Lobbying for Double Coupons

The only grocery store around me that double coupons has decided to terminate this promotion. I am not one to give up without a fight. So even though my husband thinks I am taking things a little too far, I have put together an online petition to bring back this promotion.
If you shop or have ever shopped at Pick and Save, Copps or Rainbow Foods grocery stores please feel check it out. The more signatures the better. At the end of two weeks I intend to deliver this petition electronically and by mail to Roundy’s management.
I don’t know how many signatures I will get, or if we will be able to bring the promotion back but I am willing to give this a try. Help me save money!

Link to the petition on the right side bar.

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  • Kacie

    Good job! Way to take a stand. I hope they’ll listen.

    I can’t remember what size of a community you live in, but if it’s somewhat small, call the newspaper. They’ll love the story, and will help you make a big stink.

    Or, consider writing a letter to the editor.

  • Katie Gregg

    I agree with Kacie. Get a local media outlet interested, and you’ll probably win your fight.

    Best of luck!

  • MoneyCommonSense

    Thanks for the tip. I am thinking of writing to the editor of the Milwaukee Sentinel. That’s where corporate for the store is.

  • Anonymous

    Well it has been about 10 years since all the stores stopped doing double coupons where we live, which has a population around 2 million. There is little incentive if they all stop since they must compete for business. Do other stores still offer it?

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