Macy’s Coupon: Save $10 off $25 Purchase

Planning on hitting the mall this weekend?  Well, bring this printable coupon for $10 off your $25 or more purchase at Macy’s.  Now, make sure to read the fine print to get all of the exclusions.  But I would think that if you are shopping for a Mother’s Day present this coupon will help you save money on that.

Thanks Cuponeando!

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  • Shelly

    Macy’s is awful about hidden restrictions on these coupons. Their “house brand” lower cost clothing doesn’t count, and you don’t know it until you’re at the checkout counter. The clerks can tell because the price ends in a certain number, but there’s no way for the customer to know. Be sure to ask if the coupon will work with the item you chose if it’s not something you’re willing to pay full price for.

    • febby

      yes there is a way to know.. all restricted brands are listed on the coupon, other than that whats not includes on the sale is normally EDV (Everyday Value) which prices ended 98 cents.