My Habit Coupon Codes for $25 off Your Order + Free Shipping

Through August 1st, customers can save $25 on their order at My Habit by entering the code SUMMER25 at checkout. Offer ends 11:59 PM Pacific time on September 1, 2011. Each promotion code can be used only once. Limited to one code per order.

Stuff has been “flying off the shelves” since this code came out.  New sales are available at 12 Noon EST so make sure to check My Habit close to that time to checkout what’s new.  Lots of you have been snatching free or cheap kid’s clothes with this code.  They also have some beautiful shoes for mom too.  Moms deserve a treat too you know? 😉

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  • Caliwifey

    The site is pretty good, but I have been tryin for the past 2 months on getting something and they sell out sooo fast. I gave up trying already. But good luck to those who do come up!

  • Internet Goddess

    I too am never able to get anything from this site. They sell out soooo quickly its almost pointless lol.

  • melanie

    i have also tried to get things off this $40 isnt worth trying. I asked a computer savy person i know how it is possible that this website sells out instantly and he said that some people might have generators that automaticly add things to there cart as soon as the site adds new things and after its done doing so they can weed out and remove things from the cart they dont want. i asume people that own boutiques or resale idems online do this. no far.