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You may already be sick of this post title but really, there are more Kraft coupons available. First, some people are reporting that the coupons have reset yet again on  This means you may be able to print them once again if they have reset for you. But you can also find them in the websites for several grocery stores and the coupons those stores offer.  You may already think you couldn’t possibly need any more of these coupons but let me give you an example of the kind of deals you could score with them:

Last night at my grocery store I found a tearpad of coupons for $2 off any meat when you buy two of the selected Kraft products.  One of the products in the list is the Kraft Barbecue sauce that I can get for free at Walmart after coupon.  So not only will I be getting the sauce for free but also be getting the discount on the meat.  Which let me tell you it was just in time I found this coupon as just yesterday I went through my freezer and found that I am on the last package of ground beef and chicken breast.  If you need another example, I also found a tearpad of coupons for $2 off any Wheat Thins when you buy one Crystal Light mix product.  The Wheat Thins are $2 each at Walmart and the Crystal Light is $1.97.  If I use one tearpad coupon I can get the Wheat Thins free after the $2/1 tearpad coupon and the Crystal light for only 97 cents when I use a $1/1 printable coupon.  This is a better deal than just using two printable coupons for $1/1 each.  Moral of the story:  Be in the lookout at your grocery stores for tearpad coupons to combine with these great printable coupons available right now.  Stockpile the items you think you will be able to use and take the rest to your local food pantry.  They need them!

So here’s a list of grocery stores currently offering the Kraft Coupons on their websites:

Thanks Deal Seeking Mom!

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  • Thanks for the great list! I appreciate it, and I’m loving the deals!

  • Kristin

    Hi Mercedes, I found those 2/1 meat coupons at my local IGA too, and planned to do the same as you did (though not at walmart because their meat is icky. I’ll go to Kroger where there’s a Catalina deal on the BBQ sauce).

    But I shared some of my awesome tearpad finds with my co-worker, who tried to use them at Walmart in Hannibal, MO. She bought several bottles of the bbq sauce, as well as Kraft dressing and A-1, also included in the tearpad q as qualifying items. She was told by a manager that she could not use the meat tearpad qs in addition to the condiment qs, first it was because the bbq sauce was free, then she claimed that it was as if she was using 2 qs on the same item. After she fought long and hard, the manager conceded that she would only ‘allow’ the coupons to be honored for $1 instead of their $2 face value.

    Now, I understand that Kraft is paying for the condiment qs. And I understand that Kraft is paying for the meat q. But the qs are not for the same items and therefore can be used in conjunction. I was about to ask the folks on HCW what they thought and you answered for me! It also really grates me because Walmart is going to get reimbursed $2 for those qs but only gave a $1 discount.

    She is writing a letter but unfortunately most Walmart coupon problems do not get much resolution, especially as compared to smaller grocery chains. Anyway, just wanted to let you know about an experience combining these at Walmart.

  • Heather

    And the Q’s that I printed from one of these grocery sites (don’t remember which) were Smartsource Q’s and don’t expire until 8/31!!!!!!!!!!

  • The kraft coupons appeared reset but only the new items printed for me.

    I hit Fry’s (Kroger) yesterday for the bbq sauce. For 6 bottles of sauce it was $2.98 total after coupons and tax. I was pleased when the $3.00 catalina printed. Hooray! My Fry’s accepts only 3 IPs per transaction, but after confirming that each of my 6 coupons was legit, they let me pass. Hooray!


  • Janice

    When you say the coupons have been reset, what does this mean? I ask because when I open the link and look at the collection of coupons, the ones I’ve printed multiples of are still marked “Print Limit Reached”.
    Do I need to do something else, like clear the Cookies from my web browser?

    • This means you may be able to print them once again if they have reset for you.

  • Erin

    I have come accross coupons like the meat one in the past and haven’t used them because I don’t think it is right. Yes it says $2 off meat but Kraft is the company reimbursing the $2. Why would a company think it is okay for a consumer to buy 2 .97 products, get them for free after $1 coupon plus they have to reimburse the store 2 more dollars. They lose money by giving away products free after coupon but I don’t think it is their intention to give away “free” money. Also, for the registers that “attach” a coupon to a product-I can’t see this working without register problems because you are trying to attach 3 manufacturer coupons to 2 products.

    • Hi Erin,

      I see what you are saying and surely you shouldn’t do anything you are uncmfortable doing. However, I personally think there’s nothing wrong with using this combination of coupons. You are not going against the explicit intentions of the manufacturer and are using the coupons on the items intended. Having said that too, if the manufacturer didn’t want us to use a combination of coupons they should add to the fine writing on the coupons, not to be used with any other Kraft coupons on the stated items or something along those lines.


  • Janice

    My little ol’ self can figure that much out!
    What I’m interested in knowing is why they don’t reset for me.
    Did they reset completely for others?

    • Hi Janice,

      I have no idea why coupons would reset just for a group of people. Maybe it works the same way as coupons are sometimes available for certain zipcodes.


  • Merrilee

    mine haven’t reset either. 🙁

  • Erin F

    mine didn’t rest either and i have a question has anyone else had fradulent print warnings?? two of the sites that are listed I printed some q’s from and then when I hit the go back arrow to see if it would let me print more screen came up saying fradulent print warning the coupons you are trying to print can only come from a SmartSource website…

    any thought on this?
    I don’t want to print a bunchof coupons that aren’t going to work or is going to get me in trouble.

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