M&M’s Candy Printable Coupons | Makes them 50 Cents per Bag at Walgreens

WOW! There is a great M&M’s Candy printable coupon currently available.  This one will help you save $1.50/2 any two M&M products (9.4oz or larger).  Through tomorrow (9/24) you can combine these printable coupons with an ongoing register rewards promotion going at Walgreens to get the following deal:

Buy 4 bags of M&M’s 9.9 – 12.6 bags 4/$10
Use two $1.50/2 M&M’s candy printable coupons
Pay $7 plus tax out of pocket and get back a $5 register rewards

This is a monthly register rewards that was advertised in last week’s ad. You should see tags about it in your local store.  This is an awesome deal for stocking up for Halloween Candy.  I am getting my candy shopping done with this deal.

UPDATE: It looks like the fun size are not included in the register rewards deal.  Only the big bags with the lose M&M’s inside.  Thanks Kay and Kristie!

Thanks, printable Coupons and deals!


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  • pennyscents

    does the 4 for $10 end tomorrow?

    • Hi Penny,
      Yes that sales price is good this week only, through tomorrow.


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  • Kristy

    Hi – I just did this deal and the RR didn’t print. Do you happen to have the Catalina number I can call? Thanks.

    • Kristy,

      It is 1-888-coupons
      Exactly what products did you buy?

      • Kristy

        I bought 4 of the fun size bags of M&Ms – 2 plain and 2 peanut. They rang up differently though. The peanut ones rang up $2.99 for the first one and $2.01 for the second one whereas the plain rang up $2.50 each.

        • erica

          first Kristy, its not on the fun size types. only the bags of loose m&ms, then as far as pricing – they always do that. If u buy one you pay full price, then buy 2 it adjusts so that you get the 2/$5 price then each subsequent item is rang at sale price.

  • Kay

    I just went to do this deal in Mass and the register rewards did not print. I bought the fun size bags, the 1.50 off 2 coupons worked fine,but no register rewards. After speaking with the cashier and the manager they said it was only off the large backs not the bags that were the fun size. Hope others have better luck. It was a great savings with the coupon just the same.

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  • Matt

    This did NOT work for me at my Walgreens. I bought 4 bags of M&M’s fun size bags that did ring up 4/$10 and coupons worked. No $5 RR. They said it was for the M&M bags only, not the fun size. Hope someone else has better luck.

  • peanutkla

    I also tried this deal, and the manager said it doesn’t include the Fun Size, or individual packs, only the big bags of M & M’s…which now that I am home realized is still a really good deal for my chocolate fix!

    • Thanks Peanutkla, I added the note to the post about the fun size not being included.


  • melissa

    Thats because the deal is at CVS not walgreens!

    • melissa

      the deal was only thru tuesday though

  • amity

    says campaign is over 🙁 oh well

  • Danielle

    Well that was fast. 4:25 central, and the walmart site says “this promotion is over.”

    Seriously. I just spent $60 (before RR) on m&ms because my 3yo is having an m&m birthday party in 2 weeks. Printing 2 coupons from 2 computers would have shaved $6 off of that – 10% isn’t too shabby.

  • trina

    I tried it today on the fun size and it didn’t work. The cashier and store supervisor said they had no idea of any deal going on with any m&m’s and rr. I wish I knew then it was for the big size, I still would have gotten them. They also told me if there are never any unadvertised deas or monthly deals w/rr unless it’s in the weekly ad, unless it’s in their coupon booklet?. Seems like some stores are a bit different. Oh well… Thanks..