Lots of FREE Food at Rite Aid

UPDATE:  Many of you are reporting the bonus +UP Rewards not printing and they have canceled this promotion.  I looked it up and apparently this is not working for the Compleats, Kraft and Tuna anymore.  But it seems it may still be working for the Special K, Oberto and pasta.  Please note that these may stop working at any time as well.

This week Rite Aid is running a +UP reward promotion on a lot of food items. I didn’t want you to miss all the items you can get for free:

Hormel Compleats $1.99, Get $1 +UP Reward plus one BONUS $1 FOOD +UP
Pay $2 and get back two $1 Plus up Rewards

Special K Cereals Buy One Get One FREE; Get two BONUS $1 FOOD +UP rewards
Use Buy One Get One Free coupon
Get two free and get back two $1 +Up Rewards

Barilla Pasta 4/$5.00, Get $1 +UP when you buy four PLUS get four BONUS $1 +UP Food Rewards
Pay $5 and get $5 in +UP Rewards Back

Kraft or Velveeta Macaroni & Cheese $1.99, Get + $1 +UP, and get BONUS $1 +UP Food Rewards
Pay $1.99 and get back $2 in +UP Rewards back

Bumble Bee Tuna 4/$5.00, Get $1 +UP when you buy four AND get four $1 FOOD +UP Rewards
Pay $5 and get $5 in +UP Rewards Back

Oberto Beef Jerky 2/$5, Get $1 +UP Reward when you buy two plus get two Bonus $1 FOOD +UP Rewards
Use $1/1 Beef Jerky peelies found at some stores
As low as free after peelie coupon and +UP Rewards

Brown Rice 2 lb bag $1.69, get $1 FOOD +UP Reward
Pay $0.60 per bag of rice

Don’t forget that you can “roll” these +UP Rewards.  You can use the ones that print on your first transaction to pay for more food on your next transaction.  This is the best way to minimize how much cash you pay out of pocket.  For example you could buy four boxes of pasta first and spend $5 out of pocket.  Then use the +UP rewards from buying pasta to buy four cans of tuna and pay $0.00 out of pocket.

I would love to hear from those of you who have already taken advantage of this deal.  How did it go and what have you gotten so far?  Thanks Happy Money Saver!


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  • Nancy

    If I buy food and the food UP Rewards come out, I can re-buy more food and MORE UP Rewards come out?

    • carrie

      Yes- Nancy. These deals are rolling with no problem!

  • carrie

    So far I have scored 8 boxes of pasta, 6 Hormel Completes, and 4 Boxes of Special K. Both stores in my area seem well stocked, but I am trying to just grab a few things here and there to share. This week Rite Aid is the place to shop!

  • Nancy

    THanks. I did see a woman in one of my Rite Aid’s FILL her cart with these meals. I sure hope she is driving straight to the food bank with as much as she had. Not too healthy to eat ALL them.

  • jen

    I should be able to mix and match things within the same deal, right? (like the 4/$5 tuna and pasta). My store isnt well stocked so it will probably be a challenge to get 4 of the same thing.

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  • Desiree Torres

    So, if I were to follow this exact list (which is awesome!) how many separate transactions should I make? (I am new to rolling and up rewards).

    Thank you so much btw, this is the FIRST blog that I read that is explaining how to roll these. I am a member of at least 10 couponing sites and the lingo is complicated, the deals are not explained and it is intimidating and difficult to attempt!

    Forexample, yesterday, I went to Rite Aid and tried this deal below and it was a mess!!! (By the way, my Rite Aid refused to give me the special K deal and the manager came and said he was “trying to reach customer service” and “no one was available so he could not allow it) But, after printing out their policy at home, I saw that he was wrong. I went home empty-handed.

    Here is the rest of a deal I copied and pasted from another blog and tried after the cereal and it was equally disheartening:

    ECB Deal: Spend $25 on select Kleenex, Cottonelle or Scott products, get $10 ECB
    (1) Scott Extra Soft Bath Tissues 24 double rolls $10
    (1) Scott Mega Roll Paper Towels 10-pk $10
    (1) Kleenex 3-pk $3
    (1) Cottonelle Wipes $2
    -$2/2 printable HERE – Scott products
    -$.50 printable HERE – Kleenex (under Household tab)
    -$10 ECB
    Final Price: all for $12.50*
    *submit for $2 in Scott coupon rewards HERE

    Is this deal real??? Is it doable? My fatigue was trying to find these items. They had NONE, NOT ONE of these on the shelves. The manager said he would give me a rain check but ONLY if it was in the Rite Aid circular. We checked and they weren’t.

    So, I asked which others could I sub to still get this deal. No one in the store knew anything about the “Spend $25 on select Kleenex, Cottonelle or Scott products, get $10 ECB” . I could not find any info on it in the store, website or circular…Needless to say, I went home feeling completely defeated. Any advice/tips/wisdom will be so very greatly appreciated.

    • Maureen

      We’ve all probably had trouble with a store not understanding their own policy–I went to a Rite Aid once and was told I could not use internet printed coupons for products even though Rite Aid emailed one to me. I don’t go to that one anymore. I’ve also had them not want to allow me to use a BOGO when an item is on sale BOGO–it may help if you take a copy of the policy with you but you may still find you have trouble. Don’t be discouraged just keep trying until you find one that will work with you. I don’t understand the second half of your message–ECBs are the CVS rewards–not Rite Aid. So if you read about some deal involving ECBs it would not be in the Rite Aid circular. BTW, CVS is very good about giving out rain checks–the rain checks are even good for the EBCs. But if you do get a raincheck always try to keep the circular that had the ad in it–it sometimes helps if they see the original ad.

      • Desiree Torres

        Thank you so much Maureen!

    • Christy

      The Kleenex, Cottonelle and Scott Products deal is at CVS – not Riteaid. Don’t get too discouraged, it took me a little while to get the hang of things, too! 😉

      • Desiree Torres

        Thank you Christy!!

    • linda

      the scott and kleenex deal is at cvs. ecb=extra care bucks. up rewards (rite aid). rr (register rewards) walgreens. good luck

  • Raeme

    Can I go in and buy 4 pastas and get the $5.00 RR back or do I need to buy it all?

    • Emma K

      You can buy 4 pasta’s and get $5 in UPR.

  • Linda

    Do you know the limit on these? Can I buy 4 of the Hormel Compleats? Thanks.

  • Laura

    Just back from my Rite Aid in Virginia, I bought 2 boxes of the Kraft Macaroni and 2 of the Beefstew meals to give to the local food pantry and only got $1 reward per item and not the additonal bonus $1 for each.
    Since it’s not advertised in the flyer is this something I can ask for? Thanks!

  • lori b

    I did not receive the bonus ups either:(

  • Holly

    I went to RA today and tried some of these deals. I bought all my stuff in one transaction so I can’t be sure which worked and which didn’t, but based on my total vs the +UP’s I received I know that some didn’t work as described. I’d say try these at your own risk. I do know for sure that the beef jerky was not 2/$5 at my store.

    However, I was able to roll a bunch of stay-free and motrin UPs today and came out with three bags of food for the local food pantry and only spent $1.65 out of pocket and got $20 in +UPs. I think RA is going to be my new favorite store 🙂

  • Just wanted to let you know that I tried the Tuna & The Mac & Cheese and neither worked! I am in CT. Had a ton of +Up so it was still free but I didn’t get all the +Up’s back 🙁

  • Rei

    From what I’ve heard the hormel compleats, velveeta & kraft mac/cheese is only printing $1+UP each as of this morning ( no more bonus $1+UP). The Barilla is now $1+UP wyb 4 (no bonus $1+UP for each one).

  • Crystal

    I just had a friend try this with the Mac n Cheese and the Hormel and she had called them
    because her UP rewards did not print. Apparently they have canceled this so don’t try it.
    They were not suppose to be for free. The fixed it so it will not work!

  • Natalie

    Has anyone tried the Barilla Pasta today to see if you get the five ups back? On another site I have read that it is still going…

    • Guys,

      I looked it up and apparently this is not working for the Compleats, Kraft and Tuna anymore. But it seems it may still be working for the Special K, Oberto and pasta. Please note that these may stop working at any time as well.


      • Amy

        I got some pasta and Hormel at 10:24 am and got all the extra up’s.
        They may have fixed it this afternoon, still a good price of $1 each.
        It is hard to belive rite aid did not notice the double up’s this week.

  • Maureen

    For what it’s worth I just stopped by at lunch to do the Special K deal and decided to pick up a couple of the mac-n-cheese anyway and I got the extra bonus UPRs–I’m in Kentucky.

  • sophath

    i went to rite-aid and they said since its a bogo that i could use my bogo for the kellogs special k….–i sooo have to get a copy of their policy to educate them!!!…and they also said if they try to scan my printed coupons and they dont go thru ..they cant override it cuz suppositly “if it doesnt scan then there is a reason it wont scann and they wont take it ” i need a copy of the policy pronto!! 😕 jeepers!!

    • sophath

      they said i couldnt

  • Queen

    They’re not really “bonus” ups, it was a legitimate overlap between a monthly and weekly deal. I bet none of these deals will make it through the week due to tons of people calling customer service and alerting store managers there there was an unintended overlap. Please STOP CALLING to talk to customer service about bonus, secret, or extra special +ups!

    FYO, I don’t think bumblebee tuna was ever supposed to print +ups for both deals, just 1 for every 4 cans you buy.

  • Brandy

    You might wa

  • Brandy

    You might want to update your original post. The Special K bogo coupon has a max value of $4.49, and these are $4.79 at Rite Aid. The store will only get reimbursed $4.49 for each coupon, so to use this coupon properly, you should be paying $.30 for each set of two you buy. Still an awesome deal, but please encourage responsible couponing.

    I had to tell the cashiers at my store about the max value, since someone had already been in there Sunday morning before me getting her “free cereal”. I explained that they want to make sure to only give $4.49 for each q.

  • Sandra

    ya know, I was just at RA and the rice was labeled for a $1 up+ I dont know what it said just that it said you get one and I thought that was still a good deal…I see that its crossed off the list but it was posted at mine!

  • elisabeth

    As stated on here already, my last transaction was missing some +UPs. BUT I am very happy with what I did get before they started cancelling them. I got 13 Campbells soups, 8 pastas, 4 simply asia’s (which I made money on because I had some $1/1 peelies), 12 Hormel Completes (which included the dinty moore beef stew, yum), and only paid $2 each for 12 boost 6packs! Yes, of course, I will be donating some but my stock has been pretty low too, so yea!!!

  • Sandra

    THe oberto is NOT free as the 3rd $1 is the one that is cancelled so they are .50 each if you have a peelie************** This should be crossed out on the list too!!!