Moving Day


Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I am going to be MIA today.  I am moving homes so I am packing a Uhaul, driving to it and them unloading today.  No time for hunting deal today.  Hope you have a nice Sunday.

PS.  Nobody looks that happy about moving and carrying boxes like that woman in the photo.

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  • Tracey

    Maybe she was moving out of a haunted house? LOL! Happy moving day!

  • Hmmm, maybe she is moving away from that guy who is looking her way. 🙂

    • She does seem to be laughing AT the guy doesn’t she?


  • She might be… In my experience moving often involves beer, pizza and friends!

    • Kiera

      Heather, that’s the only good thing about moving! 😀

  • Kiera

    I know I wasn’t that happy moving, or that clean either! My shirt was dirty, my hair was sticking up al over my head, I’d broken a nail. In fact, I looked a hot mess, LOL. Good luck with your move!

  • Cheryl

    She’s moving her son to college and happy to have the house back!

    Hope the moves goes well.

  • Good luck with the move!

  • Maria

    Please think safety and don’t bust your back.

  • Barbara A

    I really missed you today. I hope that the move went well. If you are moving to NJ I can help you…. Oh, nice of me to offer now that you have moved. Good luck in your new place.

    • Ha! Thanks Barbara! I did in fact end up in NJ! we are neighbors now! well at least we live in the same state, lol.

  • sharon k

    The only way I would be that happy is if that was the only box I carried all day and someone else bought me the house. Good luck on your move!

    • I want someone to bu my the house, pack me and unpack me 😀


  • Lisa

    Are you moving back to Plymouth, Mercedes???!!!! 🙂

    • Pam

      That would be great!

    • I really wish I was moving back there. No, we moved to NJ!! all this moving around is driving me nut but its for better job opportunities so I really should not complain at all right?