More Free Gillette Razors


Update: According to reader Adriana, this is those attending home games only.

If you haven’t been lucky to get the free Gillette Razor that the Gillette website is giving away everyday, I have great news for you.  You have an opportunity to win a Gillette Razor by watching a Yankees Game.  The chances are better this time too!

Gillette is giving away 1,000 razors while a game is on.  All you need to do is text the word “Gillette” to the number 56418 while the Yankees are playing.  When you text the word Gillette, you will get a code texted back to you.  When you get the code,  visit the Gillette website and enter it in the appropriate box.  The good news is that there is a Yankees game on tonight!  To see the Game Schedule for the Yankees check here.

Good luck!

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  • If you go to the Gillette website and click Login>>Register>>”Offer Details”, you’ll see details for this offer. However, it does say “Beginning 4/16/09 and ending 5/16/09, when attending a New York Yankees home game at Yankee Stadium look for the announcement containing text messages instructions from Gillette for this offer”. So, you’re supposed to be at the game in order to receive this offer. It’s a special perk for those who attend the game.

    Now, if you were to text Gillette, they wouldn’t be able to tell whether you’re at the game or not. However, it seems to me like you’d be taking advantage of this offer made specifically for those are attending the game.