Money4Moms Today: E-Coupons


Don’t forget to tune in  to our show Money4Moms this afternoon (2PM CST/3PM EST).  We will be talking about E- Coupons and how they can save you save money without clipping any coupons.  We will be talking to Erin from Coupon Cravings.  She works for which is one of the companies offering this service.

We will also be telling you the second codeword for the iTouch Giveaway.  Don’t forget to enter this new codeword in the form here, for an extra entry to the iPod Touch I am giving away.  Please remember that entries without the codeword or with the wrong codeword will be deleted.

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  • Kristi

    Mercedes: I listened in today for the first time. If anyone does come up with a good way to organize their coupons, I would be interested in knowing what they do. I have a pile of uncut coupons and another pile of cut ones. What a mess. Also since I’m very new at this coupon stuff. I’m interested to know about you die hard coupon cutters. When you go to the store for item, how many are you buying? I usually have only one coupon so I’m only buying one thing. (Just curious) How do you get multiple coupons? I just realized a couple of days ago that some of the online coupons could be printed twice. Thanks.

  • jho87

    In order to organize coupons I have a note card box that is organized by food categories, such as dairy, meats, snacks. And then I categorize it even further with milk, cheese, meats, bread, etc., that way it is all organized and when you go to buy something you can find it easily.

  • im planning to listen to it…unfortunately for many thirld world countries computers do not have in built speakers so one has to either listen to webcasts at home or just do with the reading bit!

  • Sarah

    I organize my coupons in a zippered binder, using divider tabs and baseball trading card sheets to hold the coupons. Each coupon has it’s own slot. This was I can see every coupon as I flip through the pages. Sorry I haven’t blogged about it (no pictures), but I know other people have similar methods.

  • Tara and I are planning on having a show on coupon organization fairly soon.