Mrs Fields: Free Cookies When You Refer Friends

Refer friends to Mrs. Fields email referral program and you will get free cookies.  Three friends gets you a 24-count cookie tin.  It seems that if you have three frieds that sign up during the five days after they get the email they will send you the freebies.  Sign up here to start referring friends!

Thanks Tammy!

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  • Melissa R

    Anyone want to share their email to be referred?

  • Kelly Perry
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  • Melanie

    Anyone see whether or not you have to pay shipping if you earn one of the free boxes/baskets?


  • Jennifer P

    Just to understand better, so I have sent out referral emails to friends, some have been confirmed….now do our friends have to do something other than that? Or just confirm the email for us to get our prize?? Just needed some clarification….lol

  • Rachelle

    In reading that, I don’t see that there is a guarantee that you will get cookies…it could be just a coupon for 10% off. Not real sure about this deal….. :S

  • Rachelle

    sorry – see the “chart” now….but still don’t feel real secure about this deal….there’s gotta be a catch…probably shipping

  • Carrie

    If you check your referral status, you get the following message:

    Once you have sent out your referral email your recipients will have 5 days to opt into our program. After the 5 days is up we will send you the item that you qualified for.

    To me, that sounds like no shipping charges . . .

  • Melissa R

    I emailed the company about the shipping, I will update when answered!

  • Jennifer P

    I called about the shipping, etc., they said they believe in “a real gift”, so no shipping!

  • Melissa M.

    i signed up, i tried to log on, but they haven’t sent me and email or anyuthing about a user name and password

  • What a great freebie. I already referred my three people!

  • Skirnir Hamilton

    If someone wants to refer me, that would be fine. skirnirh @

  • Jennifer P

    I will refer anyone who will refer me….shoot me an email
    petersen10700 @ msn dot com


  • Natalie

    I like cookies! 🙂

  • Erin @ Fun With Freebies!

    What a great freebie! I have referred my three people, so I will let you know when the cookie tin comes!

  • jen

    I also referred my 3 people who have confirmed. what do i do now?

  • Melissa R

    I received an email back from Mrs.Fields in regards to the shipping:

    Dear Melissa:

    I checked with the person in charge of the referral program and you wouldn’t need to pay for shipping on your item and it would go ground shipping. After five days from when you signed up when the number of referrals is totaled up an email will be sent out with more information about the gift and the shipping. Please feel free to reply by email should you have any further questions.
    Thank You,
    Jessica H.

  • Jennifer

    Only wish there was a way to send out a reminder email to people to confirm. It seems the first email that is sent out is the only one they send. and you cant add a 2nd round of people either. You have to do it all the first time.

  • Bray

    I was able to do a 2nd round of people. I clicked on “start now” and input my information again with the 2nd set of emails I had gotten. It put those referrals under ‘view my referrals’ as well. Can’t wait to get the cookies, I sent out 6 emails and all of them replied back the same day! Awesome!

  • Michelle

    I need referrals. shoot me an email. thanks so much!

  • Nicole Michelle

    I cant find the site were it shows you all the details.
    of 1-3 referrals’ you get a tin.
    4-5 — etc.

    anyways. to clear everyone–
    Once all your referrals have been confirmed the email you will get your cookies.
    they said it is Gaurnteed and it’ll take some days for the cookies to get to you.
    i wish i had found the site cause it was tons better to understand. um. and when your friends or whoever you sent the referral to what they have to do is : confirm it and itll ask the person there name and last name and area code. tell them to fill that out and click ok or whatever it saids at the bottom.


  • Nicole Michelle

    Quick way to get referrals:

    – Make up your own email such as go to ( i did this and the fastest one that came in for it to be confirmed was )
    – make an account ( make it up if ya want )
    – send your referrals to that email.

    Other sites you can do to make an quick email is:
    but gmail works better because it came in after 10mins.
    unlike yahoo took 2 days. and aol took bout 3hrs. for the referral to be sent in.

    anyways hoped that helped.

  • couponingqueen7

    Did anyone get the email that was supposed to come five days after you signed up stating what prize you won? Cause it has been 7 days for me since I sent out referrals and i know that i got five at least but I haven’t heard anything from Mrs. Fields…

  • Hannah

    I’ve been wondering the same thing – its been 10 days and I haven’t received an email back even though I know I have 6 referrals that signed up.

  • Jennifer

    wondering the same thing too.

  • Melissa

    I had 8 confirmed referrals. Mercedes – will you post something or update us if/when you receive an email about the package you will receive?

  • Bray

    I never received an email after the five day period either.. I sent them an email in regards to this and this is the reply I got:

    “Thank you for contacting us. I do show that all of your referrals have opted into our program. You will receive an email letting you know what gift you will be receiving as well as the approximate ship out date once all of our participants reach their five days. If you have and further question please call our Service Center at 800-266-5437.”

    I’m making the assumption that they are waiting for everyone’s five day period to end, and then they will send a massive email to everyone? I have no clue…..

  • Bray

    I received an email for my participation for the free cookies!:

    “Thank you for participating in our email referral program! We had an overwhelming response to this promotion and are busy now processing all the entries. You’ve received this email because your referrals qualify you for one of our amazing gifts, which you should expect to receive within the next two weeks.

    Once again, thank you for referring Mrs. Fields® to your friends and family. Please look forward to more exciting promotions, products, and gifting ideas from your favorite gourmet cookie source!”

    Best wishes,
    Mrs. Fields

    I’m super excited!!!

  • Melissa

    I received my email as well. Looking forward to cookies in the next two weeks!

  • Hannah

    My daughter received hers and she had 3 referrals and she did hers later than I did. I had at least 6 and haven’t received mine. I wonder if they are doing the smaller ones first?

    • Bray

      I’m not sure, I did 6 referrals and got my email early this morning. I’m sure yours is on its way = )

  • I have 6 refferrals that all confirmed and i never got an email. i guess it will be a nice treat if something shows up :/

  • Hannah

    I never received my email either. I emailed Mrs. Fields and received a generic response Monday that they were still verifying all the submissions and everyone should have an email within 24 hours. That came and went and still no email. People I know that had 3 or 4 referrals all seemed to receive an email and those I know that did 6 or more haven’t. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  • Bray

    I got my cookies today. It was an amazing surprise and very delicious!! = )

  • Melissa W

    I had 8 referrals. I received the email on 9/10 and got my basket of cookies yesterday 9/16. Yummo! Thanks, Mercedes, for telling us about this wonderful offer!

  • Hannah

    I called customer service today since still no email from Mrs. Fields. The nice young lady I spoke with said that they are still validating email referrals. I asked what that meant and she said that they are checking to make sure there aren’t duplicates where more than one person referred the same email address. I’m not sure what they’ll do in that case but at least I know that those of us that haven’t heard are not necessarily out of luck yet – they are still working on it and it may be another couple weeks.

  • Nancy

    Does anyone remember what the levels were? I had 21 referrals and I have no idea what I am supposed to be receiving? I would appreciate any info.



    hi please help what mail they use to deliver ? UPS FEDEX OR USPS ? thanks

  • Hannah

    My daughter received hers UPS. I still haven’t heard a thing about mine.


    thanks received today 🙂

  • erika

    got mine today, there delicious, i could barely stop myself from finishing the whole tin.
    by the way, i never recieved a email.

  • Nancy

    I got my tin..It contained 60 cookies..It came UPS.. Delicious!!

  • Teresa

    I signed up about 50 email addresses about 2 weeks ago and I have yet to receive any emails at all! 🙁

  • Hannah

    Teresa, my advice is to contact Mrs. Fields. Apparently if they determined email addresses looked to similar they declared them fraudulent without attempting to contact anyone to verify and just threw them out. In my case we have an extended family that all use email addresses with our family name and birth month birthday which makes it easier to remember. Mrs. Fields determined they looked alike since they were all free email accounts and all had a portion (our family name) that was the same. I guess some people created email accounts for this promotion and that ruined it for those of us that didn’t. Too bad they can’t verify that the email addresses existed for a few years so they wouldn’t have been just created. So my advice is if you didn’t get anything at this point you need to contact them and plead your case. In my case they only gave me the minimum prize even though I know I should have qualified for the next one up, but I guess something is better than nothing. It’s just upsetting to be labeled doing something fraudulent and not even having a chance to defend yourself! I don’t think the cookies will taste as good now, so I’ll be giving mine away when they do arrive : (