My Habit: Flowers by Zoe and Oscar & Elle Sales Start in 15 Minutes

Through August 1, customers can save $25 on their order on My Habit by entering the code SUMMER25 at checkout. Each promotion code can be used only once. Limited to one code per order. plus you get free shipping on your order.

Sales go live at noon EST and stuff has been selling like hot cakes. But I am hoping sinc it is Saturday you might be able to find something you can buy. This coupon code has made for a lot of free stuff for others, make sure to swing by My Habit close to noon to see what you can snag for free or cheap.

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  • monkeylala

    I give up!

  • grace

    i ended up calling to complain and ask if the credit can be applied to amazon. although they are the same they are different also (which to me tarnished amazons good name) so they gave me an extra 15.00 credit so i got my daughter a dress that cost me 2.00 instead of 42.00 i was so excited!!! i got it last week and it is the most terrible, ugly, cheap thing I have ever laid eyes on. I feel im completely out my 2.00 as i will never make her wear it. It looked so much better in the picture but its not worth the hassle to return either. plus i got on right at noon a couple days to have everything instantly be sold out. not worth the hassle or the headache

    • monkeylala

      Sorry that didn’t work out for you – and thanks for the heads up! The items on there are grossly overpriced, in my opinion. I have a feeling that once that $25 coupon code is gone, they will not have many repeat customers since most of the people on there are looking for a bargain. I am thinking that my time is worth much more than spending it trying (in vain) to buy something cheap for my daughter…. so I officially give up!