More Better than Free KY at Walmart after Printable Coupons

There is a new link available for this $3/1 KY Jelly Printable Coupon. You can use it to get paid to buy KY it at Walmart. Apply the overage to the rest of your purchase to lower your out of pocket. Here is the deal:

K-Y Jelly 2 oz $2.62
Use the $3/1 KY Jelly printable coupon and here
FREE + $0.38 on overage

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  • larrynicolejones

    What zipcode it doesn’t show up on mine

  • liz

    I got these coupons last week and I thank you for them Mercedes! But the KY is up to $2.84 at my Wal Mart now. But I’ve been getting so many of these coupons over the last few months my favorite checker at Wal-mart is looking at me funny. =)

    • That’s so funny Liz! I girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to save some money! lol


  • gina

    My Walmart is giving me tons of trouble about coupons not wanting to honor them. The K-Y is one of them they say its suppose to match the picture on the coupon. Do you have this problem?

  • CJ

    The shelf was bare at my Walmart this morning. Either the people in my town use a lot of K-Y, or the store pulled them off the shelf because of the coupon, which they have been known to do.