Lays Chips Coupon: Buy One Get One Free

Become a Facebook fan of Be Snack Ready ,then click on “Free Coupon” and you will have access to print a coupon for buy one get one free Lays Kettled Cooked Chips.  This coupon doesn’t expire until 5/15.  So you have some time to find a sale to go with it.

Thanks Tressa and Rose!

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  • Tina

    Coupon doesn’t seem to be working for many people, plus it also isnt putting a barcode and they are getting rejected.

  • I have Windows 7 and printed the coupon – no barcode, no photos. It has a CID# which looks vaguely official… Oh well.

  • Heather

    My coupon printed just fine. Hope more of you can get one.

  • Tina

    I will try again, I also have windows 7 ultimate and usually do not have problems. This one seems a bit goofy for me…..

  • Victoria

    Mine has a barcode and it let me print twice, but is it legit?? It doesn’t look like a typical manufacturer .

  • Janell

    I used mine today at Kroger, and they took both of them (no problem). They were on sale 2/$5.

  • Melody Mahanna

    I was able to print two of these, but they have no picture nor do they have a SKU. I don’t know of any store in this area that would accept an IP without a SKU. I’ve contacted Frito Lay to see if I can get mine mailed to me.

  • Laurie Stevens

    what coupon

  • julie

    printed 2 last night…they expire today!! GRRR! I’d print one and check the exp. date first. PP are right, doesn’t look very ‘official’

    • Julie

      This is a new coupon offer with a better expiration date.


  • Tina

    Finally got it to print, I used google chrome instead and it worked!

  • Evaa

    I used google chrome to print the BIGI Lays coupon and it did print, but there is no barcode. I went to the store for using this coupon and it did not scanned. The cashier said its a fraud coupon and we cannot accept any coupons which doess not have a bar code. SAD EXPERIENCE.

  • Kristina L.

    I have a bar code on mine too. It let me print two through my FB account and then my husband sign up through his FB account and it let him print two coupons from his account too on the SAME computer!!! WOW Thats never happened for me before.

  • Mary

    is this dead? I click on free coupon and it brings up a picture but nowhere to click.

  • Stephanie

    Mine has a bar code, but the cashier at Pick N Save tonight said she couldn’t take it because it doesn’t have any dots above the bar code. She said she was just told that tonight because she’s been taking them, but wasn’t supposed to be.

  • Sheri Moccabee

    Just wanted to leave a note as to the hassle that I had redeeming this coupon! I used this coupon at Meijer on Rt. 665 in Grove City, Ohio. This coupon made the register beep. The cashier called the manager. They held me up in the self check out for 10 minutes! The manager came over to me and asked where I got the coupon. She then proceeded to tell me that it was fraudulent. I asked how it could be since I downloaded it from the Lay’s facebook site. She told me that they have been getting coupons from facebook sites that were frauds. I’m so confused. Anyway, she told me that they would accept them this time. Is it because I didn’t look like someone who would use a fraud coupon?

    I guess I should get hold of Meijer Corp. on this matter. It was embarrassing and time consuming! One of my worst shopping trips. I also used the President’s Brier Cheese coupon. Same thing. I showed them the package where it said to go on-line to receive a $3.00 coupon. After I showed the manager, she then accepted it also. Seems to me that the manager is just making judgement calls. I told the cashier that it sucks to get raked over coals when you are doing everything right!

  • Maria S.

    Well, the Meyerland, TX (houston area) Kroger is pushing me to shop more often where I really don’t want to.
    I tried using one of the B1G1 coupons (only worth $2.00 because the chips were on sale for $2.00), expiring 5/15/10, and the manager on duty refused it saying those were “HIS RULES”. I tried explaining that it was from the company’s OFFICIAL Facebook page. Iopened one package and feel like taking the other package back because I really don’t like these HARD chips, was only trying because I thought I was going to get them for $1.00 a bag, I prefer Lay’s regular style chips.
    I feel like using coupons at this and other Krogers now is being looked down on.
    Heck, I might as well go shop where I really don’t like going because their price are lower on pretty much everything and they are just as picky about coupons but at least I’ll be getting a better price on the items I don’t have coupons for.
    You know, I have been shopping at these places for over 15 years, THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of dollars and they are going to nit pick coupons that are LEGITIMATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m running out of places to shop with coupons, stress/hassle free!!!!!!!!!!!!!