My Jewel Conagra Deal Haul


My husband and I had a trip to Chicago planned for this weekend and I decided to make a quick stop at the local Jewel and take advantage of the current Conagra Catalina deal.  I just wanted to show you my haul.  I did a total of five transactions.  I had a lot of Conagra coupons that I got in the mail and a few free item coupons that I got directly from the manufacturer.  My husband tallied my receipts and according to his math I got $121 worth of food for $21.  Most of it is, of course, going to my stockpile.  We eat a lot of popcorn so I was happy to restock again.  Last time I stocked popcorn was back in November and I was on the last box.  I am also good for a good six months on hot dogs, which is perfect because grilling season is just around the corner.  I also decided to use the last of the $10 catalinas and I bought nuts and blintzies for my husband for being such a good sport with me at the store.  He was keeping the baby entertained.

Also, I used the self-checkout in a couple of my transactions and hanging from the catalina machine was a coupon for FREE fresh bakery bread.  The last user (or maybe even the one before?) didn’t take it.  Who would leave a coupon for a FREE item behind?  Not me!  That made for yummy garlic bread with dinner last night.

Finally if you hadn’t heard, Stamp Out Hunger a food drive sponsored by the National Association of Letter Carriers  will be this May 9th.  To participate all you have to do is place you bag with the food you are donating next to your mailbox.  Last year I donated some cans of soup I got for free at Walgreens and more.  This year I intend to give some of the peanut butter I got from this Conagra deal and other canned items I have on my pantry.

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  • maria Pearl River, Louisiana

    Wow!!! You did great!!!

    I’m so jealous…we don’t have any of those type stores…All we have are Walmart and Rouses which is a Louisiana branded store. I dream of an Aldis, Kroger or Meijers! lol

    Great Job!

    • Hi Maria,

      I completely hear you. I had to travel down to Chicago to do this deal. if your grocery store ever does catalina deal it is worth looking into them and figuring out deals.


  • Courtney

    Glad to here you got some great deals! Im also glad to here that you support the Stamp out Hunger ! My husband is a Letter Carrier and I help with the drive! This year there is such a need to help others. Hope you have a great trip !


  • Great job Mercedes! Can you remind us all on May 8 about the Stamp out Hunger? I’d love to leave something for my carrier and do not want miss the chance!

  • Rachel

    i dont like to be a downer, but microwave popcorn *might* be dangerous

    • Thanks you Rachel for the heads up!


  • Me

    Since the 2007 news about diacetyl, it has been removed from pretty much all microwave popcorn brands. In addition, the eating of diacetyl has never been dangerous (it is naturally occurring in many dairy products), this issue was in reference to breathing in the fumes.

  • Jodi

    Did you get your All You Magazine and see the inside of it with ConAgra foods deal? Spend $25 dollars and mail in your recipts and get $34 in coupons!!! Just wanted to give you a heads up on that deal. 🙂

    • Yes! I forgot to mention that I will be submitting my receipts for that rebate.


  • Kate

    Mercedes… that is so funny that you did that! And what, no ketchup? I’ve done it about 5 times as well, and I must have 40 bottles of ketchup mixed in there 🙂

    • Oh Kate!
      this is a point of contention around here but my husband is passionately loyal to Heinz Ketchup. He said he wouldn’t eat hunt’s ever. And you know how it goes, you have to choose your battles wisely ;-P


  • Kate

    When you say that you did multiple transactions, how do you do those? Do you separate the purchases at the register and have them rang up separately? Do you check out, then come back in the store again? What is the way to do that without creating too much hassle and suspicion from the cashier?

    • Hi Kate,

      I first went to the register with two orders. I separated my orders and just told the cashier in advance I have two separate orders. Then Hubby took my sttuff out to the car and I went back to pick stuff two more orders. That ntime I used self check out. then for the last order I used a cashier. It all took an hour because I already had my orders figured out and written down.


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