Income Dollar

    Making your own pizzas always is cheaper, healthier and makes you feel good when you can feed your family something hat didn’t all come out of a frozen food box.These look real nice.

  • betty

    We have been grilling pizza for years….we really take the easy way out..we buy a frozen pizza and place it on the grill about a half of hour later it is done..and not watery at all great and easy meal.

  • lisa

    how long do you actually keep it on the grill? I would love to try one! Thanks Lisa

  • I make homemade pizza dough in my bread machine then grill it. I spray the grill first and the bottom of the dough. Grill a few minutes, flip, add toppings, grill until done. Super easy and it’s never made a big mess.

  • Jen

    Yup, we grill pizza all summer long. Since we don’t have air conditioning, we try to grill as much as possible to keep the heat outside. Pizza is actually better on the grill–whether it’s frozen, take-and-bake or make your own. The only thing with homemade is to grill both sides of the crust with a little brushed olive oil (and herbs if you want) first, then top and finish grilling. You can use your own recipe crust or use the kind in a can (ie. Pillsburry). Highly recommend!

  • Lisa Scott

    We grill pizza too! We use the Pillsbury pizza dough in a can. Just roll it out and place it on the grill for 5-8 minutes then flip and add ingredients.
    One difference we do is, we sautee up the veggies before they go on the crust. This way, we know for sure the veggies will be done all the way. Plus, we use different bases. We have used alfredo sauce- Ragu in the jar- or a Pesto sauce. They are both yummy and your limit is your imagination!!