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A while ago a reader left a comment sharing her experience mystery shopping for Copps/Pick N Save. Well, I found more information about this at my local store. To become a mystery shopper for Pick N Save/Copps store, all you need to do is go to: Service Evaluation Concepts. Sign up to become a Business Analyst or call Service Evaluations at 516-714-0323 for further information. The only requirement stated in the flyer I found was that you cannot be employed by Roundy’s Supermarkets or be a family member of a Roundy’s employee.

Have you been mystery shopping for Pick N Save already? Care to share how it’s going? Also, if you sign up for it please come back and let us know if you get chosen.

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  • Andrea Reynolds

    Your favorite editor here! Fix the “mistery” LOL! 🙂

  • I wrote about my experiences joining a mystery shopping company at:

    I know this company is currently doing shops at Harris Teeter stores. I wish my grocery stores would be chosen!

  • Mercedes

    Thank god for my iPhone. Thanks Andrea!

  • I signed up…how long does it take for them to contact you about mystery shops? What all happens? Do they reimburse you for purchases?

  • Teresa

    I was the one to notify you a few weeks back on this. I love them, my husband and I both work for them. They pay on time and I have never had a problem with them. Once you sign up you should be able to go online and see what they have in your area. With my family of 6 and watching sales and using coupons I can feed my family of 6 by doing about 6-10 of these shops a month. My husband picks up items for a mens breakfast he does at church once a month and with 20-25 guys he gets almost all the supplies covered by doing 4-5 shops a month.
    I drive by 5-6 stores a week, so am often by a store to pick it up on my other trips. By the way you should never post the companys name with the company that they shop. When you sign up you sign a contract to NOT disclose. That is never to be public!! I would edit your listing to not state the exact store name. I would put something like a store I list about often here, you can shop for with this company.

    • Hi Teresa,
      I didn’t sign up with them. And the information I shared was exactly what was on the flyer I found at my store.


  • Teresa

    Good if you did you would be breaking the contract. Almost all mystery shopping companies are very strict on this. They don’t want the competition knowing who they have. Anyway, if you do sign up be very careful not to disclose in the future. is a great place to read about mystery shopping and to sign up with other companies. Remember NEVER pay to shop. No real company will charge you to get work with them. Have a great day.

  • I signed up, but I’m hesitant to give them my bank information….They have an unsatisfactory record per the BBB because they haven’t answered a complaint about a contract dispute in the last 12 months. Hmm.

  • Mercedes

    I wouldn’t give bank info until they actually needed it for payment.

  • Hey everyone,

    Like Teresa said, NEVER pay to mystery shop. Legit companies will never ask you to pay for the job.

    Linsey Knerl wrote a pretty comprehensive article about mystery shopping on Wise Bread — — and lots of commenters have weighed in with their own tips.

    Check it out before diving head first into mystery shopping.


    • Thanks Greg! I really appreciate the reference to Linsey’s article.