More Free Excedrin!

The free bottle of Excedrin coupon offer is available again! Just click here and then select “Health Care” on the left side. You will actually find two free offers available: one for Extra Strength and one for Migraines. You will also see an offer for $3.50 Excedrin PM. All of these coupons will come in the mail. I signed up for these offers a ew days ago and was able to sign up for them again just now.

PS.  Just checked my mail and one of the coupons from the last sign up came today.

Thanks Beauty and Bedlam!

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  • Christina

    I had to use Safari instead of Firefox to make it work. The Exedrin PM said limit reached, but the other two worked.

  • Pam

    Thank you! 🙂

  • Jana

    Didn’t reset for me. What zip code are you using? Thanks

    • Jana,
      I usually use zips 60712 or 90210.