Save Money with Amazon by Scanning products this Weekend

Amazon has a cool promo they are running Saturday 12/10 ! This Saturday, while in a store, if you find an item you want, you can scan it with the Price Check App and Amazon is going to give you a  5 percent discount or up to $5 off of as many as three products! Just scan the item and you’ll see your discount! This app is available for the iPhone and Android devices

  • Bear

    This is “saving money,” not “making money.”

  • Bear

    I see you deleted my comments pointing out your mistakes, and then fixed the post accordingly without giving me any credit. You’re welcome.

    • Mercedes

      If you had been more polite in your comments I wouldn’t see the need to delete them. This is MY website and I do not need to put up with anyone’s rudeness.


  • Posh.0

    Mercedes, you are absolutely right. You tirelessly help us every day and you shouldn’t have to tolerate that. This is a forum of friends.

  • leslie

    I agree, I saw Bear’s comments and thought “how rude the person is” You can take down anyones comments. Good for you and good for you for all the help you give people.

  • Sam.east

    What did bear say?