My Habit: Hype and Cosabella Sales Start in 15 Minutes

Only a few more days left to use this code!  I have not been lucky enough to get to use it yet.  But hoping I can before it expires 🙂  Through August 1, customers can save $25 on their order on My Habit by entering the code SUMMER25 at checkout. Each promotion code can be used only once. Limited to one code per order. plus you get free shipping on your order.

Sales go live at noon EST and stuff has been selling like hot cakes. This coupon code has made for a lot of free stuff for others, make sure to swing by My Habit close to noon to see what you can snag for free or cheap.

Today’s Sales include Hype Clothes for kids, Cosabella for Women and Jet Lag for Men.

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  • Apparently it is impossible to acutally order anything from their website. EVERY SINGLE DAY I go right at noon and every single item I tried to add to my cart is already taken. Every day. I add to wait list but never get any email. What kind of scam is this? Do they only have 1 of each item? How in the heck are people adding it to their carts for things to be gone already AT NOON? It’s totally ridiculous. At 12:05 everything priced under $35 in all the categories- men, women, children- is gone. EVERY DAY.

  • Today is the first day I’ve been around to try to get something, and it’s eat or be eaten! I’m more amused than anything. After all, it’s nice of them just to offer this coupon code!

  • Jessica Ho

    I actually got something after trying for a week the other day. Everyday I wake up at 5:50a (the sale goes on at 6a my time, HST). At 5:59 I start refreshing, I figure out the day before which brand of the womens stuff I’m going to try for. When the page finally loads, I scroll to the middle section, to the first thing I can find under 35, and add it to my cart without looking at what it is, I see if I can do this for several items, and then I decide which one I want.

    I found that if I look at the item and then decide, then it is always gone when I want to add it to the cart. I have never had success with the children, but mens seems to be easier than womens.

    • nancy

      that’s what i did too. it was the only way i was able to get anything.

  • Rei

    Hahaha…it’s impossible to score anything. I wonder how many people are on the site at noon.

  • Sweet

    I agree….it seems nearly impossible to get anything. I also immediately try to add anything to my cart, but am always told that it is already in somebody else’s cart. This happens immediately when the sale starts. Does anybody know if the sales starts a little before noon EST? Also, are people able to use this code multiple times (different days and different orders)? This would make it even more difficult to snag a free item.

  • mel

    thought it was just me – i’ve watched my computer screen to the second of when the sale starts and everything under $30 is gone immediately.

  • Laura

    I’ve had the same experience. It’s pointless to go to this site, even with the coupon code, what’s the point if everything is always sold out. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth.