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Did you know that Martha Stewart has a blog? She’s asking other bloggers to come share with her their blog. She will review them and pick a few to share on her blog. If you are interested, check out this entry and leave a comment.

I left a comment. I would love for her to do a frugal living segment on her show. I bet it would be a big hit with the average American mom.

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  • Frugal Finds

    Thanks for this post!! I submitted my blog!! You never know!
    Thanks again… Frugal Carol

  • JANE4girls

    how cool, thanks for the info

  • Marcy

    Cool! Thanks! 🙂

  • newlyweds

    I submitted my blog also!

  • Anonymous

    I know lots of people have issues with Martha, but I think she’s impressive. Recipes, crafts, household management, she’s just wonderful at educating women like me, who need the help.

  • Mercedes

    I don’t have any issues with Martha. I personally think she was the victim of a witch hunt when she was in legal troubles. But you can value her caliber by the fact that she rose from the ashes into the same successful person she was before she went to jail.

    I hope she picks a frugal blogger.

  • Jenni

    I agree that it would be nice for Martha to do a frugal living segment. I love the beauty and creativity of the projects and recipes she highlights, but sometimes I feel a bit excluded when I find that the cost of the tools or ingredients required to do these things is quite high. I think that she could really tap into a larger market if she even had a regular frugal segment!