Maidenform Bras Only $7.50 Shipped

Update: Last Day to take advantage of this sale.  Site is running faster too thank goodness!

Great sale on bras going on right now on! Select bras are on sale for $10. But get an additional 25% off with the code RSIM0112. Then use the code SLICKFREESHIP to get free shipping.

Thanks Bargain Blessings!

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  • April B.

    6.5% cash back from Ebates! 😀

  • linda

    Can you only use this once?

    • What do you mean Linda?


  • Rachel

    Thank you! I just placed an order. Just an FYI, the site was running pretty slowly.

    (Went through Ebates and was able to use both codes!) 🙂

  • allyson

    Thanks! I was just telling myself that I needed to go to the outlet!

    you are the best!! You saved me a trip and the other comments sent me to ebates!!

    My monday morning couldnt get any better 🙂

  • Amber

    I’m not seeing the coupon code box. Can someone tell me where it’s located/what page? Thanks!

    • Megan

      It was on the first checkout page, to the left of the total. Hope that helps!

      • mandy

        Thanks Megan! I was wondering the same thing as Amber.

  • Megan

    I was able to order 2 nice bras for $15 (+ 6.5% cash back at ebates – thanks for the tip!), but the site was incredibly slow as Rachel said. I had to click the continue buttons multiple times and re-enter the coupon codes after they were rejected. They finally went through and I hope the order arrives. Thanks for posting this, Mercedes!

  • Meghan

    Can’t tell you how much I appreciate this. Bras were on my list of things I needed to get and I absolutely hate shelling out $40 for one bra. Thank you!

  • Sol

    Does the shipping code go in the same box as the discount code? I keep getting a message that the shipping code is not valid..


    • Sol,
      It does go on the same box. Make sure there are no spaces before or after the code so it works. I tried both codes earlier today and they worked. but it is possible the code may have been disabled since.


  • Mary

    I just got this to work with both codes–I had to enter the codes MULTIPLE times–would keep coming up as not valid, then suddenly would work. It was VERY VERY slow, I think from start to finish about 45 minutes–and I didn’t linger long on my choices. I just did other things while I waited for the information to come up. Three bras for 22.50 with a 62.50 savings–it was worth the time!!! Thanks so much for showing us the deal!! It sure is something I hate spending money on, but use daily!!!! 🙂

  • Everything still working this morning; site speed was fine for me! Two great codes and 6.5% Shop at Home cash back – AWESOME! Thanks so much for sharing!

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  • Thanks so much! I got 4 bras for $30, and I’m a size you can’t generally find in stores. Amazing price!!!

  • linda

    I wanted to know if i could use the code on more than one bra. i bought 3 at one time so only got one discounted

    • KIM


  • julie

    I just now did this (through Ebates, too), and both the codes worked fine for me and applied to all the items I ordered. I’m so pleased–thanks so much for posting this!

  • Miranda

    Thanks so much! I ordered two for myself this morning, and just now ordered two for my mom and one more for myself, LOL. For both purchases I went through ebates and used both shipping codes you provided. It worked with no problem. Thanks again, you always have the best deals!