More Printable Coupons: Edge, Kashi and More

edgeshavegelGet a  coupon for $1 off one Edge Shave gel right here.  These are $1.99 at Kmart and if your Kmart is doubling you can get it FREE with this coupon this week.

Here are more printable coupons available this week:

$1.50/1 Kashi Waffles (these sell for around $1.99 at Target.  But I think only at Super Targets.  I have not been able to find them at my regular Target.  Have you found them at your regular Target?)

$1 off Any Method product (You need to sign up with Ideal Bite.  Then Search for “Spring Cleaning – Come Clean”  you will see the link to the coupon on the right side bar.

$3 0ff any Thermacare product.  Thanks Amy!

$0.75/1 Di Giorno Flatbreads.  Good one to have if your store doubles coupons.  These go on sale for $2 each sometimes.

Coupons for Men’s One a Day Vitamins, Aquafina, Bayer, Ace Brace and Support on this Walgreens microsite.  Click on “Receive 5 Coupons.”  Thanks Brian!

Happy Savings!

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  • Amber

    My regular Target (in Idaho) does have the Kashi waffles for $1.99 and they are so good!! Wal-Mart has them for $2.39 as well.

  • Alyssa L.

    Our regular Target has three flavors of the Kashi waffles. Our walmart only has the bigger packs for almost $3.

  • Meichelle

    My regular target in Utah has them as well!

  • theresa G

    Our regular Target has them here in West Allis, WI BUT they are never in stock when they are on sale. I’m still holding on to my vocal point Q’s from awhile back since they won’t raincheck frozen items 🙁

  • sarah

    I found Kashi waffles at the Franklin, WI store off Hwy 100, plenty in stock when I was there a week ago.

  • Diane

    The Method coupon takes me to “PharmDaily” website. Am I in the right place? I didn’t see any reference to “Ideal Bite” or the Method coupon. I love Method products, though, and would love the coupon! Thanks for any help!!

  • Diane

    Thanks Mercedes!! That new link worked for me! I have no idea why I got sent to a Pharmacy website before! You are great!

  • Birgitte

    Hey there! Here is another good printable coupon:

  • Allison

    We used to have the kashi waffles at my Target but it seems recently that they put all of the frozen products and most of the refridgerator case on clearence. I hope they don’t get rid of them since I have been enjoying getting some great deals there. Has anyone else noticed them getting rid of the frozen foods?

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