Land O Lakes Butter Expiration Date – December 2014! Anyone Else?

landolakes expire

Anymore, I rarely pay attention to the expiration dates of coupons that I print from However, as I was clipping the $0.50/1 LAND O LAKES Half Stick Butter coupons just now, I noticed that mine don’t expire until 12/31/14! They’re valid for another nine months! So, if you passed this one up because you were already stocked up, you might want to print it and hang onto it.

Anyone else have the same expiration date??

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  • cheyenne

    I have noticed a few random coupons printing with longer expiration dates…my DelMonte fresh produce was good until 12/31/14 and the fresh pork was good until 6/31/14.

    • Common Sense With Money

      If I get coupons directly from websites or Facebook they do sometimes have long expiration dates. I haven’t seen a coupon from a coupon website with a really long expiration date though. I was so happy, I broke out the other computers for more prints! 😀 We use a lot of butter in my house…

  • Thewonderland

    Yes, I have seen one coupon which has expiration date couple of years from the printed date.


    • Common Sense With Money

      Cool! I wouldn’t mind a couple of those! 😀