The Best of Mid Week Walgreens Sale 12/16-12/19


This week Walgreens will have another mid-week sales circular.  The sale prices will be effective from 12/16-12/19.  Unfortunately unlike the two previous mid-week ads there are no freebies after register rewards this time, boo!  And there really isn’t anything else different from the regular weekly sales circular (see coupon match ups here).  The only addition is the Holiday Register rewards that will run 12/16 and 12/17.  With this Holiday Register Rewards you get a $5 register rewards when you spend $25 or more at Walgreens.  Remember that the $25 you have to spend is BEFORE coupons so you can get some really good deals by combining coupons and register rewards offer to lower your out of pocket.

Thanks Mommy Snacks!

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  • You’re right. This week isn’t great, but I’m planning on doing some Huggies diaper deals tomorrow. That’s about all I really need anyway. 🙂

  • Belinda

    Can I use previous RR toward the $25 dollar purchase and still receive the $5 RR?

    • Belinda,

      From what I understand this is NOT rolling so you would not get the next $5 RR. but I have not tried it yet and maybe someone who has tried it can confirm.


  • esther

    i would like to find out also about if the $5 RR would roll or not…

  • Maira

    yeah, boo! I am going for diapers aswell.

  • Belinda

    Well I just left Wags and used my $5 rr and I also had $12 in rr from all the Hersheys pot of gold I have been buying for gifts for teachers. I never know what to get and you can’t go wrong with chocolate. Anyway my little guy loves Bakugan and Wags have them buy 1 get one 1/2 off, so thats what i did bought 2 of the $19.99 ones used all my RR’s and only paid $16.79. Had to throw in 4 manderin oranges for fillers but original price of one Bakugan was $19.99 so not bad. And no another $5 rr did not print out. So now we know the $5 rr does not roll.

  • corinne

    At my Walgreens in Orlando, FL they told me, to get the $5 RR I have to have $25 AFTER all the coupons and rewards not before, as I heard everybody saying. It doesn’t make sense.How is that possible? My total before coupons and RR was 26.99, after all my coupons $14.97 and my 5RR did not print.