Lays Chips Coupons Finally Available Where They Were Intended

Ok guys! those Lay’s chips coupons are finally available where they were intended in the first place: the Winco Facebook page.  Click here to get the following:

As previously these print with a small Winco Foods logo on them but they are manufacturer coupons and should be accepted at any store.  These coupons are powered by the Coupon Network so you will need to download their coupon printer and accept their terms.  I think that by now they have worked out the kinks as I am getting reports each is printing with different security codes.

Thanks Saving with Shellie and Daisy!

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  • Amy Hay

    Not working for me.

  • Jessica

    Not working?

  • Phyllis Gordon

    After the coupons are shown and you click where it says “click here”, nothing shows up. Tried clicking each of them. Eventually, it says sorry that it cannot print the coupons (because maybe you’ve printed the maximum for that coupon). Not working at all.

  • elise

    It printed for me w/ oogle Chrome – I did not even see the coupons with Internet Explorer.

  • elise

    Google – not oogle – duh…lol

  • Kathy

    Using Google Chrome, had to go thru FB to ‘like’..clicked on coupon…then rec’d print box saying I had printed max number. Hmmm…not really working at all. Also not available on PPGazette either. Kinks are still in their system it appears….

    • Sharon P.

      Same thing happened to me on Google chrome.
      It says I already printed them, but I did not.

  • Shayelyn

    I got them to print in Firefox. They would not show up for me at all in Internet Explorer.

  • Lisa McBride

    This makes 3 times in the past week I have tried to print these coupons. All three times there were problems with it. 🙁 Think I’m gonna cry uncle on this one. Good Luck to all!

  • Ira

    It’s really great the so many large and small companies are willing to contract with,, and And then comes Lay’s, who is too cheap to contract with the major coupon printing sites and make Lay’s Chips available to the public. I say buy the local brands and forget about Lays (Frito-Lay). Those who choose not to embrace current technologies and offer savings get what they deserve. If Hormel, Kraft, P&G, Gillette, etc., etc. can get it right, then the only excuse for Lay’s is that they are cheap and as such they have cheated themselves..

  • toni

    i received an e-mail from coupon network telling me the dollar amount was a tech mistake and that i could still use the coupon but only one. it seems weird that they would stick the same coupon somewhere else now.

  • C M

    I went to Firefox becuz nothing happened @ IE. At Firefox the page came up to request the coupons, but then told me I had already printed them!! Not!! This is a terrible setup for a company!
    Taking this much time to print even a high value coupon is not worth it.

  • Stephan Smolka

    I tried to print by clicking on the button, but this is all I get on the next screen. (And no way to install the coupon activator)

    3. Print

    Your coupons will print automatically after you successfully install the Coupon Print Activator.

  • Sandy

    None of Your Coupons Would Print!!

  • Kindlyn

    Are these still available I cant find!??