Lands’ End: Free Packpals for Backpacks


Every Saturday from 8/8 through 9/12, bring your kids to any Land’s End store to collect all six Lands’ End Pack Pals for free.  No other purchase is necessary.  You will also get a free Packpal when you buy a Land’s End backpack online or at Lands’ Inlet or Lands’ End shops from Aug 8th through 8/22.  Find the store closest to you here.

What is a Packpal you ask?  According to the Lands’ End website it’s a cool surprise that clips on to your backpack and let’s you decorate it.  Stop by Packland to create a Fantasy back pack.

Thanks Bargain Briana!

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  • Do they have backpacks at Sears’ Lands End Stores?

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  • @Mike: Yes they do have Lands’ End backpacks in the Children’s section of the Lands’ End depts. at Sears.

    The email I received from Lands’ End says:
    “Get a Free packpal* backpack accessory with the purchase of any backpack 8/8-8/22. Shop Online, at Lands’End shops at Sears and Lands’ End Inlets. Collect Them All. Visit the Lands’ End shop at Sears to receive a new FREE Packpal each week through Sept. 12.
    *Limited Quantities. Available while supplies last”

    I would interpret that to mean you actually have to had purchase a backpack to get your first Packpal. You would then stop in the store each week to finish up & collect them all.