Missoni for Target: What’s the Deal There?

Yesterday Target launched a new Missoni for Target line and people went nuts for it.  The line is almost sold out online and you may have some luck finding it in store.  I am thinking that this will also be one of those cases where you will be able to find the items on sale on Ebay for inflated prices since demand was so crazy.

So, what’s the point of this post? That I just don’t get it.  I mean I just checked online and there is even a Missoni bicycle and luggage and vases.  And a lot of this stuff is sold out!  I am in awe because here I was just this past Saturday shocked that grocery prices had gone up from one week to the next 10-15% on the staples I buy.  Yet, this Missoni for Target sold out in hours.

So, maybe the economy is not as messed up as I feel it is.  or maybe people need to get their priorities in check.  IDK, what do you think?

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  • Meghan

    I was wondering the same thing! What is the big deal?

  • I was wondering the very same thing!! No idea why this stuff is so HOT – I mean really – now everyone will be wearing the same thing. It is ridiculous in my opinion and there was a story on the news last night that people were posting items on Ebay for 3-5 times the price as they were standing in the checkout line at Target. REALLY?!?!

  • katie

    I think the slagging economy is the exact reason Taergets fashion line is doing so well. It has got to be far less expensive than hign end brands. Women do not want to give up the things that make them feel like a woman, but also have a tighter budget than they used too. A great compromise is shopping at stores like Target. Just my opinion, & of course I may be wrong…

  • Vicky

    Okay?!? That good, huh? I rather stick to clearance clothes…

  • sheryl

    Yeah totally do not get it, give me the sales on regular clothes.

  • Lori

    I agree totally! On top of the messed up priorities the stuff is some of the ugliest stuff I have ever seen! I think your are right about these items being sold on Ebay.

  • Cinnimin

    Hopefully they will just clearance out all the rest of the clothes, I’d buy them before anything I saw in that collection. Or maybe they hyped this up and made it some big deal to get people’s interest. I don’t know anyone who bought anything from that collection yesterday. Does anyone else???

  • I feel the same way! CNN even had coverage this morning of how quickly it sold out. I think some people feel like they “need” the new trend, but personally I don’t find the new patterns very attractive.

  • Tammi

    Crazy – just looked and some dresses are selling for over $130 on ebay which is over double the original price!

  • Amanda

    This is hilarious. Today I was planning to Google search blog posts just to see what the deal was. People I follow on Twitter were at Target first thing in the morning yesterday so they could buy stuff. Doesn’t it all look the same?

    I’m all for stylish stuff on the cheap but this seems a tad overblown.

  • masha

    the market for the missoni items is not the same as those worrying about grocery prices. there are 300M people in america. the upper middle class can easily afford a 45$ sweater and a 60$ dress and a 400$ bike. what sweetens the deal is the name missoni.

    • Masha,
      I see that but I also don’t see that segment regularly shopping at Target you know?

      • SarahN

        Mercedes – oh, but they do! target has created a market inside a vacuum — a value driven retail chain store that appeals to those with the credit cards (women). They know we’re doing the grocery shopping, but we’re also not looking to wear grocery bags. So why not sell nice clothes in the same store as the one that we buy food, toiletries, and other necessities at? If they don’t capture our dollars then some other retail store will. It’s a matter of time, convenience, and savings which I think everyone who reads this newsletter is also concerned about.

      • masha

        Hi Mercedes,

        They do shop at Target. Even actors, singers and celebrities shop at Target. Have seen (in pics) John Travolta’s wife, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, MIley Cyrus shopping there. One actress even tweeted that she scored a bike from the Missoni line. Target is the upper middle class’ Wal-mart.

  • Sara

    I think it’s all ugly, they can have it. I’ll stick to walmart and old navy.

  • Susan

    I have to admit I used to be one of those girls whom flocks to Target for the next new designer collection but since I started couponing 4 months ago, I no longer feel the need to do it. The Missioni collection is getting a lot of attention because it’s designer stuff at a discounted price compared to high end boutique prices. For designer items, I only buy quality over quantity and i coupon wearing my chanel purse which is an investment piece but that Missioni for Target stuff decreases in value over time with use and newer collections… IMO not worth it.

  • Elaina

    This is where someone says I must be getting old…but I swear Missoni raided my grandmas house… Every afghan, shirt and coat my grandma owns has that tired old 60’s zigzag pattern, just saying….lol

    • ss

      I just took a look at the site. All the mixed patters made me dizzy.


  • Pat

    Very ugly stuff, I don’t understand it either!

  • Susan Laura

    Heard about this craze at Target via GMA this morning. According to the reporter the Missoni clothing products offered at Target are very similar to the runway stuff that usually costs $500 and up! So maybe fans wanted the look without the price tag. Like you, my priorities are elsewhere right now so this was not even on my radar. And I don’t doubt that many people will now try to resell (at a profit!) the Missoni for Target stuff they were able to grab yesterday.

    • You are right Susan. At least they were getting designer items for less.

  • SarahN

    Message is this: people need a little luxury every now and then.

    For young women this line being offered for a limited period of time at prices slashed from the regular Missoni price is like the Black Friday of clothes shopping.

    A brand that would regularly be unattainable for (likely) the majority of Target shoppers (myself included) is now accessible for a short time–and you know what? I like it. I like the craziness, the hullabaloo, and the sheer excitement surrounding these new limited collections for Target. They’ve done a wonderful job pinpointing their target market and offering goods that appeal directly to me & my friends. They know I’m budget conscious yet I salivate over designer duds AND they know I’m not going to hit up the real Saks anytime soon or Barney’s or Neiman Marcus for that matter (though I am a die-hard for Saks Off 5th, NM Last Call, and so on). I’m a deal finder, a clearance rack shopper, a loyalty program user and I love me some cheap designer clothes!

    • I like this Sarah. You are right. there are shopping spectrums for everyone. And I even think maybe this peope deserve the credit of trying to get designer items for less.


    • Veronica

      Rock on SarahN… you gave me a chuckle. I have no knowledge about any of this and haven’t checked out the line, but fun to read the blend of opinions about it..

    • qudz

      i completely agree with this post… i love the brand missoni but its pretty expensive so thats why i wanted to score a few pieces. yeah its not cheap but it is cheaper then missoni’s original line. and granted i didnt get a chance to yet, but i am hoping i can before the crazy resellers buy it all and mark it up on ebay. i mean, whats the point of buying a for target line if it costs a little less then the actual line? craziness!

  • Rachel

    Oh, so glad to see I’m not alone here! Terrible look! I like rick-rack, but not this stuff. Didn’t even hear about this craze – too busy canning and couponing, I guess! – until I read it on all the blogs this morning. As for the economy, yes, IMHO, a lot of people really need to do a reality check. I’m amazed at how packed all the theaters, restaurants, etc still are for mid-week meals, not to mention weekends! We could definitely learn a thing or two from our elder generations.

  • Lisa

    Definitely agree – people as a whole, in crowds, still do not think logically. America still does not have their priorities in check..

  • Vicky

    Hey, it is good for the economy though!

  • Barbara

    I didn’t see this coming (but then I’m far behind the curve when it comes to the latest fashion).

    Had to check eBay…so are you saying that all of the things ‘missoni for target’ were posted from yesterday’s online (and store) sales?

    They even have a bike with that busy pattern and one is currently over $3000 on eBay:

    The seller has all ‘missoni’ things: http://www.ebay.com/sch/vji32/m.html?_trksid=p4340.l2562

    How interesting!

  • Barbara

    Ok, so it sold after 21 bids for $3550…it started at $700 yesterday

    Scroll down to see the bike and the final sale price (not including $80 shipping):

    That was fun to watch in the last couple of minutes!

    • Amanda Y.

      HOLY CRAP!

      • Beatrice F.

        LMAO!!! Oh, I needed a GOOD laugh! Thks.

    • Tan Tan

      SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was incredible. Talk about profit!!

  • Amanda Y.

    Just another person saying I wondered the same thing, what is this, why is it so important that it sold out in a horrible economy, and where are these people getting their money??

  • Tan Tan

    I really don’t get the hype! I tried accessing Target website numerous times without success until I read in the news about the Mossimo frenzy!! I looked on Ebay and you would be amazed at the prices people are selling these items. It is truly amazing! WOW!

  • Tan Tan

    Pardon me Missoni. My mistake. OOPS!!

  • TKP619

    I was in Target yesterday morning and saw people with cartloads of the Missoni stuff! People were loading up on clothing and home decor. I just don’t find it very attractive.

  • masha

    there are some nice classic pieces that i liked but they’re not the zig zag colorful prints that seemed to fly off the shelves/site. in fact, there’s a few classic pieces that are still there on the site.

  • Joy

    Apparently, Target created a huge buzz about this line, but I must be living under a rock because I didn’t see these marketing campaigns. I never heard about until this a.m. on GMA and I had the same reaction as you Mercedes.

    The absurdity of it all is that the US Census just released new poverty rates this week that says 46 million people (1 in 6) live in poverty in this country! Instead Target should have hyped up marketing campaigns to help those in need. How about a national campaign from Target to help recent flood victims here in NY state, Maine and Vermont? Or, the brush fire victims in Minnesota and Texas?

    Yes, I know it seems Target is just trying to help rev up the economy by getting those who can to spend, but their timing is like a slap in the face to those facing hardships right now because of recent natural disasters or the economy. Not to mention, we’re still mourning all the lives lost 10 years ago on 9-11.

    And shame on all those who fed into the buzz. This is exactly what Target was hoping for. Yes, I believe if you have it it’s okay to spend it. But making this into a buying frenzy just smacks of corporate greed. Would have been nice to see some of profits go back to charities.

    • SarahN

      Joy, I agree, given the timing it would have been really nice to see Target give back. Definitely.

  • Kelly

    Lol, that is so funny. When i seen the commercial i remember thinking wow that line is so ugly we will be seeing it on clearance in no time.