Leapfrog: $5 Leapster Games and other Toy Deals

razor ripstik

Leapfrog started their Black Friday deals early and right now you can get a number of Leapster games for $5 only.  Use code LEAPSTR5 for $5 off the Leapster games. Shipping is free if you spend $50, otherwise it’s $6.  Here’s the list of what’s available for $5:

Leapster Game: Sonic X $5
Leapster Game: Cosmic Math $5
Fancy Nancy At the Museum $5
Tag Book: Dr Seuss Special Edition

Also, and this is a very hot deal that I am sure won’t last long.  Macy’s has Razor RipStiks for $20 only down from $99.  Shipping is around $6.  Just visit the Macy’s website and search for Razor Ripstik.  It’s currently available in blue and gray.

Finally, Amazon has Mega Bloks King Arthur Battle Action Castle for $19.99 down from $69.99.

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  • Kate

    I LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU!!!!!! That Ripstik deal was AWESOME!!!!! Did I mention how much I love you!?

    • lol Kate! I am glad I could help. I thought it was a very awesome deal too.


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  • Michele

    LOVE, LOVE Ripstik deal!!!!! You just cannot beat a price like that!!! $27 with shipping and I have my son’s birthday present bouthgt for March – YEAH!!!!

  • Kirsten

    Here are some more coupon codes (taken from slickdeals)

    They are having a HUGE sale over at LeapFrog! Remember, Ebates gives you 3.5% back!!!

    Use the following codes to get an even better deal:

    N9LFC 15% off your order of $50 or more plus free shipping by 12/15/09

    LEAPSTR5 for $5 off leapster games

    WT9CS3 $3 off clicksstart game

    SHY8YUB $10 off $50

    FSJ9PA FS over $40

    GIFT20 20% off select items

    STARWARS9 Free Shipping on Starwars games and books

    20% off + Free Shipping with LPTJH9 promo code for Tag™ Junior Book Pal
    20% off + Free Shipping with LPTJB9 promo code for Tag™ Junior Books
    20% off + Free Shipping with LPTHW9 promo code for Tag™ Reading System
    20% off + Free Shipping with LPTSW9 promo code for Tag™ Books
    20% off + Free Shipping with LPLHW9 promo code for Leapster 2™ Learning System
    20% off + Free Shipping with LPL2G9 promo code for Leapster™ Games
    20% off + Free Shipping with LPDHW9 promo code for Didj™ Gaming System
    20% off + Free Shipping with LPDSW9 promo code for Didj™ Games
    20% off + Free Shipping with LPCSC9 promo code for ClickStart™ My First Computer
    20% off + Free Shipping with LPCSG9 promo code for ClickStart™ Games
    20% off + Free Shipping with LPLFT9 promo code for LeapFrog Learning Toys
    20% off + Free Shipping with LPFPT9 promo code for Fridge Toys

  • Miranda

    OOOHHH! The Ripstik deal must already be dead. I just checked and it says they are $99. To bad I’m so slow.

  • Lisa Fischer

    we got the ripstick last year for 64. which was a great price then. lol Wish my kids could get the hang of it, they hardly use it, can’t figure out how to ride the darn thing…I can’t either!

  • Karen

    I just got an email from Macy’s canceling my order…they said it was marked at $20 by mistake. Boo Macy’s, and it took them a long time to send that cancel email( I ordered on 11/26, that is almost a week)…I’m glad I didn’t buy those knee/elbow pads the other day. I don’t think I will be ordering from them again. 🙁

    Here is what they sent:

    Thank you for shopping at macys.com, we truly appreciate your business.

    We’re sorry to inform you that due to a system error macys.com incorrectly listed the price of Razor RipStik Scooter at $20.00 instead of the correct price of $99.00.

    Because of the error, we must cancel the affected items on your order. If you had other items on your order that were not included in the pricing error, they will not be affected. Be assured that your account will not be charged for the canceled Razor RipStik Scooter(s) or that you will receive an appropriate credit or refund promptly, if due. We apologize for the delay in updating you on the status of your order.

    If you would like to purchase the Razor RipStik Scooter at the correct price of $99.00, we will honor extra 25% off and free shipping for any inconvenience this has caused. Please use the promo code MACYSFRIEND in checkout when placing your order. This code will expire on 12/7/09.

    As noted in our pricing policy, while we do our best to ensure our prices are accurate, errors occasionally occur, and we reserve the right to correct those errors, particularly obvious errors like the one that occurred in this case. If you would like additional information regarding our pricing policy, please visit the following link we have provided.

    • I am so sorry you guys. It did take Macy’s a long time to cancel the order. honestly I am feeling a little down about all of these order cancellations. They are very discouraging! Make me want to stop blogging.


      • Lynne

        No, no, no! Don’t feel bad. I am upset at Macy’s but passing along a good deal is a great thing! I just wanted to let others know not to count on it as a present.

  • Lynne

    I was coming here to say that they canceled my order too. i am very disappointed that they would do that! And I agree with Karen that it seems to have been a long time after that they sent this email. Big bummer!!

    But thanks for the tip! It would have been the deal of christmas if Macy’s had held their part up!

  • Cfosh

    I never even got that email saying it was cancelled! I checked on Macys tonight only to find out it said cancelled. That is ridiculous to take that long and then not honor it! Boo to Macys!!3 gifts I have to figure out!!!! Oh, well!! Thanks for all the other awesome tips you put out!!! Can’t win them all!!

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