Match It! Walmart Updates Its Ad Match Policy

Have you seen the commercial above?  I just did.  Yes, it is true, I do not watch a lot of TV, so I am a bit behind here.  If you have or not watched the commercial above, let me tell you that Walmart recently updated its Ad match policy and they are also making a big deal out of it because they want people to be more aware of it.

This comment left by Jose earlier today sums up some of the reasons I like ad match policies:

I came to the realization yesterday that it would be so much easier and a time saver to do most of my coupon match up shopping at Walmart.  Walgreens, Rite Aid and CVS never order enough of the sale items for their current ads.  I am going to do this as often as I can because it will save me even more money on gas too.

One thing I want to highlight about this new Ad Match Policy is that it states that Walmart now does not require customers to have the ad with them to honor a competitor’s ad.  That’s a pretty huge change from the old policy.  However, I must tell you that I will continue recommending YOU, my readers, to bring the competitor’s ad with.  I think it is a precaution to have just to ensure a smooth transaction.

One thing that I do see the new policy is silent on is on price matching generic products.  I had a reader email me about this last week.  For example, what if you wanted to ad match your grocery store’s private label with Walmart’s Great Value products.  There is nothing about that in there which leads me to believe that it is not allowed.

I have read some of your comments and I know quite a few of you have been lucky taking advantage at your local store. Have you given this new Ad Match Policy a try at Walmart? How did that go? Share with us in the comments.

I am a part of the Walmart Moms program, and Walmart has provided me with compensation for this post. My participation is voluntary and opinions are always my own.

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  • Kimberly Hoffman

    I have tried to price match Kroger store brand eggs and told I no longer can. How ever my mom who is a cashier at a different store store said that they still could, so my guess is its up to the individual store which is really, really annoying.

    • Holly Biondo

      I believe this is true. My local walmart WILL match the other stores generic brands to their GV brand.

    • TimValdez

      Actually, it’s very clearly listed in the new policy linked to from this article…

      We DO NOT match the price in the following types of competitor ads:
      Competitors’ private label price promotions

  • Laurie R

    I shopped at Wal-Mart (Red Bank, SC) today and didn’t run into any problems matching prices on name brand items. I have not tried matching store brand to Wal-Mart brand because I was unsure if that was an option and didn’t want to cause any frustration or confusion. When I checked out I did make sure that my items that needed adjusting were at the end of my purchase just to make it easier on me and the cashier. I had them written down so I would know how much the item was and where it was on sale. I did have the ads but the cashier did not ask to see them so I did not offer them. All-in-all a smooth transaction that even included coupons.

  • Melissa

    I am a former Walmart associate. They have always matched their store brands with other store brand items. I’ve never had an issue. Also, I’ve never had to show my ads either. I just tell them where & how much. I also usually go through a younger cashier’s line. They seem to be a bit nicer about all of my competitor price matches. Good luck!

  • I went to Walmart yesterday and the cashier actually price matched a target coupon that I had with me for $1 off 1 aquafresh toddler toothbrush! Then I used a man. coupon for .75 so I ended up paying only .23 for it! I was super thrilled as Target has been out of this toothbrush for weeks and the Target coupon was going to expire soon.

    • VC

      Actually that was incorrect. The cashier should NOT have accepted the Target $1 off Product X coupon. Per the current Walmart Coupon Policy under “We Do Not Accept: Competitors’ coupons – Dollars/cents off at a specific retailer”. Had the coupon said ‘Aquafresh Toddler Toothbrush 4.6 oz. for $1.99’ for instance, that would have been acceptable. Basically, the ONLY Competitor coupons that Walmart accepts are really price matches. Think Walgreen’s. They usually have a “coupon” advertising a specific item/size that is in the form of a coupon to clip in their weekly ad. Hope that helps clarify things.

      • Justine

        Actualy their policy is that they do accept competitor coupons now.

        • Mitch

          That is true, i am a walmart cashier and we have accepted competitor coupons for some time now.

  • Jane

    I don’t know how they can tell if an ad match is legit without the ad. Are the cashiers briefed on all the local stores sale item each week or what? I mean, I’m not gonna lie about the price of an item, but I know a lot of people out there who would.

    • ashley

      I use to work at Walmart. At their meetings they sum up the good deals for the week also at the service desk they keep that weeks ads. That way if it seems too good they can always check. This is at my store so it may be different at another store. I never had to show an ad. I know what cashiers to go to that keep the ads at their register that way if they need to check they can do it quickly.

  • Diana

    I again went to Walmart and this time talked to a manager and they said they are now only ad matching name brand items. For example if Pick n save has Roundys milk on sale they will not let you get Great Vlaue it has to be something they carry to get the sale price.. I live in Neenah.

  • Liz

    Do they match BOGO offers?

    • pennyscents

      it says in their ad match guarantee that is on WM’s site that they do as long as the other store has it listed as a buy one @ such and such price, then get one……

  • Lisa

    I recently posted on Walmart’s Facebook page asking about the new ad match policy and if the match was valid for pricing after drug stores Register Rewards, Extra Care Bucks, and UP Rewards have been applied, if the price is specifically listed. For instance, a price is listed of .99cents after $2 ECB’s. The price match policy is confusing because it states Walmart will match pricing of preferred card advertisements. Walmart has responded by saying they need to get more clarity on this and would get back to me, but that was about a week ago and I still have not heard anything. Have you heard anything about this part of the ad match policy??

    • Karen

      Just a thought on the “Walmart will match pricing of preferred card advertisements”.

      I know that any of the sale prices in a Rite Aid or CVS, or many of the grocery store ads are ONLY for card holders. You don’t get those prices without a card. That may be more of what they are referring to instead of any RR or ECB or Up rewards.

      I’m not in an area where the Walgreens have cards but I would assume it would be similar for those that do.

  • Chtyr

    The policy actually does say in the we do NOT honor section that they do not honor competitors private label prices… that’s a big change… bummer 🙁

  • Darlene

    Even though they say you don’t need the ad. I typically carry the ad with me. It really does make it easier. I also have not had any problems using coupons I typically lay them out with the products so that they ring up the coupon right after ringing up the items. It makes it so much easier on them because they can look at the product and the coupon at the same time.

  • Karen

    I live in a small town without the luxury of having a lot of stores nearby. I price match at Wal-Mart all the time. I go often enough that I’ve made friends with a couple of the cashiers so price matching goes quickly and smoothly. They don’t ask for the ad but I always have it there with me. They also have copies of the ads in the drawers under the register plus copies at the service desk. I’ve only had to show the ad once, to an older cashier, when she looked at me funny when I told her the price. (It was a very low price to bring in shoppers at that particular store.)

    I, too, will have all the prices and store names written down. It does make it go by much faster. I’ve even had my favorite cashier let me know of an ad match that I’ve missed and automatically wrang up the sale price for me. I love that Wal-Mart has made price matching so easy. I will even buy things there that I can purchase at other stores in town.

    I haven’t tried price matching items from CVS with ECB’s but I have been able to use store coupons as long as it has the sale price listed on the coupon and not just a dollar off amount. They do not match BOGO’s or percentage off sales.

    • Michelle

      according to their price matching policy they DO match BOGO sales- as long as there is a stated printed price for the product in the competitors flyer.

    • Amy

      I match BOGO’s at Walmart all the time.

    • Debbie G.

      I have been able to match BOGOs to my Publix ads at Walmart the last several weeks. However, last night I was told this has changed. They will match the ad even to the price offered by Publix. For instance- BOGO on Helmans’s mayo per add is savings up to $5.35. Walmart now will charge me the $5.35 for one mayo and than the second one if free. They said they no longer will do a BOGO at Walmart prices unless it’s cheaper than the price of the ad. 🙁

      • Melinda

        They Wal-mart cahiers are to ring the BOGO in this manner, Let’s say you have BOGO on Texas Toast @ $2.59, Wal-mart cashier should ring the first at $2.58 and the second at 1 cent = 2 for $2.59 = BOGO. The cashier Supervisors play dumb to all the policy’s, Go over theri head to Store MGR not just Asst MGR. Store Mgr has to follow policy and is expected to know it .The lower on the food chain the less accountable, and they love to play DUMB It’s their job to save the store money. If you have any problems go home reserch it online and call back and ask to speek to Store MGR or call Corperate office, You will get it. It makes me ill but what’s right is right, and in my state it’s against the law to mislead or miss price the consumer or the product.

  • Katherine

    I went a few days ago and matched a bag of Dole salad mix for 99 cents with a grocery store ad from HyVee. Down from $2.78 and I had a $1/1 coupon which made it free! But anyways, I went to hand the ad and the associate said it was fine and I could take it right back. My Walmart has always been pretty coupon friendly though. I just have to watch for coupon beeps because a lot of the cashiers don’t pay attention and just keep scanning the coupons so it’s easy for some to get missed.

  • linda

    My WalMart will match competitor generics with the Great Value brand

  • Jamie

    I worked at Walmart for 3 years until just a few months ago, when I decided to be a SAHM. Walmart DOES match Great Value brand for another store’s brand. For example: Kroger’s Big K soda. You can get Sam’s Choice soda for the same price. Or Kroger milk for Great Value milk, etc.

  • Andrea

    This was probably before the changes in Walmarts’ coupon policy, but they did honor up to half the amount of a Target coupon I had. Also the policy states that the BOGO ads are honored as long as the price for the product (and other specifics) are clearly printed on the other stores ad.

  • karen henderson

    I am new to couponing and I thought walmart accecpted competitors coupons I had some kmart coupons for laundry detergent that was 1.88 i wanted to use but i went to the service desk first to make sure and the girl said no it says kmartt not maufatcuer coupon we only accept manufacturer coupons i said but you ad matcha and accept competitor coupons dont you and she said no only ad match but on their coupon policy it says they do accept competitors coupons as long as it has the price on it just wondering if you guys could help me out does walmart accept coupons from other stores ? Thanks

    • pennyscents

      WM’s corporate coupon & ad match policies can be found on their corporate website at:

      coupon policy:

      Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and there is a link for a PDF format of their coupon policy that can be printed out with pics of the types of competitor coupons that they do & don’t accept. The ones that you have should have been accepted. A lot of this is new to the stores. They should definitely know before you do, but maybe they just need the benefit of the doubt. Hopefully, if they see their own corporate policy right in front of them you won’t have any problems. Print out the ad match guarantee policy while you are there too.

  • Sheila

    I tried to get a b1g1 free and they said they do not honor these match-ups.

    • Anna

      The policy says they’ll match them if the ad has the price listed…. just bring a copy of their policy. I’m sure not all of the cashiers have encountered this yet

      • Tahni

        I was a manager at walmart they will not comp a b1g1 or discounts after rewards cards.

        • pennyscents

          The new ad match guarantee on WM’s site says that they will match competitor bogo sales as long as a price is listed.

  • Marjorie

    I think Wal-Mart is feeling the heat with Publix, Kroger and Harris Teeter and the buy one get one and then sometimes you can match it with a coupon and you do not have to stand in line to check -out. I think good service is worth something and I think Publix has it right.

  • Sue

    I have had so much problems with the Walmarts here in Chesapeake, VA. I have even been humilated because i’ve tried using coupons for free products like Cheerios, Silk Soy Milk, Loreal, Kraft and other products, Some of these had my name and address on the back and others had the silver lining and the watermarks. I was told that these could be counterfit and that I needed to print them from a computer, among other remarks. These were by various supervisers , managers, and further up in management at different times. I stood my ground, showed them the coupon policy and they finally took them, but my husband and I would rather stay far away. One cashier even told me that she would be losing money if she took them. Our Harris Teeter has outstanding customer service (and double and triple coupons) so they will get most of our business along with Farm Fresh , Foodlion, and our very friendly and cooperative Walgreens. Anyway, I wonder what they would do if here if we even tried to price match. We are on a budget, but Walmart is not worth it to us.

  • Jan

    Yesterday I went to Wal-Mart and had no problem price-matching anything. Today I tried to price match the same thing and they told me I couldn’t because the store ad was printed from the Internet even though it had the store name and date for the prices. I think it just depends on your checker.

  • noble2102

    Wouldn’t generic bands be considered “Competitors’ private label price promotions”

    • VC

      Absolutely. They are one in the same when it comes to grocery/food/non-food items. For instance you should no longer be able to get a price match if for instance one item is a competitor’s house brand like eggs or laundry detergent (for example Target’s ‘Up & Up’ pvt. label) and you want to get that same price for Walmart’s ‘Great Value’ private label.

  • tammy

    I do not think doing this would be a good idea. It makes Walmart more of a monopoly then it already is. We need to support all of our stores. I agree that it does save time. Think of what it does to every other store. Then when Walmart is your only choice what do you think will happen then?

    • Melissa

      Every store has their gimmicks to pull you for your shopping. Walmart’s is price matching. I’ll still shop at Rite Aid and Wags because they offer the Up’s and RR’s. I’ll still shop at my fave grocery store because they offer fuel savings and double coupons. I’ll occasionally shop at Walmart if I have coupons for overage or see a few separate stores with good sales that it would be easier to get all in one place. It also helps because a local store doesn’t take internet printables so I can price match their sale prices.

  • Anna

    I have always price matched at Wal Mart, and am glad that some fellow couponers are seeing the value in it. I noticed about the generic brands as well, but have still been comping them ( exspecially milk!!) with no problem. I love this, and since the coupon policy change I have had a lot less problems at Wal Mart all around. One reason I go there is that my husband works there and we get a discount. If anyone else is in the same boat(with a discount card) be sure to run you discount BEFORE coupons so that your discount comes off your pre coupon amount. Making anything free a money maker! Love it!

  • Tahni

    I used to work for walmart as a customer service manager. They don’t honor b1g1 or any discount after a rewards card. It would probably be a good idea to take the ads with you. They are supposed to have the ads available for the cashiers to see, but thats not always the case and some cashiers won’t comp the price for you.

    • Actually Tahni, they have changed their policy and they do honor bogo and store card prices now.

      Straight from the new policy page:

      We gladly match the price in the following types of ads:*

      Buy one, get one free ads with a specified price
      Example: Buy one for $2.49, get one free (BOGO)

      Preferred shopping card prices for specific items that are in a printed ad.

  • Tanya

    but they still dont double coupons like krogers so if its on sale krogers and i have a doubleable pon i still go there.

  • Olivia

    I no longer shop at WALMART because I always have problems. They will not take coupons on the items you request a prize match. The supervisor said to me that its either or and can not do both, so I rather not shop there. I love my Walgreens, CVS and Target stores.

    • Annette

      They tried that on me last week- I was buying hellmans for 2.99 (price match from walgreens) and I had a $1 coupon. CS lady said I can’t use both, but I told her that the coupon made no difference to walmart because no matter what they will still get the dollar back from the hellmans. She agreed and scanned it in 🙂 But I agree, I’d rather NOT shop there!

    • John

      I had the same problem with Splenda the other day – I told them to cancel the whole order and I went down to Target and they price matched and accepted the coupons

  • Dani M

    I’ve read the Walmart’s new policy on ad matching and coupons and from what I’ve also been told if you ad match then YOU CANNOT use a coupon on the item you ad matched. It’s new and not all cashiers know it yet, as they are adjusting to a lot of the changes so please don’t take advantage of this!

    • Dani,
      You have been misinformed. yes you can use a coupon when you are price matching. If this is what you have been told at your local store you need to call corporate and make them aware of what you are being told. they will pass down the information to the store manager who will make sure everyone knows the right info.


      • annett

        I was told them same as dani in Medford, Oregon price match or coupon but not both. I to think its a cashier because I’ve shopped the same Wal-Mart and had diff checker and they did accept price match and Q.

  • Juanita

    I price match at WM all the time. My stores look up every single price match and it takes twice as long to check out and the people behind me in line usually aren’t so happy about it, so I bring in my own ads and have the items marked to save time. Even now, my stores still look up each price match and when told about the new WM price match policy about not looking up the ads, my cashier said that each manager had the right revise that as they please and his manager said to keep looking them up.

    I told my friend who is not coupon or price matching savvy about some good price matches this past week and her cashier turned her down on 2 of them. They must have had out-of-date ads or something else. Then he said that they have to keep people from stealing from WM, as if he was accusing her of trying to steal from WM. I had done those exact same price matches with no problem. She was insulted, embarrased, and mad. I felt bad because I had told her about the ads and she used them because of me and had an absolutly horrible experience.

  • amanda

    i agree regarding stores such as walgreens and cvs, knowing a sale is coming up do not order enough stock. however the stores are out to make money not save you or i the consumer money. so getting you there is the whole point and if they accomplish that, statistics show more often than not you will purchase what you need there instead of running from store to store. i learned the hard way but the saying goes… the early bird gets the worm.. if you want the sale than you better get there when the doors open to get it. its as simple as that. at least for me. i do not live in a town that has the option of going to walmart, cvs, walgreens ect.. that town is 30min away and gas isn’t cheap. so i have to plan the trip carefully to save money.

    now to address the ad matching vs rr or ecb. the point of the rr or ecb is to continue to build so that everytime you shop at walgreens or cvs you are using your rr or ecb to purchase something you need on sale that also gives you more rr or ecb. i have shopped several times at both stores using that method and been paid to take things out of the store. that is something no matter how many times you have walmart ad match you are ever going to get. now the bogo most the time at walgreens and cvs they have the prices jacked up so high on one item that it pays for the second if you fall for it. in that situation walmart is the savior. i learned that on a bogo laundry sale at walgreens. it was cheaper to buy two at walmart and use my coupons and that purchase of two was half the cost of purchasing the bogo at walgreens. so it all comes back to doing your homework.. i know it takes time but we have great websites such as this one to help us out…

  • Kristina L.

    I learned today that the reason that Walgreens doesn’t seem to have enough in stock is because if they order more than 99 of one item then the theft team comes in to investigate because it sends a red flag and stores don’t want that to happen. Price matching at Walmart is so easy now you can do it at the register and a few weeks back when the Clean and Clear bodywash was on sale BOGO I went there because all of the Walgreens around where I live have a limits on how many you can buy not to mention that since that Extream Couponing show It’s hard to find anything in stock 🙁 I had NO problems doing it there. I think the best be is price matching and rain checks!!!

    • Sara White

      This is not true. There are two reasons why they might not have your product if a item is on sale the warehouses put a line limit (How much each store can order based on how much the warehouse has in stock) on the item. Depending on the product, the line limit will be higher or lower. The problem with a store like Walgreens is we do not know what coupons are going to match with what sales are in the ad. My store orders for the following week every Monday. Our ads do not come in until Friday and the coupons do not get match until that Sunday. I was fortunate enough through this website to know Tone body wash was going to be a moneymaker in advance. I order 120 and was lucky enough to get them in. Other stores are figuring that out now and will probably not be able to get it in because every Walgreens is now ordering it. Your best option is has soon as you know, call the store. I had one customer call and ask to order 10 clean and clear for her. I was able to find out in advance that the warehouse was out and she would need to find another store that carried it. I had another customer tell me that Tylenol Precise would be free all month long. I ordered up and had over 200 in the stockroom, waiting for my coupon customers.

      • Kristina L.

        I only know what my Walgreens cashier told me. She also looks at and she orders up to 3 weeks in advance on most deals. She also works at a large Walgreens and they limit how many deals you can do a day. She told me that she also tries to order the 99 items a week leading up to the sale date so that she has a large stock. Our Tylenol deal was recalled here so no one could do the deal here.

  • andrea

    will walmart a price from another store if its not in a ad-just a sale price in store?

    • hi Andrea,
      I do not understand your question, Can you explain a bit more?


    • I believe this is going to be a Ymmv situation Andrea. Some stores might take your word for it that it is on sale, but most will want to see it in the ad to confirm it is on sale.

  • Mercedes, I think this line of their policy refers to store brand:

    We DO NOT match the price in the following types of competitor ads:
    Competitors’ private label price promotions

  • Pat

    My niece has been price matching at Walmart without an ad for a long time, at least 2 years, so they have had this policy at some stores for a long time. I never tried it as I usually like to use the self checkout register. I don’t even go to the stores that don’t have the self checkout as the lines are always long, long, long at the other stores.

    • VC

      Pat, see Stephanie’s comment directly above yours. She is quoting directly from the Walmart website. Yes, your niece was able to do the price matching of generic house brands in the past… but now that the Price Matching Policy has changed it is prohibited.

  • Sherry

    I shop at walmart weekly for groceries. The cashiers had told me that they now match the BOGO and I put them to the test a few weeks back. (We’re getting a Publix next spring!) I’ve had no trouble with the bogos, or with using coupons on those items as well. I do believe that every walmart is different, depending on the manager. Some do not embrace walmarts new policies–I guess they feel they’ll lose money. If they’ll think about it though, they’ll come to the realization that I have. I buy more with the bogo than I would have normally. If I see a good bogo on an item I don’t normally buy or don’t need at the time, I will buy it. I’m sure I”m not the only one. I like being able to go to one place and buy everything I need, especially with gas prices so high. And, I’ve never liked going from store to store for the best deals.

  • Juanita

    I have been price matching at Walmart for over 8 years. I worked there 8 1/2 years ago and they price matched then and had been for at least a few years before that (don’t know exactly how many). This has been around for a long time and it used to be easy to price match, but in the last 2 years the cashiers have been told to check every single ad and they seem to dislike ad-matching which no longer made it easy or an experience many people want to try again.

  • Raffiell

    The ad they advertise on television ,I do not like.The one where I live does not match there brand for another’s store brand . Also , the one here does not match 10 for 10 deals. It also does not match if it say with card for Kroger or Brookshires. Make sure of the policy because this one has changed .I don’t get the great deals like I used to. The cashier when I took the brand to substitute it for Alberson’s brand they said they no longer do it. Please just check with your wal-mart before you load your groceries I left mine and went elsewhere for the better deal. The television commercial makes it seem like they match, but be careful and check before you go ,ours does not match a lot of things.

  • Pffff… I hope corporate puts out a memo that their employees read. I went to 4 different Wal-marts to put them to the test. I had a BOGO ad match (had price listed) and coupons to go with it. Everything was legit. With all Wal-mart policies in hand, only one allowed me to price match AND use a coupon with zero hassles. The next store wouldn’t let me do anything until I showed them their own policy and they finally complied, but still skeptical the whole way through. The third store said you can’t use a coupon when ad matching and the final store flat out would not even match the BOGO offer (I tried again a different day and all went well because I talked to someone different, still a hassle nonetheless).

    I was very polite when talking to the managers (or associate manager) – but not allowing a coupon after an ad match was because it was not stated in the policy. Which is true, it doesn’t explicitly say you can or can’t. Nonetheless, I called corporate and they did say the store was incorrect and that you CAN do both. The store called back (because of my complaint) and continued to be defiant saying individual stores still can dictate policies when they are not implied. Good grief…

    All stores required, or at least stated, that I had to have the ad.

    I give them an A for effort but a C- in execution.

  • Lisa Sumner

    If I have a coupon say in a Walgreens insert that says $2.00 off of said product and that is all it says, can I use that?

    • Kelly

      As far as I understand this “new” policy; no. Which doesn’t leave you with many deals, does it?

    • ken

      It will be honored at walmart. And with the new policy, allegedley you can tell them the price at the other store and they will match it. So yes. Other store price – $2. off coupon = Walmart policy.

      • Melissa

        They only match store in ad coupons for a specific price, they don’t match the $ off coupons in the ads.

  • Tami

    I have price matched the Great Value brand to a competitors private labeled name.

  • Kimberly Hoffman

    I talked to my mom who is a cashier at the Dixon IL store and she said that the policy is: “the item must be identical to the ad (size, quantity, BRAND, and flavor)” so since Wal-Mart doesn’t carry other store brands, like Kroger Value, you cannot ad match generic brands. However she did say that the enforcement of this is left up to the individual stores. Her store, Dixon IL, still ad match the store brands but mine here, Carbondale IL, does not

  • jessica

    Depends on the casher you get. If you get a nice one they will ad match no questions, if you get one that is a pill then you will have a problem. My advice get to know the casher and what days they work 😉

  • T. Sweeney

    My Mom even took the ad in and had them match lemons and limes – something I wouldn’t have thought of – and they did so. It saved her a drive all the way across town.

  • annette

    I laughed when I saw this commercial.. I have had the hardest time lately matching at Wal-Mart.. I swear before it was so easy, lately it has been a pain in the rear.. And my store will not match Walmart brand to Kroger or any other store brand.. They use to.. So frustrating..Hope everyone has better luck than I have had lately..

  • Marie

    I also decided to price match at my Walmart. I took last weeks Walgreens ad that had the .39 Snickers. Cape Girardeau Mo Walmart not only price matched it they also didn’t limit me on them. I checked out with 63 Snickers. I will always price match and buy at Walmart now. The Walgreens here at Cape won’t order and they are very coupon unfriendly. I don’t know what retail class they take, but they sure don’t like to sell to the consumer.

  • Cheri

    Every time I go to WM to give them another chance, they NEVER fail to remind me why I WILL NOTshop there.

    The other night I finally told them to just give me all my coupons back and cancel the sale. I had $3 off Fixodent (price was $3.74 or so)and a BOGO for it. I picked up 2 boxes. They would not let me use both coupons. We went round and round, them saying I was trying to use 2 coupons for one item. I explained that it was 2 items – $3 off the one I was BUYING, then BOGO on the second item. Plus I had 3 $1 off Tide pen coupons a 6 $1 off ANY Tide coupons. I bought 3 pens and 6 travel sizes. They would take the “any” coupons, but not the pen ones. Asked for mgr, etc. and there was NOT a copy of their coupon policy in the WHOLE STORE! (I didn’t have mine because I never go there!) Anyway, came home and wrote the store and corporate. I couldn’t believe the mgr actually called me! I very nicely explained to her what happened. She got a little snippy, but, I just tried to stay cool. Reminded her that for one thing, every register and customer service should have a copy of the policy. Secondly, WM was the ONLY store I’d ever had trrouble trying to use coupons. I told her I was very conscious of coupon fraud, etc., but this was not an example of it.

    I would say EVERY time in the last 5+ years, I have gone, there has been SOME problem that was not my fault – 10 people in line with 2 registers open, giving me a hard time using the church’s tax-exempt form on toys I was buying for the chuch, etc.

    NEVER AGAIN! I’m a real cheapskate – I mean frugal shopper ;o) – and I will pay extra not to have to go there again!

    • Cheri

      UPDATE: Well, I broke my own cardinal rule. I actually went to a different WM yesterday, as I had a bunch of the $5 & $3 Similac I could get great overage on because I send them to a medical mission overseas. I also had the same Fixodent and Tide coupons. Another couponer had told me to go to this particular WM as they’re new and seem easier to get along with. So….. yes, I did it… I cashier-profiled. Immediately found a cute little high school guy and kidded around with him. So…. when my coupons were not ringing up correctly… and he was watching closely…. he just continued to adjust them for me on his own. It was great! Had to call the mgr (older male) over at the very end because of so many adjustments. I held my breath, and lightly flirting never hurts ;o), and he just OK’d it with no questions asked. Of course I bragged on the kid to the mgr, so everyone was happy. And I survived!

      I want to stress that I was NOT trying to do anything iffy, or fraudulant. Just trying to use the coupons correctly. They do need to clarify in their policy about cents off with BOGO.

  • Jessie

    Will they price match Wlagreens Register Rewards when the ad says “2/$10 with $4 Register rewards, like getting 2/$6.00”? Will they sell the items 2/$6? Or is that not the actual advertised price?

    • pennyscents

      I really doubt it, considering Wags is reimbursed for a RR & WM would not be.

  • Kelly

    I’m a little confused as to how this is different than what Walmart’s always been doing? Haven’t they ALWAYS price matched when you bring an ad in, since as long as I can remember? The “coupon” matching is new I guess, by matching Walgreens in ad coupons that say Dawn dishwashing liquid .98 with coupon, but Walgreens is the only store that does that, and only a few of their coupons have that. What would keep me out of Walgreens, CVS, Target, Publix, etc, is if they accepted their dollar off amount coupons.

    Anyways, how is this “new” or different again? When CVS is offering $4 back from their 4.99 Revlon nail polish, and Walmart’s price is 3.59, I’m going to CVS, not Walmart. And when Target has Kraft cheese for $2.50, and they have a Target q for .75 off, and I have a man. q for $1 off when Walmart’s price is $2, I’m going to Target.

    Not trying to bash Walmart (well, maybe just a little bit ;)) but wanting to take advantage of new deals if there are any

    • ken

      Walmart would take both of those coupons and price match. that math tells me you pay .25 at walmart and .75 at target.HMMMMMMMM

  • Darlene

    I have used Walmart’s matching policy a few times, with great results !! To accommodate the checkers, I usually group all my “match” items together at the end. This helps me as well, so I don’t have to keep track of whether or not she’s scanned a “match” item.

  • Lija Day

    I use a website called the grocery game, it does the sales match for you so all i do is take the printed list that i make into Wal Mart and they match the prices on the list, instead of bringing in all the ads, it is truly wonderful!

  • Where I shop there is a Walmart, Meijer, Walgreen and CVS in a smal 1 mile radius. But I go to Walmart the most. I have done the price matching at Walmart my last 4 shopping trips with no problem along with all my coupons. I always take my ads plus a copy of the coupon and price match policy with me whenever I shop. If you always be prepared and organized and you shouldn’t have any problems. One tip put all your products that you are price matching and/or couponing together last on the belt its just easier for them to keep the price matching straight. Hope that helps. Happy price matching.

    And to Lija Day: thanks for the tip on the website I’m going to look it up.

  • Hi, just thought I would add a little comment about the Walmart price matching. My son works at Walmart in shipping/receiving. There are some limitations to the price matching that they do not tell you. they are:

    1. Certain stores they will not price match (farmer’s markets, Food City, etc.) so ask your store what stores they will and will not.
    2. The store that they are price matching has to be within a certain mile radius of that Walmart store.
    3. He also recommends you do bring the ad’s with you, he has seen many folks be told no because they didn’t have the ads.
    4. Generic price matching does happen sometimes, it depends on the checker LOL and the store, I have seen some do it and other walmarts not do it.

    But other than that your price match all you can and you will save. My last walmart trip, total receipts were over $25 and I paid only 72 cents!!

  • I agree with the comment on your email that it is easier to just comp at Walmart and it saves gas because Walgreens is 50 miles from my house and I can’t just jump in and get there. BUT as I have been comping for quit sometime what Wal-Mart says they will do they do not. They say they will comp B1G1 sales as long as the ads states the price of the one you are buying. If you remember the Clean and Clear sales Walgreens had a few weeks ago buy 1 for 5.99 get one free so I took the ad and went to WM to comp this and they would BUT what they do is spread the 5.99 over both products so if you want to use a B1B1 coupon on this you won’t be getting one free! They wanted to put 3.00 on one and 2.99 on the other so when I gave them the coupon it was just going to take 3.00 off and I would pay for 2.99. I told them if I took that to WG I would get both free and they told me go just take it to WG and do it!!!! Guess what I DID because I had to go by there anyway that week. But anyway it just makes me mad at WM that they don’t actually do what they say so to speak.

  • Kathy

    I have had both good and bad experiences at Walmart with the coupon matching policy. I always take the ad but it’s true. Many of thier cashiers look at you like you are a criminal. I really don’t appreciate being eyeballed every time I use an internet coupon. Get with the 2000’s Walmart…the internet is here to stay along with cell phones and those new fangled microwave thingys. I think Walmart needs to wake up and start working with their employees instead of just printing policies and not educating. I as a customer should not be the Walmart training department and I really don’t appreciate being put in that position. I usually have a very good experience with Walgreens and a pretty positive one at my local Pick N Save and Sentry and Piggly Wiggly store so I tend to shop at those places. I also think Target needs to shape it up. Their cashiers are worse than the ones at Walmart. I have actually gotten heavy sighs and rolling eyes and sneers from some of those people. I have complained and nothing was done.

  • H. Fower

    I used to price match generics at Walmart all the time. They have changed their policy recently, however. They no longer allow ad matching for generic products. So sad. I see in a comment a few above that some checkers still allow the generic price matching. Maybe I’ll keep trying, but I did have a checker specifically tell me that they had just changed their policy and they no longer allow it.

  • Wendy

    Walmart also matches b1g1 adds. They have to divide the price in half (so bring a calculator) then they override the price when they scan the items

  • Trish

    I’m wondering if wal mart. Will match ecb prices if the total amount is listed?

  • carolynne

    I use the coupon matching all the time at Walmart.They honor all coupons except specific store ones that say “only good at” and they won’t do the percent off ones.It has to be a specific product for a specific amount.

  • Kira

    I use the price match and coupon match all the time. Wal Mart is 5 minutes from me. I take my rite aid, cvs, walgreens, safeway, Albertsons and Fred meyer ads with me when I shop. It’s soooo much easier than going from store to store. Also your more likely to find the sale item at Wal Mart than the store providing the sale. It seems that stores only stock so many sale items and run out fast when extremely cheap. About a week ago Albertsons had 32oz Powerade, Fuse, and Vitamin water for 50cents each with a min of 10 purchase. I purchased a ton of these at Wal Mart. I figured at that price Albertsons would be out of a lot of the good flavors.
    Wal Mart cashiers are supposed to take your word for it on the price of the item your matching, but amazingly today is the first time a cashier didn’t ask for the ad. Today I got 4 x 18oz bottles of Suave for 3.00 (including my manufactures coupons), 5 bottles of Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce for $4 (including MC) Oscar Meyer Weiners for $1 each (including MCs) and Coffee to name a few courtesy of at least three different stores.
    The only other store I shop is Safeway and that’s to double some of my coupons. I’m surprised more people don’t do the price match thing. I’m sorry I get very excited when it comes to saving money. I make it a competition between me and the store.

  • Cari

    I just used the ad match Saturday. Bi-Lo had 20# bags of Pedigree dog food for $8.99 (which is a great deal) I went to Walmart and did the ad match simply b/c the stores are in opposite directions and I didn’t want to drive 20 miles to Bi-Lo just for them to be sold out!!!! Didn’t have too much of a problem. Showed them the ad and bought 2 (there was a 2 limit) using my $3 off coupon I paid $5.99 ea. Took them to the car and bought 2 more. No problems. They allowed me to purchase more than 2 just not in one transaction. I ended up getting 80# of dog food for $26.48!!!!! I was super happy about it!! 😀

  • pennyscents

    I am subscribed to this post, so I have seen several message where ppl are saying that the store told them that they would PM, but that they could not use a coupon then. What!?! Really!?! How stupid is that!!! Obviously, that is not true! If you go to the other store where the item is on sale you would be able to get the sale price & use the coupon there. Whoever at the store level is saying this must have been dropped on their head a few times, or something!!! Please contact corporate & get this corrected.

  • Diana

    I just looked up their policy and it does say they won’t match a competitor’s price for a private label sale price. It’s listed on the last line under the section of stuff they won’t match.

  • amber

    My wal-mart says it will price match stores within a 25 mile radius. (the catch?) No 2 stores can carry the exact IDENTICAL thing, such as computer, ipod, those sort of things…..WITHIN a 25 mile radius. So to check the price of the exact same item I would have to drive 25 miles away, but it wouldn’t be honored….funny enough, same with best buy! 🙂 oh the joys!!

  • theresa king

    my local walmart store will let me price match rainbow cub milk buns i havnt tried all products but they do allow somethings

  • LORI

    I use to work for Wal-mart andour store policy was we always matched a competitor’s ad price within like a 25 miles radious of the store as long as they had a flyer with the item in it. The only exception as… we did not match other Wal-marts prices.

  • Mommy of 4

    My local walmart allows you to use other in store coupons as well, however they do not take the other stores coupons but will gladly match them!! I think that’s just awesome, so instead of shopping at 3 different stores you can do it all at one!!

  • A word of CAUTION. If you go online to and find an item, it will LIKELY be higher at your local store. I found the Motorola Surboard SB5101 Cable Modem at for $49.94, 3 local stores were actually $61.97 and NOT ONE of them would match the pricing. So they won’t even match their OWN pricing. Such a joke.
    End Electronics cannot be purchased online to pickup at store today for some reason (probably due to the pricing issue that they are aware of).
    The only way you can do it, is to SHIP TO STORE and wait 1-2 weeks.
    Such a crock.
    I even spoke to managers at the stores and they all stated that Manager were free to put whatever price they want on items, they are not obligated to use Walmart pricing.
    So much for being a good place for deals.

  • I also had a situation at the Walmart in Cambridge MD, where the prices of the various DUCKS brand Shipping Boxes were much higher than other stores.

    I showed them the prices at Lowes & Home Depot, they didn’t care.
    I also showed them that Walmart in Easton Maryland had the box for .58 each and they were selling for $2.64 and they didn’t care. I even showed them that Walmart in Seaford DE had the same price as Easton and they didn’t care.

    They kept saying that it is Manager prerogative to price any way that they want,
    and there is nothing you can do about.

    So much for MATCH IT, they won’t even match their own stores, let alone anybody else.
    Such a crock.

    • gin

      you should call 1-800-walmart. it is not the managers perogative, it is handed down by their home office. sounds like he or she is trying to keep profits up over customer srevice.

  • T.I. in PA

    I have used the Walmart ad match in the past with promotions such as buy 3 get a 4th free (ad also showed “Final Price 4 for $10”. I went in yesterday with an ad with a deal on Frozen “When you buy $12 worth get $4 off your next trip. Thinking maybe they would apply the $4 off to this shop I tried to get that deal. They didn’t honor it for me.

    has anyone else tried anything like this?

  • Jaime

    I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but in the TV ad at the very end, the words “Our stores will match the price of any local competitor’s PRINTED ad for an identical product”. So now I’m confused. Do they, or do they not, require the printed ad for price matching? I would always bring an ad just in case, and I really can’t imagine that if I walked into a store and said “You know the bottle of Tide you are selling for $8.99? Well, Target has it for $1.” that anyone would believe me (even if it was true); I’m just envisioning all of the fraud that is going to happen if they don’t require some proof.

  • sue

    Can I preorder at walmart for the amount of coupons i have

    • Sue,

      I have heard of people pre-ordering at Walmart. I have never done it myself but it is something you can talk to the store manager about and see what s/he says.


      • jenni

        Yes you can pre order i did so with 10 cases of similac ( which after coupons i got for free for my new addition).

  • Claudia

    My Walmart priced matched a product. I had the ad just to make sure that they would honor the price. They honored the price, but would NOT take my $1.00 off coupon. THe cashier was a rude about it by commenting to her supervisor, “oh, and now she wants to use a coupon too.”

  • Shane

    I’m told the price match is restricted to competitors in the same town. Is this right? What about prices from for books, music, etc.?

  • VickieG

    I went to walmart yesterday to match up ads i found and i haven’t ever been so humiliated by people before in my life!
    They wouldn’t match the ads i found due to them being more then 50 miles away.!
    Ok so i had a ad that was within the 50 mile radius and they still wouldn’t match the ad..The line was full of people and they way i was treated was not called for! I was so embarrassed i about walked out of there!

  • Kristy

    Last weekend I put this to the test, The cashier said she couldnt match an add bc it said “with club card” I couldnt believe it! I was so excited to get good deals and I did 2 days worth of homework to prepare my adds for this shopping trip and to find out that she wouldnt allow the match. Im going to look up the policy and try it again.

    • Kristy

      OKAY, I found the policy and this is what it says about the “club card” price…….

      We gladly match the price in the following types of ads:*

      Buy one, get one free ads with a specified price
      Example: Buy one for $2.49, get one free (BOGO)

      Competitors’ ads that feature a specific item for a specified price.

      Preferred shopping card prices for specific items that are in a printed ad.

      For fresh produce and meat items when the price is offered in the same unit type (lb. for lb.; each for each)

      I feel like taking this piece of info to the store and educating them on their policy! UGH

  • Liz

    If WM does match a BOGO offer, can you use TWO coupons on that transaction like you are able to @ Publix?

  • tawans

    Our Walmart here in Gadsden will not price match anything .. It is annoying to argue with cashiers and managers who do not even know their own store’s policies.

  • Serha

    Just my 2 cents. Walmart has to follow their corp coupon and ad matching policy. Regardless of the Mgr or associates personal feelings has no impact on your transaction. I shop a lot with coupons and pm. I along with my children makes bags for abused womens shelters. Anyway, the new store mgr approached me yesterday while shopping mind you and told me that she didn’t agree with the price matching because of gray areas and was going to try to find a reason to stop me! I was mortified! I also had a friend with me because of more then one cart. She began to tell me with 3 other employees that I was taking money out of their paychecks and taking from the store. I showed the coupon policy which she couldn’t fight me on her issue was with the pm well it states that they now pm preferred savings that are advertised. She said her personal feelings she didn’t like it. I told her that I’m very careful and honest. I wasn’t planning to steal from her store. The coupon policy clearly states that if a coupon is over the dollar amount of the item it can be given as cash or towards the basket purchase. Its not my fault that they aren’t thinking things through when corp wrote this! I’m just following their policy! She told me that she would allow it this one time. I said you have no choice its your policy, until it changes I will continue to follow it as should you. I will be calling corp again. Sorry just my 2 cents. Corporate agreed with me 100 percent! Don’t let them tell you know!

    • Jaime

      Good grief. Too bad you weren’t able to record this conversation. I hope corporate takes matters into their own hands and trains all employees properly. As for the manager, don’t worry. People like her usually don’t last too long. Just keep a copy of the policy with you at all times. And do what I’ve done in the past; if this situation happens again, don’t hesitate to call corporate WHILE you are there. It makes for interesting entertainment to watch the managers being re-educated as you stand there.

    • Stephanie E

      ok this is funny because this same thing happend to me but the main boss of the store said I was fine than one day I got 10 dollars back first off wow TEN HOLE dollars after that they stalk me, and haress me when i am checking out he is there along with 2 csm’s yesterday they made me give them my ads to copy i have nothing to hide but really its getting bad and I am about tired of the bs.

  • JJ

    I was in WM the other day and the women in front of me had Publix B1G1 items. They had the ads printed out since there wasnt a Publix in the town (they are building one). The cashier said that as long as you have the ad, they will price match any add….didnt say anything about local only. I researched and they all say LOCAL. We dont have a supercenter, and most places around me that do, dont have the great stores to price match against. So I have a few questions…

    1…Was the cashier wrong in the info she gave us?

    2…I have noticed that Publix and Winn Dixie have B1G1, but they are prices UP TO said amount. Does that count the same as “buy one for 2.99 get one free”??

    I am new to all this. I am just trying to save money. Thanks for your help.

  • Rejoice

    I took my Big Lots ad to WM recently (Big Lots is directly across the street from this WM) to get a price
    match on laundry detergent. The supervisor said -Get this- we can’t take a BL ad for that because their items are all refurbished!!!! How do you REFURBISH liquid detergent????? Each store varies so it makes it difficult to know WHAT the policy is.

  • I just left Walmart. I had a bit of a problem with the Match It Policy. The cashier did not know what I was talking about at first, then asked for the ad. Finally called the manager who did not want to give me more than one item for the match price. I agree that folks probably need to take the ad with them untill Walmart gets this together.

  • victoria bailey

    ok we tryed the match it policy that they say they will do, WELL IT IS A CROCK. we waited in the check out line behind 2 people with full carts because they only had 2 casheres working as usual, we get to the casher and explain what we just bought at shopko and they only had one and we wanted 2 so we went to walmart and she tells us OH YOU NEED TO GO TO THE SERVICE DESK TO TAKE CARE OF IT. We go to the service desk and she says oh we can’t match it because we used a discount card at shopko.

  • Justine

    Walmart is not going about this the right way. I am done trying to do the price match there unless I can do ALL my shopping there. Before their change I only bought at Walmart what I couldn’t buy anywhere else and after their change I started doing all my shopping there. Went fomr $50/month to over $100/week but since they do not match B1G1 free when price not listed in ad, which around here it rarely is. So if I still have to go to all the other stores I might as well go back to getting my stuff at those stores and getting only at Walmart what I can’t get anywhere else. Small lose to match the B1G1 free with no ad price at their price then lose most of my business all together. The point for me was to be able to do all my shopping in one place. I’d pay B1G1 free at reg retail but they won’t let me do that either. Big waste of my time. With this new policy being a Corporate Policy Walmaert should’ve been more on top of it that cashiers were trained and ALL stores follow it the right way. Good bye Walmart and Hello Giant, Weis, and Food Lion again! 🙂

  • Reba Miller

    Wallmart Does Not Price Match With Their Own Stores!
    My husband found some outdoor solar lighting at the Wallmart just down the street on sale, but there was only one box left. We went to another Wallmart about 4 miles away, in the same Plano, TX suburb to buy two more boxes. Took the receipt from the original purchase to make sure we got the same lights, found the same lights, but did not show they were on sale. After waiting 15 minutes in the check-out line, the cashier told me she would have to get the manager. Waited another 10 minutes and the manager never came. The cashier wanted me to step out of line becuase there were only three lines open and huge lines. Finally, another head cashier came over and told me that they do not honor other Wallmart Store pricing. I asked about the “Price Match” guarantee and was told that the guarantee referred to other retailer match guarantee. So I asked if I walked across the street to Target and found the same lights cheaper, they would honor that pricing, but not the receipt from one of their own stores, and was told yes.

    Everyone in line heard what was being stated and there were a lot of “thats rediculous” comments. Every national retailer I shop at honors their own pricing and product returns, even different parts of the country.

    I am not finished with the last word on this one!


  • Stephanie E

    Okay, So I am having a HARD time dealing and figuring out something I have been pricematching for over a month at my local Wal-Mart never had to have a ad, which were I live its kinda hard to get ads because I live in a Small town and closes place to get ads is a easy hour away I tryed getting the sunday paper they now dont come in the paper so I stop taken my ads but looked on the internet and wrote down EVERYTHING I wanted and prices and all the detals for a while that was going great now ITS GONE BAD…They now stalk me when I walk in there is a mangager they wont take my ads I print from internet the main boss is at my isle when i am checking out watching EVERYTHING I do and now they are getting copys of ALL MY STUFF which I kinda feel like targeted and they are ONLY doing this to me I can see if i was doing something wrong this be a problem but I have never had a problem with it just till about a week ago. Does anyone have anything they think I should do I have tryed e-mailin corp. nothing back from them and my family thinks this is Haressment which I feel it is also I need help, before I go crazy .

  • Leslie

    I tried the the price match with the great value and H.E.B. brand and the cashier allowed it. But I had a friend try it as well and her cashier did not. It really seems to depend on which cashier you get and which manager is on the floor at the time of your purchase. A lot of the cashiers and managers don’t seem to know the coupon policy very well. It is good to have it with you at all times so you don’t waste time shopping and then end up walking out without it. 🙂

  • peter

    When I hear ad match I think they match ads. But what I’m hearing is pricing matching. Clearly what walmart does is only price match and not actually honor all ads. For example we have a grocery store that does a buy one get one at blank price. Walmart does not honor these ads. So I dont understand how they say they ad match when in reality all they do is price match. To me thats 2 different programs. In speaking to higher ups they even say that the stores should be honoring ads period because thats what they advertise they do is ad match. You go in to some stores and you see they say price match. meaning you find a price cheaper they’ll honor that price. So if I find a black and decker toaster for 19.99 at one store but anoter store that I’m in that price matches is 23.99 they’ll give it to me for the 19.99 price. but that same store that price matches won’t give u a buy one get one.

  • Jeffrey

    Walmart price match is just a joke.

    When I tried to match the price of a game console with Bestbuy in my local walmart store, I was asked to provide the so-called “Ads”. The manager said they can only price match to the items showing on competitors’ Ads. What a joke. The price is not on Bestbuy’s weekly Ads because it’s their normal price. I showed the manager the webpage, even a receipt borrowed from a friend and it is still not enough for them. So I went to Target instead and price match the item very smooth with no problem. The man just verified Bestbuy’s webpage and was happy to give me the discount.