Michael’s Printable Coupons for $5 Off

This Michael’s Printable Coupon for $5 Off your purchase has me a little confused.  The coupon says spend $5 get $5 off.  but I am unclear if that is get $5 off your next purchase or you must spend a total of $10 and use the coupon to save $5.  That way you end up spending $5.  Either way its a nice discount if you were needing to buy something.

Coupon valid 2/3 and 2/4.

  • Cathy

    This is the message that I received when I tried to print the coupon:

    “Print is unavailable because the page you were trying to print has been closed.”

    • http://www.commonsensewithmoney.com Mercedes

      Really? I was just able to print it.


      • Cathy

        Earlier today (around the time I first commented), it wouldn’t print. I was able to see a copy of the coupon, and I THINK (I am not 100% certain) that the wording changed. I think that “pre-tax” was added. Initially, I could see the coupon, but the message about it being unavailable popped up. I tried several times. So, perhaps, Michael’s changed the wording, and then allowed printing. Anyway, bottom line–I printed it. Thanks for the update…and from you, too, Dianne–oops! Make that Diane. : )

    • Diane K

      Try again Kathy, I was just able to print it.

      • Diane K

        Sorry, Cathy not Kathy =)

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    • Julie W.

      I was able to print the coupon just fine. I just used it and it takes $5 off right then, so you could just get a total of $5 and get the items for free.

  • barbara beall

    called store locally-said -if you bought $5 or more -would take off $5-printed just fine

  • sheila

    used mine got $7 worth of items for $2, thanks so much!!

  • kathy

    i just used my coupon and it is on sale merchandise or regular priced merchandise and you only need to spend five dollars and get five off you can print more and use it again the next day .