MCDonald’s Buy One Big Mac or Quarter Pounder Get One for a Penny

On Thursday, August 16 McDonalds is celebrating back-to-school with a special promo! Buy a Big Mac or Quarter Pounder and get a second one for just a penny. These will be available from 10:30 am until closing at participating locations. No Coupon needed.  Be sure to call ahead to see if your location is participating.

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    • Bill

      Did anyone find a McDonalds that particiapted lol ???

  • Emily B.

    We live in the land of no participation. lamesauce 🙁

    • Debbie

      It must be a big land because we in the Houston area don’t have it either!

  • Bill

    SUCH BS!

    No go at 2 McDonalds in Geneva & Batavia Illinois!

    Friend texted from McDonalds in Harvard, Illinois AND NO GO THERE EITHER!


    That’s ok… it looks like Wendy’s just moved to the top of my fave list!