Mama Wants a Kindle Reader? Cheap at Walmart This Week

If you are in the market for a Kindle reader, you can get it very cheap at Walmart this week. Walmart has the Amazon Kindle WiFi eBook Reader with Special Offers in Graphite bundled with a $30 Walmart gift card for $79.  That’s like paying only $49!  What a sweet price! Don’t look down on the fact that it is the Kindle with Special Offers.  Some of those offers are actually pretty good and nothing to dismiss.

You know I love reading and I used to look down on e-readers.  But having one has totally made me read even more.  They are just so convenient.  While I still like the feel of holding an actual book I prefer the convenience of  an e-reader

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  • Could you ad a link? I can’t seem to find any information about this. Thanks!

  • Karen

    Hubby ran down yesterday morning before church and picked one up. It’s basic, but that’s all we wanted. We were told it’s not an online deal and our Walmart had three in stock. You might want to call before you go if it’s a bit of a drive for you.