Monogrammed Ralph Lauren Bath Towels for $7.99 Shipped!

OK guys here is the deal some for you have been waiting for! Right now Horchow (a Neiman Marcus Store) is offering Lauren Greenwich Bath towels for $9.99 plus free personalization and free shipping.  Use the code WELCOME to get an additional 20% off and FALLFS for free shipping.  The codes are good on any of the other towel sizes.  I love the bath sheets because they are humongous but the bath towels are a very good size too.

This deal is very popular every year and I have been sharing it for three years.  It makes for nice personalized presents.  I liked Nancy’s idea to personalized it for the kids for camp or the pool.

Thanks Free Snatcher!

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  • Thanks for the deal! I ordered 4 – for my son and nephews. Great price!

  • jamie

    Great Idea, I want to get some for my kids bathroom. Don’t really need the Intials and it will only let you do a max of a 3 letter name……oh well!!

    • Jamie, I ordered them using names instead of initials. When ordering online, it took the names when I chose “GN” as the monogram style. BUT, I got an email almost immediately after checking out, and it said they were missing information and I needed to call. Apparently, it didn’t actually take the names I entered, so I had to give someone in Customer Service the names again. But she took them and said they should ship by 11/15. Maybe try calling to order. Good luck!

    • NHarris

      I did a live chat and the person I was chatting with submitted a work order to have that mistake fixed [the one that only allowed 3 letters even if you choose the full name style]. She told me to check back tomorrow, so I am hoping it will be fixed then. If not, I will try calling to place my order. I want to get one for everyone in the house for Christmas presents, including myself 🙂

  • Lerin

    What exactly is a bath sheet?

    • Dawn

      A bath sheet is roughly the size of a beach towel, but are thicker. They’re really, really great as you can really wrap up in them when you get out of the tub or shower. I ordered two for $35, which is a super terrific price. Years and years ago I started only buying Ralph Lauren towels and they last forever. (I have yet to have to throw one out!)

  • Tricia

    Go through ebates.

  • This is one online deal that is very tempting for me. I love large soft towels and that really is a good price.

  • Lane

    What an awesome deal! I got some for my daughter’s friends. $8? What could we have gotten them for $8 from Wal-Mart? a popcorn tin? What a great gift!

    Only wish I’d thought of e-bates! Rats! 🙂

  • Jenni

    I had the same issue with my order yesterday. I noticed I didn’t receive a confirmation email so I online chatted with a rep. She was very nice & said that there was an internet server problem that did not take the monogram information. She put the information in said I’d get an email confirmation. Today I received a call saying that there was information missing from my order. So I online chatted with a rep…I’m still trying to resolve this & it’s taking a very long time.

  • melinda

    did this same deal last year got towels for my daughter and niece and they are awesome and soo soft!

  • julia

    thanks! ordered some as a christmas gift for someone. only wished i’d known this earlier and gotten some for others on my list 🙂

  • shuchi

    How did you guys get free shipping? FALLFS does not seem to be working

  • Fay

    When I was trying to place an order for the Greenwich towels ( no free shipping now) it gave me the option to click on the Ralph Lauren Lawton Towels which are on sale currently for $7.99 and if you use the code WELCOME you get 20% off. So after code they are only %6.39. But again, no free shipping currently. I am just going to wait and fulfill my order if there is free shipping another time. Mercedes, will you please let us know if they issue the free shipping code? Thank you.