Michael’s Craft Store: 50% off Coupon


Sign up for the Michael’s email newsletter and you will receive a coupon for 50% OFF any item in the store.  This is the highest value coupon I have seen for this store although often they have 40% off ones.

Thanks Marcia!

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  • just me

    I’ll definitely pass on the Michael’s coupon. I have yet to have a good experience there. Give me a Hobby Lobby coupon over them anyday. When Michael’s starts treating their customers kindly and as customers, whom they would be nothing without, then maybe. Maybe.

    • Hi Just Me,
      sounds like you had a terrible experience at Michael’s. Did you elevate your complain to corporate or assistant manager? I must admit I am neither a Hobby Lobby or Michael’s customer, since I am not crafty at all 😉


  • Marcia

    Check with Hobby Lobby they may take competitor coupons. I know Michael’s takes any Hobby Lobby coupon! Then you could still get the savings!

  • amanda-beth

    hobby lobby is twice as expensive as micheals.i’ve never had any issues at micheals.

  • Lily

    I just love Michael’s! I like the atmosphere and they have the prettiest and most fun decorations for all holidays. It is a happy place. Hobby Lobby is cool too. I love them both. The customer service is friendly most times. Sometimes you meet people that aren’t happy with their jobs but it is like that everywhere. I want to move in and live in Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. lol 🙂

  • Ruth

    i just think people that work in craft shops should be kept up to date on trends and techniques in order to be of assistance to their customers. i have not found this to be true of the michaels where i shop. but i enjoy shopping there anyway. i just watch crafting videos on line for inspiration and information before i shop.